Casualty: Another party girl gets childcare responsibilities

(Series 26, Ep.20) Last week, Lush Linda’s drug addict sister turned up, with children Britney and Joe in tow. Linda’s sister is a chaotic mess, and the kids had had enough. When mama scarpered from the hospital, the kids refused to get on the bus with her. They decided they could manage better without her. With Britney’s advanced shoplifting skills, she was confident she could cope. Social Services don’t see it that way, so this week, when their mum was banged up for assaulting a social worker, Lush Linda was under pressure to take the spotty siblings under her wing.

We’ve been through this scenario before, of course. Dr Zoe Hanna had her chain-smoking, hard-drinking, promiscuous lifestyle somewhat curtailed when she found herself (temporarily) responsible for Sharice.  And over on Holby, The Radiant Donna became a mum to the adorable Mia and settled down to a life of domestic bliss in Liverpool. Sharice and Mia were both fairly pleasant children, though. Linda has got her hands full, particularly with Britney. Writing rude things on the back of Linda’s uniform, nicking things from the hospital shop and “borrowing” babies from the ward didn’t exactly endear her to her auntie. She wondered if she was up to the task. I wonder if a crack team of Supernanny and Jeremy Kyle would be up to the task.

Meanwhile, new paediatric trauma doctor Tom Kent had a young patient who made a habit of starting fires so he could rescue people from them. Thank goodness he was kept away from Britney – she hasn’t tried arson yet, but I’m willing to bet she’d have a go. Dr Tom Kent impressed me even more than I was impressed before by telling the patient he was a Liverpool supporter, but then spoiled it a bit by saying he actually preferred cricket. There seems to be a nice understanding already between Tom and Scarlett – they make a good team, professionally speaking, and they’d be a very pretty couple.

And Lennie is getting all stressed because Nick Jordan won’t let him out of cubicles and back to the excitement that is resus.

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One response to “Casualty: Another party girl gets childcare responsibilities

  1. To the Right, To the Left

    The only difference with the previous party girl is, with Zoe’s storyline, one gave a damn about all the characters involved.

    As for Lenny, I wish they could get someone else to portray Mads, that was an interesting storyline.


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