Holby City: An operating theatre full of my admirers

(Series 14, Ep.19) Finally, finally we got a glimpse of Sahira Shah the Registrah’s invisible husband Rafi. What have we learned? (a) He’s not invisible. (b) His surname is not Shah, it’s Raza (or “Razzer,” in Irish Dr Greg-speak) and (c) he mumbles. That’s about all we’ve learned, really. “Have you met Rafi?” Sahira said to Jac, by way of introducing them. “I’ve heard almost nothing about you!” said Jac. Having met Rafi myself now (televisually speaking), I can see why he wouldn’t be a major talking point.

Irish Dr Greg was not pleased with the appearance of Dr Razzer, but at least it stopped him wandering the corridors uttering his desperate cry of “Sahira! Sahira!” Instead he was reduced to Gazing Mournfully and rescheduling people’s operations to try and avoid his beloved Registrah. Of course it all went tits-up in theatre, when an under-age patient turned out to have an allergy he hadn’t thought of mentioning to the aforementioned Dr Razzer when he did his pre-op checks. Speaking of which, isn’t it funny how, when we have a main character who’s an anaesthetist (Zubin, Annaliese) they’re always hovering around the wards and ITU. But the rest of the time, anaesthetists are confined to sitting at the head end during operations and not saying much.

Sahira had to pitch in and help save the patient, and Hanssen paid a visit to loom at everyone through the glass, so we had an operating theatre full of Sahira’s admirers. I’m not including the scrub nurse in this, but she can’t be immune to the charms of the Registrah, surely? 

At the end of the episode, Hanssen marked Greg’s card about tampering with other people’s relationships – which is rich, coming from the man who schemed to have the invisible Rafi installed in Holby just so he could keep Sahira close by.

Meanwhile, in parts of the hospital where they care less about Sahira, Frieda found herself being mentored by Dull Dan. Her somewhat maverick style and – let’s face it – superior doctorly instincts got up Dan’s nose, but not as much as her closeness to Malick. Our Dan was just an eensy bit jealous, but whether it’s because he’s still hankering after a bit of hot Malick action or whether he’s just jealous of Antoine’s relaxed mentoring style I’m not sure.

And in other news, Michael Spence is going to be sharing the clinical lead job with New Dr Alex. And Sacha has been forced to store lots of his precious bits and bobs in the hospital basement, because Chrissie can’t be doing with his clutter (it doesn’t bode well for the longevity of their relationship, frankly). There’s an armchair down there and a skeleton and everything. It looks so darn cosy he ought to consider renting it out to Dr Luc Hemingway, at least for the colder months. It’s got to be better than a mobile home in the hospital car park.

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8 responses to “Holby City: An operating theatre full of my admirers

  1. Martin Rosen

    Liked the way Dr Raza told Hanssen where to get off ! As a recently employed member to the hospital he would presumably be ‘on probation’ and therefore be careful who he upset!

  2. To the Right, To the Left

    I love Frieda, and her make-up was just gorgeous! 😀 Now all we need is her, Spence, Sacha and Eddi back together.

  3. toto

    Poor Dan, putting out his frustrations on Frieda and Malick. He should just come out and be happy with his sexuality.
    Frieda seemed bored on Keller. She definitely belongs with Team AAU although i love her interactions with The Malick.
    Rafi seems cool, smart and a nice guy. Greg should just back off and keep his distance. I agree that Hanssen is a bit of an hypocrite for saying Greg should keep his distance.

    PS I liked a video holby city: michael and frieda part 2 .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdeHsBQB91M.

  4. Corumba Love

    Sacha and his itinerant stuff strike a chord. Today (Thursday) on R2 Jeremy Vine did a piece on the death of Frank Carson and contrasted Irish Bloke’s punchline style with observational comedy. In doing so he played a Michael McIntyre rif on the “man drawer”. The meat of the routine is about what a chap keeps in there (light bulbs and dead batteries) but for me the intro was the killer; it’s when a fellow politely asks his truly fair if there’s a glimmer of a possibility, all cloaked in the hope that he might be alotted one small drawer for his stuff.

    I too know this feeling although, to be fair, Old Girl is quite generous with my storage allowance. The downside is that she blindsides me with quasi-legalese and a succession of short term leases. Typically, only a week or two pass before there are new tenants (usually explainable art materials or bits of badger) and my batteries and bulbs are homeless once more.

    Sorry to wander even further from the hospital grounds but the other part of the Carson piece was when JV interviewed Tim Vine, whom he usually talks of quite openly as his brother, and wondered whether there was anyone else in the family who was funny: “Some try.”

    Back to Holby: I love Hemingway and his RV. Now he’s a man who knows how to keep badgers out of his drawers; even if it does mean changing postcodes. So far.

    All the best.


  5. tessiebee

    Liking Rafi so far, he seems to be quetly competant and unruffled. Amazingly so, in comparison to Dr Greg who is suddenly all over the shop like a newb. Pull it together Greg!

    Poor Dan, I kind of feel for him. He has this entrenched worldview of what he needs to be to gain respect and admiration but time and again the world aint playing ball. Maverick wins the day over solid professionalism, Buttons gets chosen over Prince Charming… it must hurt.

  6. WaterlooVamps

    Why? Why doesn’t Sahira head off into the sunset with Greg? Oh, yeah, because there’s Indy and Rafi and she loves the, blah, blah, blah. Here is my conversation with my friend:
    Friend: “How was Holby? What’s Sahira’s husband like?”
    Me: “He’s nice.”
    Friend: “Is he good-looking?”
    Me: “Well, let’s just say he doesn’t beat Greg on the looks scale.”
    Friend: “To be fair, no one beats Greg on the looks scale.”
    We thought it was quite hilarious. We think the strangest things are hilarious.
    The only thing I like about Rafi is that when Hanssen was asking Greg to talk through the operation, he said “I think he’s a bit busy saving this young man’s life.”

  7. Mrs H

    Well, well, well….Rafi what a bore you are sir. If I was Sahira I’d have run off with Henrik years ago but as I’m not I think she would be better running off with Greg. Poor Greg. Poor, poor Greg (apologies for the uncharacteristic sympathy for Greg). I was a little disappointed by me Holby husband’s two facedness with Greg at the end but found his exact words of “in my experience” it’s best not to tamper interesting….does that mean he has in the past? I mean we know he tampers in everything but you know what I mean…have his fingers been burnt so to speak in someone else’s relationship? Anyway enough daydreaming!

    Still can’t get over how Sahira is being a bit of a brat to Henrik…OK so he manipulates her but he pretty much gives her everything she wants or at least what’s best for her.

    Anyhoo Dull Dan was so burned by Henrik whilst he protected his new dream team of Frieda and Malick that I am surprised his face wasn’t covered in soot by the end of the episode. Could feel sorry for him but he needs to move with the times…the big boss likes a maverick.

    Jac’s small appearances were pure gold/ginger.

    Sacha’s storeroom reminded me of the Room of Requirement!

    And Michael please, please, please get a shave m’dear and stop walking like an extra in Saturday Night Fever.

    Looking forward to some classic Hanssen seething next week….

  8. maleman

    Sahira needs The Hanssen. That’s all I’m gonna say.