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Holby City: What a start to a career

(Series 14, Ep.21) This week’s New Member of Staff was F1 Tara. I liked Tara – she fainted while helping Young Dr Oliver Valentine pull a shard of glass out of a woman’s abdomen. I’d have fainted too – partly because I’m squeamish, and partly because there’s hardly anything more thrilling than Young Dr Oliver Valentine when he’s being all competent and that.  Tara suffered, or benefitted, from a bit of good cop/bad cop mentoring. Jac was as delicious as usual. Tara: “Hi! I’m Tara Lo, the new F1!” Jac: “Ugh.” Oli was rather more encouraging, which was badly needed after Tara almost killed a patient (though the patient didn’t die and it hadn’t been Tara’s fault anyway).

I’m getting good at this medical lark. Last week I was suggesting using glue to fix a heart problem even before Elliott came up with the idea, and this week I diagnosed an aortic aneurysm about five minutes before Eddi and Luc worked it out.  The owner of the aneurysm was a friend of Luc’s, who was kind of casually employed as a security guard for Luc’s mobile home. I may be good at cardio-thoracics, but I’m not so hot on psychology, because it’s taken me till this week to realise that Luc’s mobile home-dwelling is part of his claustrophobia. In the middle of trying to save his friend’s life, he even had to take his shoes off in theatre because he was feeling a bit restricted. Eddi is being drawn to his quirky charms like a moth to a flame – but she really needs to do something with her hair first.

And Chantelle and Lleucu  (or “Flakes”) had a little falling-out over money, when Chantelle spent her flat deposit money on a holiday to Ibiza with some mates who weren’t Flakes. But, like their last little spat, they sorted it out in the end.

Next time:  Sahira’s torn between Greg and Rafi and veering towards Greg (yawn); Eddi’s brother turns up and he’s Luke Tittensor off of Emmerdale; and Hanssen offers Malick a job.

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