Waterloo Road: Meet the gang

(Series 7, Ep.21) The start of yet another half term on Waterloo Road (I seem to say that with increasing regularity. Are the terms getting shorter, or is it just old age creeping up on me?). No exploding caravan or child lost on the moors for this episode. Rather than Rochdale Gothic, WR went for Inner City Gritty and we had an episode filled with dangerous gangland violence like graffiti, knife-wielding, setting fire alarms off and pouring Sprite on the teacher’s desk.

It was Tariq who did the Sprite thing, and I think that tells us all we need to know about his bad boy credentials. He’s not really cut out for this hard man stuff. We already knew that, of course, because we were there when Trudi was telling Finn how Tariq used to cry a lot when he was in the Young Offenders Institute. Tariq had been settling down fairly nicely in Waterloo Road, give or take the odd bout of threatening behaviour, but this week he got dragged back into the world of gangland crime by one Mason Price, a school pupil who looked older than many of the teachers and who seemed to have styled his fringe with a mascara wand. In other words, he was Hard. Every Mr Big needs a right hand man, and Mason’s was Kyle Stack, who was over-compensating for his seductive body-popping in the school pantomime by being all snarly and unpleasant.

When you join a gang you have to prove yourself by doing something particularly mean, and Tariq was required to beat up, and preferably stab, Finn Sharkey. Finn was a suitable target because he’s going out with Tariq’s sister, the lovely Trudi, and Tariq was especially disgruntled because Trudi has stopped wearing a headscarf at school. Now, this wasn’t Finn’s fault at all, and in fact he’d bought her a hijab for her birthday because he’s Culturally Sensitive, but Tariq is not a man for subtleties like that. Anyway, it was all sorted out when Daniel Chalk turned up on a bike and Finn escaped with nothing worse than a bloody nose, which he manages to get at least once a series so it’s best he got this one out of the way.

If only gangs of rampaging youths were the only worry at Waterloo Road. There was also the issue of head teacher Michael Byrne having been run over at the end of the last episode – by a member of staff, no less. He couldn’t remember anything about the accident, and everyone else was blaming Jez Diamond. he had the motive, after all, what with his wife running off with the aforementioned Mr Byrne. But Jez had been with Janeece at the time, so she knew he hadn’t done it.

Once again, it was Chalky to the rescue. When he confiscated some spray paint from Tariq, which had come from the boot of Linda Radleigh’s car, Chalky noticed a few headmaster-shaped dents in the car bonnet. It was like CSI Rochdale.

Next time: Lauren contemplates cosmetic surgery; Tom contemplates Josh’s new drug habit (shock!); and Matt contemplates fatherhood – sooner than he expected.

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7 responses to “Waterloo Road: Meet the gang

  1. To the Right, To the Left

    My bro’ and I found the episode to be rather boring. As for Tariq, there’s something really creepy about him…and his control (obsession) over Trudi.

  2. remotecontrolled

    I thought it was overly a decent enough episode. Least it looks like they may have a slightly ongoing storyline. Clearly, seeing as Kyle has been away training for the DSC for the entire last series he has forgotten the lessons he learned from his dog and how body-popping can save your life. I wonder if there’ll be a dance-off at some point this series.

    Only other things I picked up on – when did Sian Diamond give her spine to Chalky and why is Jez gone back to being as wet as pre-hotel pen find?

  3. toto

    Waterloo road is extremely rubbish at the moment. The last good series was the first ten episodes of Series five with Max Tyler (Tom Chambers) as the Head Teacher. I found the episode really boring. The characters are not very good and one dimensional. The recent crop of students are not as good as the old ones. I miss Donte, Mika, sambuca, and chloe. The writing is also all over the place and we the viewers are meant to suspend disbelief at the plotholes that are always apparent. It needs to go back to what it was in the first two series. Michael has got nothing on past head teachers like Jack Rimmer. Hopefully, the move to Scotland will have a positive impact on the show.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    I found myself muttering (and sort of sobbing) “Noooo! Kyle’s the good guy, he’s OK!!!” through the whole episode. I am really quite irritated about that. He’s bad…and REALLY bad this time…*sob*. Well, done Chalky, saved the day again. Poor, Finn – he nearly got stabbed!!! But in the end I found this episode pretty satisfying (except the whole Kyle thing) until Tariq went of into the sunset with Kyle…what?!

  5. BigBossyBoots

    It was obvious that lobotomizing Josh so that he had no memory of the mysteriously vanished Nate was going to go HORRIBLY wrong. No wonder he’s been driven to the dried herb section of his local supermarket. But at least his curls have grown back.
    As for Trudi’s hijab, I suppose those hair-clips were always a sign that she was on the slippery slope. Luckily, she’s suddenly acquired a much more serious looking sister (or was that a Sister?), so that there can be one headscarf wearing Muslim woman on the entire BBC. It would have been so much more fun if Finn had come back with a beard, renouncing alcohol, and changing his name to Yusef…

  6. why cant they leave finn alone

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