Lustbox: Sherlock (and John)

Oh dear me, Irene Adler couldn’t have been more right when she said “Brainy’s the new sexy.” Though let’s be honest Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have not exactly been beaten with the ugly stick, have they?

Actually, I think what really earned Sherlock and John their place in the PLA Lustbox is their devotion to snark. Done properly, it will make me go weak at the knees and these boys go by the Official Big Book of Snark – leaving me struggling to stay upright.

Bonus points are earned for:

  • their devotion to each other – Martin Freeman broke my heart in the closing scenes of The Reichenbach Fall (reviewed for you here by Inkface), though it hadn’t been left in a very serviceable state by Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance a few moments before.
  • just enough residual militaryness (here and there in posture or phrase, not to mention his decisive action near the end of A Study in Pink) to remind us that John Watson was a soldier as well as a doctor (move over Irish Dr Greg)
  • that coat! That hair! Those cheekbones…
  • running. Lots of running (enhanced by The Coat)* *note this may just be conditioning from five years of watching Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor running around in long coats…
  • the odd bit of homoeroticism…

And yes, Sherlock gets the coats, the big brain and the cheekbones, but John is played by a man made of kittens (thank you TV Tropes) who is loyal, brave and a deadpan snarker. Separately they’re interesting, but together they are great.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to lie down on the sofa and have a little swoon while I wait for the postman to bring me the first series boxed set of Sherlock…

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3 responses to “Lustbox: Sherlock (and John)

  1. You are so right about the Coat+Running=Lust equation. I still don’t really know why though, I mean yes Captain Jack and Doctor#10 made it look very very good but I’m sure it ticked my boxes even before that. Is it the air of excited purpose and physical fitness conveyed by the Running, coupled with the foppish romance of the flapping Coat…?

    • pauseliveaction

      Coat+Running=Lust. Oh yes. Neo in The Matrix. Don’t forget the big boots as well. I’m imagining Sherlock (only watched the first one of the first series and found it smug and irritating so never went back, so can’t remember) is more of a brogues-type guy, though.

      • I think someone should commission us to research the coat+running=lust phenomenon. I’m certain we could bring the requisite professionalism to studying men running in coats and would barely need to lie down in the PLA fridge at all…