Holby City: Shake yourself by the hand

(Series 14, Ep.16) The power of love, eh? A force so immense and marvellous that at least five people have had a hit single about it. It’s a force that’s reduced Irish Dr Greg from being a rogueish charmer with a twinkle in his eye to being a moping, dopey fool constantly sighing about his unattainable love. If the unattainable love was Jac Naylor, I’d understand it, but it’s only Sahira Shah the Registrah, a woman who has done little to impress us apart from show off her brilliant parachute stitching, cry a lot and bring cupcakes in for the staff.

Greg’s devastating sex appeal hasn’t been enough to convince the Registrah that he is the man for her. His witty banter and ever-available shoulder to cry on haven’t done it either. What’s a lovesick boy to do? Run off to Hanssen and try to get him to convince her not to leave, that’s what. As if that’s going to make him look any less spineless than he does already.

It’s not a bad plan, as plans go, because Hanssen not only harbours fond feelings for the world’s most emotional CT surgeon himself, but he also has Influence. Such is the reach of his mighty power that Sahira’s invisible husband, Rafi, has now been offered a job at Holby. Well, they haven’t had a proper anaesthetist since Annaliese and Weird Dr Green left.  Though his invisibility may present a bit of a challenge in theatre.  Now Rafi has no reason to go to Nottingham and Sahira can stay under the wretched gaze of Hanssen and Irish Dr Greg for a bit longer. That’s the plan, anyway.

Meanwhile, everybody’s favourite Ukrainian emo, Goth Dr Frieda, had her F1 results. Things didn’t look good, as she was summoned to Hanssen’s office. Had she failed? She thought so, but no – she’d passed with the highest score in the region. Top F1 in the whole of Holbyshire! Or Wyvern District or whatever it is. Hurrah! After hearing this good news, Frieda felt it was only polite to give Hanssen a little compliment in return. “Nice job… running the hospital,” she told him. “Shake yourself by the hand.”

Chrissie and Sacha were back from their holiday in Australia, and looking all tanned and lovey-dovey.  Sacha’s attempt to be nice to Dull Dan backfired a little when Dan assumed Chrissie had told Sacha about Dan’s complicated sexuality. It all ended amicably when Dan supported Sacha when a patient accused him of causing her to get an infection during surgery. This patient was a horse breeder, and in possibly the most blatant example of speaking-your-brains I’ve ever heard on Holby, she told Dan about a stallion she had who was somewhat reluctant to do his stallionly duty. “You can’t fight nature, can you?” she said. This caused Dan to assume his Thinking Face.

Next time: New consultant Alex Broadhurst (Mad Maya from Corrie) keeps Michael Spence on his toes. Dr Oliver Valentine shows us what he can do.  And Dull Dan is still struggling with “who he really is” and gets another patient to speak his brains about it.

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8 responses to “Holby City: Shake yourself by the hand

  1. HolbyNut

    Sacha, I love you but that was the worst white shirt ever – short sleeves and everything….no, no, no. Snigger, snigger when Ditched Dan accused Chrissie of sleeping with half the hospital (no, it’s way more than half!)
    Enjoyed the Frieda moment when she got top marks – genuinely didn’t see that coming which is unusual for Holby as there are so many spoilers.
    PLA comment re “the most blatant example of speaking-your-brains I’ve ever heard on Holby, she told Dan about a stallion she had who was somewhat reluctant to do his stallionly duty. “You can’t fight nature, can you?” she said. This caused Dan to assume his Thinking Face” made me smile. And yes, the Holby writers must think that we really are a bunch of Thickies if we couldn’t appreciate something slightly more subtle than that quite horrendous horsey image.
    Finally, it amuses me and concerns me in equal portion how the surgeons have intensely personal conversations in theatre especially during the particularly critical bits. (a) I would like to hope that any surgeon operating on me would be slightly more focussed on the job in hand or on the table as it were, and (b) do they think that the other theatre staff have ear-plugs or something and won’t go blabbing all of their deep, dark and not-so-secrets all over the hospital?

  2. To the Right, To the Left

    Positive: Frieda’s comment – “shake yourself by the hand”, Hanssen, Sascha and Malick.
    Negatives: rest of the episode.
    Bugger the HC writers to hell with a chainsaw.

    • pauseliveaction

      You’ve gone all cross since you stopped being BB, TTRTTL. I suppose it’s like when Dr Who regenerates, he always feels a bit confuzzled at first. I think the chainsaw might be a bit extreme, considering those very same writers are the ones putting all those lovely words into Frieda’s and Hanssen’s mouths. Ok, they’re severely trying our patience with the old Registrah, but that storyline is going to be over soon. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what the invisible Rafi looks like. I’m picturing him wrapped in bandages from head to foot so we can see him. Or he’ll maybe appear in the car park as a cigarette hovering about five and a half feet up in the air.

      • To the Right, To the Left

        Oh, PLA – I’ve always been evil. I just didn’t want to unleash it so soon and too much of it (which I haven’t yet), but needs must. :/

        As for my new username, it’s a line from ‘This is War’ by 30 Seconds to Mars.

  3. Mrs H

    Well what can I say is depart from our screens Sahira!

    Obviously she upset Mr H this week so she is on my kill list but actually what a load of old load of round spherical objects spouts from her gob! And why has she suddenly turned from the swinging around in his chair schoolgirl to hating him so much? Is it because he didn’t tell her he wuvved her? I still like to think it is! Anyway ungrateful bint begone! And Rafi better be a looker.

    2 highlights of the week (apart from lots of Mr H in scrubs…I will not apologise)
    Frieda – I love her character and her and Michael are lovely together…not saying as a couple but awwww! Although when he was in the coffee shop and Frieda was showing off her legs he was sitting as if he was about to get a lap dance! Was I the only one who thought shut up Jez – you are pleasant to look at but please not a sound!

    Mr H – well I know he can do no wrong in my eyes but oh he’s a devious sod (although may I refer you to my comment of last week where I predicted such shenanigans from his Imperial Swedishness). The upsetting thing is that we’re not going to see any more of Sir Fraser and his lovely watery blue eyes.

    As for the rest…meh!

  4. WaterlooVamps

    I thought that episode was reeeeeeeaaaaally good. What a cute couple : Michael and Freida awwww!!! Although I was holding my hand over my mouth trying to stop laughing the whole time (mostly when Dull Dan was on) because you could almost feel the awkwardness between him and Sacha.

  5. Nikki

    Aww Gregs Irish charms are enough to convert any woman (my household included!) so I dont know what La Shahhh is playing at being all I-love-you-I-love-you-not, one minute making sexy eyes at him the next telling him how haaard it is for her and lets be friends?! Poor guy doesnt know whether hes coming or going and some of the stuff she said was a little harsh, like, he doesnt know what marriage is, or he wouldnt understand real love and things like that, because, he does! Hes always been a charmer and flirter but, he really loves her. He knows exactly how it feels and how it hurts. She doesnt know HIM. This has all focused on how poor Sahira feels, well what about the boys? Greg? Hanssen? Invisible Rafi?

    Chrissie was soooo pretty in this episode. Lols went out to the Ditched Dull Dan and Sacha face-offs, but Dan did scare me rather when he dragged her into the office and did his Im-SO-no-gay! angry face because he cant even say the words out loud, let alone someone saying them at him. I did for a wee moment think he was going to lash out at her. Hes very tightly wound up is Dan, and when he unleashes it (ala Malick in the locker room) its scary! Im just glad Sacha and Chrissie can be happy now. Properly happy!

    Missed Jac in this ep. And wheres Mary-Claire again. Her doppelganger Lleyci was there instead! How very dare they …

    Frieda and Michael = LOVE! Not love love but I love their scenes together. And Eddi. Eddi and Frieda win points for me cos they talk to Hanssen the same way they talk to patients, straight up, blunt, to the point. And I think Hanssen appreciates that. No games. Just as it is.

    Looking forward to next week (And the week after cos thers more Jac inthat one.)

  6. Mrs H

    OOOOOO ickle spoiler….Feb 21st we get to see Rafi!!!!!

    He better be a looker!

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