Holby City: Don’t let us down, Dr Valentine

(Series 14, Ep.18) As befits Valentine’s Day, much of the episode centred on the man we know fondly as Young Dr Valentine. He and Jac were up for an award for their therapeutic hypothermia project (or he thought they were) and, as happens occasionally with Young Dr V, hubris got the better of him and the glory of being a doctor up for an award overshadowed the everyday glory of being a doctor who makes people better. Not that he didn’t look adorable in a dinner jacket, though. But he got quite snappy with Elliott in theatre and was even brusque with Chantelle. Being brusque with Chantelle is like stamping on a kitten at the best of times, and was made even worse because she has a bit of a thing for Oli and his fabulous blue eyes. It was a love that could never be, Lleucu advised her, what with Oli being a doctor and being all posh and that, and Chantelle being Northern and a nurse. “You’ve been watching Downton Abbey again,” Chantelle said. Chantelle was believing in a classless Britain and a world where doctors and nurses could live in perfect harmony (hello! Chrissie and Sacha!), but then a patient made her feel she ought to be happy to be a ‘umble nurse and not get ahead of herself. And she fell out with Lleucu, because she thought she was making a move on Oli, when she was actually only trying to intercede on Chantelle’s behalf. Good grief, has she not read any Jane Austen? Ermm, probably not… I was glad Chantelle and Lleucu sorted out their little misunderstanding, though, because it’s always nice to have a bit of friendly camaraderie between the nurses.

Meanwhile, Dr Oliver Valentine was arriving at the awards ceremony just in time to see Jac (looking, in Oli’s well chosen word, “Wow“) picking up an award. But it wasn’t for the therapeutic hypothermia project. It was for “Mentor of the Year.” Say what? I can only assume that award was voted for by Henrik Hanssen or some other sadist, because Jac’s mentoring style is harsh, to say the least.

But do you know what? Gosh darn, it may be harsh but it’s effective. Oli may have picked up some of Jac’s bad habits (like referring to minions as “You”), but he’s turning into a heck of a doctor. He returned to the hospital to apologise to Elliott and was praised for his superb spotting of a super-rare heart cancer. “I shall continue to keep a very close eye on your future, Dr Valentine,” said Hanssen. It sounds like a threat but it was actually high praise.

Elsewhere, Sacha had money worries. He and Chrissie wanted to buy a lovely new house in one of the better parts of Holby (in other words not the Farmead Estate) and Sacha had an insurance policy that would just nicely cover the deposit. Only it wouldn’t, because he wasn’t able to access the money for several more years. But how to tell Chrissie and bring her dreams of a lovely school for Daniel in a leafy suburb come crashing to the ground? Sacha decided not to until he had a Plan B in place – he’s going to take up the slack on Michael Spence’s Tuesday morning Botox surgery. Selling his soul to the devil of private cosmetic practice for the sake of being in a good catchment area – oh, Sacha.

Best line of the night: Michael Spence was asked to give a talk about medicine to some of the local youths. “Do I look like a babysitter?” he complained to Eddi. “No,” she said, “You look like someone who sleeps with the babysitter.”

Next time: Sahira’s Invisible Husband Rafi becomes visible! This is him, here. And he starts work at Holby.

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19 responses to “Holby City: Don’t let us down, Dr Valentine

  1. HolbyNut

    Can’t help but love young Dr V, though have to admit his character flaws wouldn’t be so easily forgiven if he weren’t so cute!

  2. helen

    sorry I have to disagree with you – the best line of the show was in fact when the new nurse asked if Dr V thought hansen was stretched as a child!

  3. nikki

    Jac. The red dress. Beauty and perfection all at once.

    Thats it. I cant think past that. My world is complete. *swoons happily*

    The rest of the episod was good too. Lleucu and Chantelle. Olli calling minions “you!” and Eddi winding up Sacha. Goodtimes.

  4. Mrs H

    Jac + red dress = phwoar and I’m not into girls

    Ollie + tux = phwoar and I’m into Henrik!

    Loved Chantelle and flakey Lleucu.

    Loved the AAU lot – Luc in that hat!

    Not enough of his lordship but he was suitably looming but not sure since when has 6ft 4 been deemed the height at which you become unhumanly tall? My husband is 6ft 4 (real one that is) and I went out with a 6ft 10 rugby player once…I’m 5ft 1! I like them tall!

    Anyhoo I was more distracted during this episode by thinking about next week having seen a clip of Rafi. I never thought I would say this as Mr H obviously will be very hurt but Greg for the win…I would given the choice!

  5. tessiebee

    Another fine recap 🙂

  6. WaterlooVamps

    Woooooowww, Jac. Poor Chantelle, they’d make such a great couple. I’m still not sure how to pronounce Lleucu, but she’s sort of sweet anyway. Wooooowww, Luc and Eddi…sooo much chemistry there. I’ve seen Rafi and, no, Greg beats him no doubt about it. Definitely needed a bit more Michael/Freida and I’ll have to wait for Greg/Sahira till next week. But overall a really good episode.
    P.S. Sacha…how cute!!!
    P.P.S. Luc in the hat…how cute!!!

  7. Jeffiner

    OK first things first, it should be made a crime in Holbyland to be mean to Chantelle. Which means Oliver, Michael and Jac, you’re all in Holby jail this week. I am also extremely disappointed that they had a patient called Peter Parker and not one Spiderman joke was made. Overall a brilliant episode, Oliver has really grown on me over the last few months (in terms of character, prior to that I was able to just focus on his cuteness and all was well) and is turning into a damn good doctor (when you can just overlook him not being qualified n all that). As for Jac, well…WOW.
    Really liked all the patient stories this week although I was in tears at the end for pretty much all of them, not good when you’re trying to pack, bad Holby!
    Nice to see the gorgeous Luc back (as long as he’s still around plenty when Greg leaves there’ll still be some eye candy for me) and loved his interactions with Sacha (who is too good for Chrissie btw, let him keep his helicopter woman!)
    Will be interesting to see the now-not-invisible Rafi when he arrives in Holby next week but have to follow the consensus that having seen him, if purely on looks (we don’t know what he’s like after all) if I was Sahira I’d be going for Greg as well.

    • pauseliveaction

      I was waiting for the Spiderman jokes as well, but nothing happened. How cute did Luc look in that funny hat? I love that he lives in a caravan in the hospital grounds, but you’d think Hanssen would Have A Word – it’s bound to be contravening all sorts of contravenable stuff.

      • Jeffiner

        He seems to have sort of made the hospital grounds his garden too. Could well be that Hanssen just doesn’t know it’s Luc living there (wait a minute, that can’t be right, Mr H knows everything!). Definitely was cute in that hat but every time he’s on screen all I can find myself is wondering what Lynne was thinking in Eastenders. Given the choice between him or Garry, it’s not a hard one.
        Forgot to mention how nice it was to see Lleucu actually get a few more lines this week, hopefully this friendship with Chantelle will blossom even more. Great review as always, PLA.

    • WaterlooVamps

      Well…it’s not PURELY on looks, I mean, I did see him in a clip for about thirty second so that DEFINITELY gives me the right to judge.
      OK, OK, You got me: I just love Greg.

  8. nikki

    Im lovin’ all the Jac love in the room this week! PLA thank you thank you thank you or cultivating the wow factor! She really is stunning.

    ALSO, Mary-Claire is in the new Upstairs Downstairs starting tonight! SO EXCITED!! You must make a mention or a blog or something so we can fully appreciate. Love you PLA.

    • pauseliveaction

      Love you too, Nikki. But I can’t take any credit for promoting the lovely Jac – she does it all by herself. Charisma-wise, she has pretty much filled out those Connie Beauchamp kitten heels she inherited.

      • WaterlooVamps

        Problem is how rude she is….”You” to the bar tender and nurses. Poor Ollie – inheriting her badness…:-(

  9. maleman

    I’m late to the party but this episode only aired for the first time in Finland today.

    Gotta say, Jac looked stunning. As for her as a person, I don’t know whether to kiss her or choke her.

    • Jac looked amazing in that episode. I didn’t realise Holby was being shown in Finland. I hope you can keep reading the reviews for the episodes you’re currently seeing.

      • maleman

        Yes, the show ran in Finnish television from 2000-2011. It continued in 2015 to this day and should air all episodes up to Season/Series 18. So I certainly have a reason to read the reviews now! 😀

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