Waterloo Road: Our Josh’s descent into mental illness

(Series 7, Ep.24) Our Josh’s Drugs Hell didn’t last long, in the sense that he became hooked on the pernicious weed one week and was off it the next, but apparently he’s consumed enough of it that he’s now suffering psychotic episodes. He spent this episode twitching quietly in one corner or another. What was needed to turn a low-level bubbling anxiety into all-out panic was for a fire alarm to go off and for Josh to subsequently be appointed Fire Monitor. He started seeing danger everywhere, and ended up smashing his hand against a fire alarm and crouching under a desk, having a bit of a cry and bleeding a fair amount. “He needs a doctor,” suggested Nikki Boston (with that level of insight, the Pastoral Care crown should surely be hers). Tom thought he just needed a lie down, but off to the doctor he went, and it seems Our Josh may have the beginnings of schizophrenia. Oh, Josh. I can’t help thinking you wouldn’t have got into this mess if you’d still had Nate and if Finn wasn’t completely preoccupied with The Lovely Trudi all day long.

Meanwhile,  Zack Diamond got it into his head that he wasn’t a chip off the old Diamond, based on the fact that (a) he has ginger hair and his parents and sister don’t (b) he likes drama and his dad likes football and (c) everyone keeps saying, “You’re nothing like your dad.” Including his dad. So he sold his laptop to pay for a DNA test (I can just hear Jeremy Kyle raging, “This should have been done when the kid was two weeks old, not 14!”). While the world waited with bated breath for the results, Jez realised his son was, in fact, a little Diamond in every sense of the word. The problem was, there was just a shred of doubt in his mind that maybe he wasn’t, but they had a father/son bonding moment anyway, and then Jez got the call to let him know he was the daddy. Hurrah!

Matt Wilding is also a dad, of a baby who looks like an irritable 93 year old (apologies to the baby actor’s parents, but I’m sure he or she will unwrinkle in time; they generally do). He didn’t know he was going to love fatherhood as much as he does, but he does, so he wasn’t best pleased to discover the baby’s mother is now with the baby’s paediatrician (are you following this?) and they were all planning to move to Bristol. It was all a fuss about nothing – no sooner had Matt had time to look gobsmacked and cry a bit than the mother of the child was promising they’d look for a job a bit nearer than Bristol and she would even dump the paediatrician if he wanted.

Trudi had forgotten it was the anniversary of her mother’s death, and only had seconds to spare to throw on a headscarf and leg it down to the cemetery to join Tariq and Naseem at the graveside. We didn’t hear any more about the plans she and Finn had last week to take their relationship to The Next Level, but judging by the previews for next week, I’m guessing they went ahead with the scheme, and were not entirely thorough with the bag full of condoms Finn had. Oh, Trudi.

And Grantly tried to get back the money Scout, Denzel and Phoenix spent by getting them to wash cars. All this lighthearted stuff is leading to a very sad episode next week, when Fleur’s health deteriorates.

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10 responses to “Waterloo Road: Our Josh’s descent into mental illness

  1. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, Kyle, what has street living done to you?

  2. remotecontrolled

    I was amazed the Diamonds didn’t end up going for “that good old peace making snack, the pizza”. I’m not too surprised that Josh’s 2 weeks of weed caused him to spiral into schitzophrenia really considering the pace at which everything happened in this episode. It was like Waterloo Road on steroids. Still enjoying this series a lot more than last though.

    • pauseliveaction

      Would Jez eat pizza, though? His body is a temple, after all. I suppose he could stock up at the all-you-can-eat peacemaking salad cart.

  3. Erin Foster

    I love Josh so much, his eye’s make me smile. He makes me so proud as how good of an actor he is. I hope he’s ok and he dosen’t deserve people that don’t care about him. I am also proud of Finn, Lauren and Tom for alway’s standing by him in the program. It’s my favorite program of all time and I’m alway’s looking forward to the end of school, swim club and off to stare into my Josh’s beautiful big eyes. Get well soon Josh, stay strong- Love you Will Rush; absolute legend!!

    • pauseliveaction

      His eyes are gorgeous, aren’t they? And I agree, he’s a very good actor and he’s handled some tricky storylines really well.

  4. Of course, if ‘Waterloo Road’ wasn’t quite as bonkers, it wouldn’t be half as much fun to read/write about… PLA’s posts are as entertaining as the programme itself and seem to be fueling several regular viewers’ addictions, mine included. Thanks for always making me smile and think ‘Oh, yes!’ or ‘Oh, Josh!’ or, anticipating next week, ‘Oh, Trudi!’ (head in hands) AND ‘Oh, Fleur!’ (pass me the tissues).

  5. teacherlady

    I’m not surprised he’s in crisis. Having to live a lie and conceal your age (28) and very identity from those around you. Pursue the masquerade of being a teenage lad with all the angst that entails and stay sane? No. It’s taken its toll.