Waterloo Road: Our Josh’s descent into drugs hell

(Series 7, Ep.23) Our Josh’s spiral into the grip of the dreaded weed has been as sudden and unexpected as… well, as most things on Waterloo Road, really. Last week he was found to be partial to a bit of waccy baccy. This week we found he was also partial to to his dealer, one Grady. We kind of got the feeling that Grady wasn’t going to be the next Nate as he was clearly more interested in business than the pleasures of Josh. Josh ended up brokenhearted and puking all over a temporary English teacher.

There were two temporary English teachers this week. They were being interviewed for the post of Head of English. One was hippy and dippy and was full of the joys of Dickens, and the other one was a tough, no-nonsense army type. You can guess which one got the job, and it was mainly due to her hunting down and pursuing Josh’s drugs dealer with the relentless guile and sheer athleticism of a jaguar or Chris Mead. I was actually thrilled to see her sprinting across the playground at the end of the episode, because I’ve missed having a teacher who could run.

The teacher who didn’t get the job attempted to bag herself a consolation prize by asking headmaster Michael Byrne out for a drink. There is something about that head teacher chair at Waterloo Road – it renders anyone who sits in at as completely magnetic to the opposite sex. I reckon it’s the pheromones left behind by Jack Rimmer.

Talking of pheromones, Trudi and Finn decided to take their relationship “to the next level.” Finn stocked up on condoms, because he’s a responsible citizen. He’d better stock up on full body armour when Tariq finds out. Finn and Trudi had to make a video for the school website, and Evil Kyle Stack left the camera running while they were messing about. It landed them in hot water with Sian, who thought they should take their head girl/boyship seriously, but I wonder whether some of the more incriminating footage won’t find its way to Tariq.

Grantly lost £800 of his Avon lady money and it was found by Phoenix, who took Denzil and Scout on a shopping spree to buy flashy headphones and trainers – basically, anything they could find that would be blatantly obvious to anyone looking for some lost money. Think of all the drugs Josh could have bought with £800.

Next time: Josh’s descent into drugs hell continues and Zack doesn’t think Jez is his real dad. Maybe the Botox has rendered him unrecognisable to his own kids.

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11 responses to “Waterloo Road: Our Josh’s descent into drugs hell

  1. Mr Donnelly

    I was more interested in what they were doing studying Hard Times, which I did in my second year at university, as part of an optional module. I doubt I’d ever heard the word ‘utilitarianism’ when I was at secondary school. Also the kids didn’t look old enough to be in year 12 or 13. Supposing they were, though – when I was in the sixth form, you only did English Literature if you chose to, which, if you didn’t like reading Dickens, would seem a strange thing to do.

    • pauseliveaction

      You’re expecting far too much realism from WR, Mr D. Any resemblance to a real school is purely coincidental.

  2. WaterlooVamps

    Little whimper as I read ‘evil’ Kyle Stack, because I absolutely adore Kyle and now i can’t…waaaaahhh!!! Found it funny when Grantly open Finn’s bag!!! The face… 😐
    Quite like the new teacher and think she and Jez should have a little swapsies (jobs, not kids).

    • pauseliveaction

      You can still adore Kyle Stack, even I’d he is currently evil, WV. I like him – he has fabulous eyes, rather like James Dean’s. And I live in hope of another attempt at seductive body popping.

      • WaterlooVamps

        Well, I could but he IS evil – but I know he will come to his senses…he WILL. Maybe Finn will remind him of Sam or something, they could be such good friends. I sort of ❤ George Sampson and am really desperate to watch Street Dance 1 & 2.

  3. Riona

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on Waterloo Road since I discovered them about a year and a half ago; I always come here after a new episode.

    I thought Nikki was excellent – I may have cheered at points – and I’m delighted to see that Josh, who’s always been one of my favourites, is getting a storyline. It is my dream that one day he and his father will hug; they certainly need it. Perhaps this series will be the one?

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you, Riona. Glad you like the blog and thank you for joining in with a comment. I liked Nikki, too. I liked both the potential new teachers and sort of wished they could both have been given the job. Josh is one of my favourites, too – probably my most favourite since the magnificent Ronan Burley left. I’m sure Tom has hugged him in the past, but I can’t think of a particular occasion, so maybe he hasn’t.

  4. I really think Josh getting a boy kiss AND a dad hug is too much to ask for in one episode, don’t you, PLA?
    I was delighted to see Nikki do a Chris Mead and I am wondering whether she will be Tom’s new love interest or the new Ms Lipsett – or both.
    Mr Donnelly, the pupils options are dictated entirely by a) which teachers have speaking parts and b) which classrooms have been turned into sets. Thus, all the sixth form, without fail, do A-Level Chemistry and English Literature!

    • remotecontrolled

      I think this one’s got Tom love interest written all over it – the tension, then enlightenment, then more tension next week followed by no doubt enlightenment, followed by bonding with son that’s then replaced by Dad’s love interest shaking things up. Plus it’s been ages since Tom’s had a love interest (a whole series or something) and he needs to quickly sleep through Rochdale before they head to Scotland.

      I loved the sprint, but also loved the fact that clearly the best place to sell (and indeed take) drugs these days is broad daylight next to a grilled fence outside of a school after you’ve already been chased away once from there that day. Clearly that’s where all the druggies at my school were going wrong.

      Still happy that they’ve gone back to storylines of actual characters though, all 4, bar the random bad boy episode 1, have been permanent cast members.

      • pauseliveaction

        You’re right as always, remotecontrolled. A perfect specimen of manhood like Tom Clarkson can’t be allowed to go much longer without a love interest, and a relationship with Sergeant Nikki would certainly irritate Our Josh. And you’re right about WR being so much better when the plot revolves around regular characters.

  5. chez

    whats the real name of the detention teacher who also played a police woman in the l word

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