Holby City: Work mode

(Series 14, Ep.22)  To start with a handy, pocket-sized summary: No Jac, no Oli, no Frieda, too much Sahira and Greg and a bit of Luc, Eddi and Malick. That just about says it all about the episode, but let’s just send it for a quick ultrasound to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

We got to see more of the formerly invisible Rafi this week. Someone must have had a word, because he wasn’t so mumbly this time. In fact he’s rather sweet in his way. The sort of calm, reassuring type that you’d want in charge of keeping you asleep during surgery. He was not, however, feeling calm about the nanny Sahira had appointed to look after their children (My Adorable Son Indy and the other one who is never mentioned by name). Not only was the nanny a mere slip of a girl at 25, but she had a nicotine habit. Sahira didn’t want to talk about the Adorables while she was at work. “Work mode, remember?” she reminded him in her usual pompous style.  Work mode, in Sahira’s case, involves a lot of crying, shrieking and reminding Irish Dr Greg that they are Just Friends. And a bit of parachute stitching when there’s time.  “I can’t do this!” she emoted to Irish Dr Greg later. The pressure of having a quiet husband, a smoking nanny, dying patients and a fondness for Irish surgeons with lovely noses is proving too much for her to bear. Something’s got to give, and I don’t really care what it is as long as it happens quickly.

In the department we fondly know as AAU, a mysterious young man with cheekbones turned up with a mysterious woman who mysteriously knew which street Eddi had lived on in Leeds. Was she perhaps some savant who could pinpoint regional accents with devastating accuracy? No, she was simply the girlfriend of the man with the cheekbones, who happened to be Eddi’s brother.  Family members turning up always throws light on the main character, and we discovered a bit about Eddi’s troubled relationship with her mother. And it’s all bringing Luc and Eddi a bit closer.

Hanssen gave Malick the Clinical Skills Teacher  job, and frankly was a bit over-enthusiastic with the mentoring. At one point Malick was performing surgery and Hanssen was cheering him on from the observation window like a proud parent. All most odd.

Next time: Eddi’s brother Liam lets her down; Elliott has problems with his scheme to send the old machines to the Ukraine; and Frieda is irritated by Tara.

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20 responses to “Holby City: Work mode

  1. inkface

    Yes to everything, except I thought Rafi a total drip. Theirs is about the most unconvincing screen marriage I’ve ever seen

    • pauseliveaction

      Agreed re the lack of chemistry. I don’t see much chemistry between Sahira and Irish Dr G, either.

      • inkface

        No, she’s just lacking in something I fear, chemically speaking….

      • WaterlooVamps

        I’m getting a bit tired of this. Rafi is sooooo dull, and we all know she’s going to end up with Greg. Though we may hate it, we ALL want to see the end of this, so the scriptwriters have cleverly put their part in every three weeks..hmmmm…

  2. HolbyLover819

    Definitely this episode could have used more Jac. I got the ice queen’s autograph this week! My friends weren’t as jealous as I would’ve liked waving a Arthur Davill signature in my face.
    Anyway I agree the love triangle is getting a bit boring. I am in more suspense to see if we shall ever find out what ‘son who’s name is never mentioned’ name is. Great review especially as there was not much happening.

    • Mr Donnelly

      Yes I was surprised to discover relatively recently that Sahira has two sons – two children it was initially, I think, as if one of them might even be a daughter. For ages it was implied that there was only one son.

  3. Mr Donnelly

    Did anyone notice how they kept mentioning ‘A&E’? That department is usually referred to, both in this programme and in Casualty, as ‘the ED’, or has been for a while.

  4. Martin Rosen

    Would somebody please remind me what happened to Greg that necessitated him to use crutches.

    • pauseliveaction

      He said he had an accident with the pavement. Maybe we’ll see what happened in an arty flashback episode in a couple of weeks’ time, like we did that time Oli had a mysterious black eye. Or not.

  5. To the Right, To the Left

    I loved the Hanssen, Malick and Eddi scenes. Rafi seems like a cool guy, especially the way he talks. And did anyone notice that Eddi’s brother’s girlfriend looked a bit like Miranda Hart? 🙂

    Sahira needs a good bitch-slap. Jac would be rather marvelous at it, I think. Or Frieda.

  6. tessiebee

    I like Raffi and I like Dr Greg.

    I feel quite sad for Laila Rouass, this must have been a meaty character on paper (world class surgeon/mother fighting to balance husband/babies/work/colleagues) but it has turned into a one note wailer. I think she is doing the best she can. Her interactions with Jac in her opening episode were awesome and it has all gone to waste.

    • pauseliveaction

      I agree, tessiebee.

    • Mrs H

      I agree. When she first appeared she was touted at Hanssen’s dark secret as well as being a working mum and wife and so say excellent surgeon. And it was kind of interesting right up to the point he told her he couldn’t let her go (awww) right up through to when she basically asked him how he felt about her. And all the time she whinged and now she is treating Henrik poorly (I know he manipulates but I do think he does it for her own good – and his as well no doubt!) then suddenly along came Greg and then they chuck Rafi in for good measure. I just can’t buy it anymore and I will be glad when she goes but I will be sad in a way because it offered so much. And I just find it strange that she has less chemistry with her ‘husband’ and her ‘boyfriend’ than she has with her overbearing boss/unrequited lover who has stuck by her for 17 years. They just ruined the character and nearly threatened to take Henrik with her!

  7. Mrs H

    Bit underwhelming this one wasn’t it…all I can say is “Do you need me here or are you happy to have a conversation with yourself” Alas that was the best bit for me and not just because me lovely H said it!

    I do love The Malick and was like you slightly disturbed by me Holby husband’s cheerleading in the wings. All I can say is I believe he is ‘up to something’. Although when isn’t he? Slight point of order H didn’t give him the clinical skills job – he is backing him (I know he usually gets his own way but….)

    I did have a bit of an awwww moment when Greg told Sahira to go home. I must be going soft in me old age but I thought it was nicely done.

    Eddi and her brother washed over me but Luc (me Holby Lover) in a suit was rather lovely.

    I am looking forward to the next two weeks…Elliot on a mission next week followed the week after I believe by his royal swedishness sticking the knife into the Love Square and knowing him twisting it.

    • pauseliveaction

      I love that you have a Holby Husband and a Holby Lover. Sadly my Holby Husband is now a GP in Cumbria. I haven’t recovered sufficiently to think of taking up a Holby Lover yet.

    • Martin Rosen

      I just thought the way she was able to go home. Did she not have patients to see, people to operate on? Can doctors just wander in / out at will ?

  8. Jeffiner

    For those wondering apparently Ed MacLiam had a knee op in real life, hence the crutches. This ep was a bit slow for me, almost as much as the calmest majax ever last week. Sahira who I actually don’t mind, annoyed me beyond belief in this ep. Bet Rafi is wishing he was still invisible. Thought Greg was very sweet though, both with Sahira and the patients daughter.
    Liked the story on Keller and Malick’s work with the patient, he’s fast becoming my fave character.
    AAU stuff a bit meh although I did enjoy seeing the gorgeous Luc in a suit.
    Great review as always. I always read even if I don’t always comment.

    • pauseliveaction

      Ah, thanks for that, Jeffiner. Poor Ed MacLiam – must have been painful having to get back to work while he was still recovering.