Holby City: What a start to a career

(Series 14, Ep.21) This week’s New Member of Staff was F1 Tara. I liked Tara – she fainted while helping Young Dr Oliver Valentine pull a shard of glass out of a woman’s abdomen. I’d have fainted too – partly because I’m squeamish, and partly because there’s hardly anything more thrilling than Young Dr Oliver Valentine when he’s being all competent and that.  Tara suffered, or benefitted, from a bit of good cop/bad cop mentoring. Jac was as delicious as usual. Tara: “Hi! I’m Tara Lo, the new F1!” Jac: “Ugh.” Oli was rather more encouraging, which was badly needed after Tara almost killed a patient (though the patient didn’t die and it hadn’t been Tara’s fault anyway).

I’m getting good at this medical lark. Last week I was suggesting using glue to fix a heart problem even before Elliott came up with the idea, and this week I diagnosed an aortic aneurysm about five minutes before Eddi and Luc worked it out.  The owner of the aneurysm was a friend of Luc’s, who was kind of casually employed as a security guard for Luc’s mobile home. I may be good at cardio-thoracics, but I’m not so hot on psychology, because it’s taken me till this week to realise that Luc’s mobile home-dwelling is part of his claustrophobia. In the middle of trying to save his friend’s life, he even had to take his shoes off in theatre because he was feeling a bit restricted. Eddi is being drawn to his quirky charms like a moth to a flame – but she really needs to do something with her hair first.

And Chantelle and Lleucu  (or “Flakes”) had a little falling-out over money, when Chantelle spent her flat deposit money on a holiday to Ibiza with some mates who weren’t Flakes. But, like their last little spat, they sorted it out in the end.

Next time:  Sahira’s torn between Greg and Rafi and veering towards Greg (yawn); Eddi’s brother turns up and he’s Luke Tittensor off of Emmerdale; and Hanssen offers Malick a job.

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8 responses to “Holby City: What a start to a career

  1. HolbyLover819

    If I had been Tara the fainting would have definitely been down to Dr Valentine.
    Also Luc taking his shoes off reminded me a bit of when Joseph Byrne used to obsessively wash his hands or turn bottle labels out when he was feeling guilty. Although Luc is claustrophobic rather than OCD.

  2. To the Right, To the Left

    Correct me if I’m wrong but was it not an abdominal aortic aneurysm? AA is just a generalisation…

    Next week’s gonna be boring then. Do we have a specific date on when Sahira is leaving?

    • pauseliveaction

      I bow to your superior medical knowledge, TTRTTL. Obviously at Holby University School of Televisual Medicine I’m a Tara and you’re an Oli.

  3. Mrs H

    I fear I yawned and nearly missed me Holby husband in this episode. It was the calmest major accident in the world – they must have all been doing deep breathing exercises or something!

    Luc was just Luc – no big reveal of another side going on there..again another piece of hype that flopped, Ollie was…hasn’t he got lovely eyes? Loved Elliot for the 10 seconds he was on there.
    Chantelle and Flakey – sorry I love Chantelle normally but she grated on me in this episode.

    Now new girl – the jury is out I’m afraid so in the meantime let’s pair her up now and be done with it.

    Her and Ollie….possible

    There have been some comments about her being like Sahira (I laugh in the face of these comments) and this could tempt the big man down from his ivory tower. Highly unlikely – he’s making jokes about her height already!

    And then there is…actually apart from Mr Spence who else is there? So it must be Ollie – unless Elliot gets very lucky!

    But I was disappointed with Jac (please do not shoot me) – she was actually rude to the new kid – Henrik hasn’t got time for folk but he isn’t rude. It was a little beneath her I thought.

    Let’s hope next week is better – oh no it won’t be because it’s the return of the Love Square isn’t it…still could be good for a laugh!

  4. WaterlooVamps

    I think Eddi and Luc are soooooo perfect for each other and I’m looking forward to seeing Eddi’s brother. Even I just want this love triangle to stop (as long as she goes off into the sunset with Greg). To be honest I find the whole Chantelle thing really obvious and flaky!!!!!! Hahaha!! I’m a comedic genius!!!

  5. toto

    The episode was a filler episode. Tara seems OK, she is probably going to be paired up with Ollie which is a predictable route to go for and it could create a love triangle between Chantelle,Ollie and Tara. Lleucu was a bit touchy with Chantelle, their friendship is interesting to watch however i preferred her relationship with Funny little Nurse Tate because they were both opposites in personalities. The episode needed the Malick and his one-liners.

    I wish Malick,Frieda,Michael,Hanssen and Jac featured prominently in each episode but that will be asking for too much.


    An OK episode by any standard. Good to see Lleucu appear, she’s sort of like a younger version of Dixie.

    Also good to see Kate (http://i40.tinypic.com/dpwbv8.jpg) appear – shame she didn’t get much of a role this time. She needs more of a role!
    Does anyone from Holby City read this? If so, please let them know.
    I believe SOME of them do, but not sure who.

    Great to see Jac, shame she isn’t with Elliot much, their chalk-and-cheese dynamic works, good to watch.

    Hopefully this week’s episode will be better.

    Please can you get some more screencaps…. hopefully Kate if you can.

    There’s a good reason for this [about Kate]… our friend in Manchester found it hilarious because she said “that woman looks just like ME!! and posted it on her social networking page!”. Future celebrity in the making (the actress playing Kate, not my friend! and Lleucu’s actress Daisy Keeping!)

  7. maleman

    I noticed Luc’s claustrophobia a few episodes back when he refused to step into an elevator. He should have asked Eddi to join him in the trailer when she was wasted during New Years. She’s clearly been bothered by it since then.

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