Holby City: If something works, why not use it?

(Series 14, Ep.20) We’ll start in Darwin this week, I think. They were having a clear-out of some old machines – the ones that go beep, only they don’t beep as loudly as today’s more modern, shinier versions, so they had to go. You didn’t have to be a long time student at the Holby University of Televisual Medicine to know this was all really just an analogy for dear old Elliott Hope and his charming old-fashioned ways, but just in case you missed it the daughter of a patient was on hand to spell it out in nice big letters. “If something works, why not use it?” she said, of the machinery and of Elliott. She and her father had travelled from Kiev, and we know that Kiev’s state hospitals are not over-endowed with machinery of any type. The father, Petro, had a serious heart condition (of course), and he and his daughter had come to find Elliott on the recommendation of the doctor he met at Christmas.  Would Elliott go out on a limb and offer surgery to a person who wasn’t, strictly speaking, entitled to it? Of course he would, even if it meant going against Hanssen’s orders and making Jac go all disapprovingly tutty. She wouldn’t tell Hanssen the surgery was going ahead, though. “I’m a bitch, not a snitch,” she told Elliott. Mind you, Elliott did have a brief wobble in mid procedure, but he pulled himself together enough to come up with the idea of using glue on the old man’s dodgy ticker. I think it possibly shows I’ve been watching Holby too long when I tell you I came up with the glue idea about two minutes before Elliott did. Just ask PLA Jr.  So Elliott saved the patient, and decided to parcel up all the old machines and send them to Kiev, where they’ll be put to good use.

Speaking of old stuff, Sacha invited Dr Luc Hemingway to join him in his basement, and there they sat playing video games and bonding like Joey and Chandler on Friends. Eddi was in charge of looking after the key, and everyone was happy. Only Sacha wasn’t properly happy, because he loves Chrissie yet he couldn’t tell her about his secret basement den and his moonlighting job on Holby Care. But then one of his Botox patients ended up in AAU with a nasty rash (it was caused by a virus and was nothing to do with Sacha’s bogus Botox technique) and Chrissie found out about his money-making sideline.

And thanks to Eddi she found out about the basement. Was she angry? Possibly with herself for being such a dragon that Sacha didn’t feel he could be himself around her. She told him to lock the door. Sacha and I both thought she had romance on her mind and, frankly, that basement room is probably the only room in the hospital she hasn’t had sex in already, so for the sake of completeness it was worth a go. But no, she wanted to play his computer game. Oh, how we laughed.

While all this was going on, Hanssen was attempting to schmooze the Vice Chancellor of Holby University in an attempt to secure £12 million of funding. While he was doing this, he put Malick in charge of his clinical duties. “I need you to be me for the day,” he told his registrar. Malick was up for that. “Involves a lot of looming and scaring the life out of baby doctors,” he said, accurately. He had some baby doctors to scare, as well. He referred to them as Malickites. He and Dull Dan disagreed over how to treat a patient (it’s now compulsory for someone to disagree with Dull Dan about how to treat a patient on a weekly basis), and Hanssen backed Malick. The woman from the university backed Dan, as she knew of him and his rugger skills (that’s rugger skills) previously. She admired his rugger skills so much, in fact, that she wanted him to become Clinical Skills Lead. If she’d seen him in action as much as we have, she’d know “clinical” and “skills” weren’t usually to be found in the same sentence when Dan is around. Hanssen thought Malick should be CSL. And guess what? Thanks to Hanssen, they’ve both got the job. Having to share a job and possibly an office with The Malick is going to make Dan twice as twitchy as usual.

Next time: A new F1 nearly kills somebody (shocker!); Luc reveals a more vulnerable side; and Chantelle and Lleucu fall out over money.

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18 responses to “Holby City: If something works, why not use it?

  1. HolbyNut

    Yes, a slightly disappointing Holby, though the review was as usual v amusing. Spent most of the time fascinated by that funny little uni-lady, her fettish for Dan and how odd her and Hanssen looked together!

  2. VickyO

    I used to know one of the actors who played the “Malickites” when I was at school. I don’t mind telling you that I cried a sizeable puddle of jealousy tears that she got to be in the same room as Guy *Swoon* Henry being Henrik *God* Hanssen. Who was magnificent.

    • Mrs H

      Good lord he was fabulous wasn’t he?

      • VickyO

        Yes he bloody well was!

        (I still don’t have Tumblr)

        (Your page still brings me joy and happiness)

        (More screen caps! Doing my best to express this request without sounding creepy)

      • pauseliveaction

        VickyO – will do my best re the screencaps request.

  3. tessiebee

    This was a solid comfy-slipper episode, no shocks or twists to be had. I did appreciate the Hope screentime as he has been sadly absent of late and I forget how sweet and cuddly he is. If I was an inch from Death, Elliot would be the one I would want to help me.

    Hannsen was awesome (no surprise there) but I didn’t like him getting one over the Prof like that. I dunno why since it is raison d’etre these days but it felt like she was ‘outmatched’ and if she has been a he it would have been a draw?


    Did anyone spot Kate in the background this week?
    She spoke in last week’s episode “What You Wish For”.

    Here’s the image of her: http://i40.tinypic.com/dpwbv8.jpg

    She nearly always appears where Elliot or Greg is!

    She’s under-used. Shame she doesn’t get much of a role. Better than the annoyingly cloying Chantelle.

    Kate and Lleucu should have a storyline together… some sort of mentor relationship type one I guess (the actress playing Kate looks around mid-30s tbh!)

    As for Henrik, always great to see him… hope he’s next in Casualty!

    Wish they’d get Cassidy Janson in as a new character for Holby or Casualty, she was great in “When You’re Smiling” on Casualty.

  5. To the Right, To the Left

    Woah, woah, woah – no one can compare to the hilarity and awesomeness that is Chandler and Joey. Not even Sacha. Just no. 😛

    Anyway, If my Grandfather was alive, then I’d want him to be like Elliott.

  6. WaterlooVamps

    I just laughed because the uni-lady sort of fancies Dan.

    • tessiebee

      Is it weird that I saw more of a relationship between those two than ever between him and Chrissie?

      She obviously appreciates Dan’s good points (rugger skills, poster boy looks, school-tie team player) and he seems to hold her in high esteem and lit up in her presence. I would like to see more.

  7. Mrs H

    I have just recovered from the festival of delights that was this episode. Obviously this was for one reason and one reason only and he’s 6ft 4, Swedish and the master of smoulderingness! Guy Henry played an absolute blinder!

    Loved him and Malick and the Malickites. Do like the way he is developing his dream time (and as much as he would like his princess in that team he is just waiting for the self destruct button to pushed on that one!)

    Dull Dan just doesn’t know when to stop being burned by Henrik and as for the poison dwarf as I have named her she was a bit annoying. Glad Henrik got the better of her. You have to get up very early I think to get one up on him.

    The House and Dead Poet’s Society references made me chuckle.

    Jac was fantastic this week as was Elliot…we must see more Elliot!

    Poor Sacha thinking he was going to get a bit of how’s your father in the room of requirement made me laugh as well.

    In conclusion Lord Hanssen rules supreme…

  8. nikki

    Glad Sacha grew a pair and showed Chrissie his secret den. Eddi is pretty awesome as a go-between and I love her snarky cutesy looks. Im gonna miss her.

    Jac was cute as can be with her sarcy looks towards Elliots oldy world equipment. I love her facial expressions. Am I the only one that notices them? Shes awesome. I wish I could be that obvious with my feelings sometimes. Just get it out there you know?! ❤

    Dan just, ugh. Never gets his medicine right. At least Malick has a pair enough to stand up to him and sort him out! And I liked the looming comments.

    Sorry for the lack of commenting PLA, life taking over recently. Still love you. 😉

    • pauseliveaction

      Hope life is taking over in a good way and not a bad way, Nikki. You’re not the only one who notices Jac’s facial expressions – I love them too. Her and her performing cheekbones. And what Rosie Marcel can do with A Look is just awe inspiring.

  9. Barry

    I must have been the only person to think that if the vice chancellor is to become a semi-regular now, that there might be a romantic interlude with Hanssen once his current crush vacates the building? I thought they were very suited – both political, both hated being late etc. It would be really interesting to see Hanssen let his hair down (metaphorically of course).

    I am liking Dan as a character more and more now that they have moved him on a bit from being totally useless and separated him from Chrissie. I recognized the boxer as the younger River Song from Doctor Who, and her uncle as one of the DCs from The Bill (I think Malick was eyeing him up in that scene where Dan asked him if he was thinking the same thing as he (Dan) was thinking) 🙂

    Chrissie increased in my estimation last night. And Jac was Jac, which is perfect!

  10. h

    Good to see Kate the nurse appearing. Shame she didn’t speak much.
    She needs to get more storylines, like Jac Naylor.

  11. HolbyLover819

    This episode made me wonder… Is there a medical cutoff point at which someone’s BP is officially ‘through the floor’. It was the way Dan said it so calmly.
    A great review as usual.

  12. maleman

    Jac’s “I’m a bitch, not a snitch” was hilarious. She’s the best for all the wrong reasons.

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who expected Chrissie to get intimate in that scene. Video games are a close second so I guess I wouldn’t complain if I were in Sacha’s shoes.