Casualty: Suffering for a good cause

(Series 26, Ep.22) Holby, as a city (as opposed to Holby City as a hospital) is a dangerous place in which to live and work. At any moment your life might be turned upside down by a ghastly freak accident, a hitherto unsuspected and rare illness, or a relative with one or more of the above. And these things will happen to you chiefly so they can give the staff of Holby City (the hospital) a deeper insight into whatever moral and emotional dilemma may be bothering them at the time. It’s a comfort, I suppose, to know that you haven’t suffered for nothing.

This week, Lush Linda was feeling a bit upset about giving her sister’s kids into the care of social services for their own good. Well, she couldn’t cope with them – marker penned insults are a beast to shift from the back of your uniform and it doesn’t look good on your CV when your family members keep borrowing babies from your workplace. It’s not like Linda hadn’t given the parenting thing a good go – she’d struggled with it for a whole episode before she made her decision. Lenny wasn’t convinced. Having been brought up in the care system himself, he wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Charlie, however, felt that Linda had made the best decision for the kids. Possibly he’s sampled Linda’s cooking and Lenny hasn’t.

Anyway, what it really needed was for someone to speak Linda’s brains. So a poor woman whose daughter had been run over and killed tried to get herself run over and killed, basically so she could make Linda feel guilty, life without your children not being worth tuppence and all that. As a result, Linda spent most of the episode turning her back on whatever patient she was supposed to be looking after at the time, to present her little frowning face towards the camera so we knew she was Deeply Troubled.

As if one desperate, suffering woman (I don’t mean Linda, I mean the patient) wasn’t enough, we had poor Jenny Platt (formerly Violet in Corrie) being raped, thus carrying on Casualty’s recent tradition of bad things being done to women by bad men. Tracey was a hotel chambermaid with money worries, and when a hotel guest offered her almost all her rent money to sleep with him, she thought about it for a second and decided against it – but the next thing we knew she was puking in the car park and Dixie was having a word with Dr Sam who had a word with Dr Zoe Hanna, and Sam and Zoe got Tracey to admit she’d been raped. The nasty man got his comeuppance and ended up in hospital himself, thanks to a bit of smoke inhalation and too many heart medications, and his wife admitted he’d done That Sort Of Thing in hotels before.

Jenny Platt acted her scenes really well. Her character’s main worry was how her lovely husband would take the news. Sam convinced her that the best thing to do was talk to him. And this made Sam realise that the best thing she could do was talk to Keith Parr, the man whose neck she may have accidentally broken while restraining him the other week. Dr Zoe Hanna had wanted her to do this all along (talk, not break his neck), to try and stop Parr suing Sam and/or the hospital. But Zoe envisaged doing it round a polished table, with the hospital lawyer and possibly Henrik Hanssen and a plate of custard creams to smooth the path. Sam’s method was to go round and knock on Par’s door and give him half an apology. The look on his face seemed to indicate We Haven’t Heard The Last Of Him Yet.

Next time: Danny Dyer is a mysterious paramedic. Is he for real?

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4 responses to “Casualty: Suffering for a good cause

  1. Brie

    Are they trying to make a lenny/Linda thing happen?!
    Not enough jeff, Dixie and Zoe!

    • pauseliveaction

      Quite a good ep in terms of Zoe, I thought. She looked ace in her glasses, too. What I wondered was how Jeff was with Dixie in the ambulance one minute and the next he was being a solo paramedic in a car. Can’t quite picture Lenny and Linda as a couple…

  2. Martin Rosen

    I thought those glasses looked awful on Zoe. It was like she had gone 5 rounds with Mohammed Ali !
    At one point Dr Keogh (male version!) told the nurses to increase I/V. He then walked out. By how much?

  3. To the Right, To the Left

    I read the whole review in an entirely sarcastic tone – in my mind though.
    And I agree, Zoe wise, this episode was cool AND we had Zoe/Dylan interaction. As for Linda, if she doesn’t stop with her “Deeply Troubled” expressions, I want Lenny/Charlie to bitch slap her. Then the writers will have another lovely story-line of a “bad man” doing a bad thing to a woman.

    Seriously, we women aren’t that…whatever they’re trying to portray us as!

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