Eternal Law: Angels don’t pick up dog poo…

Every moment of Eternal Law that I watch makes me love it more and more. The moral questions, the subtle revealing of the characters’ depths, the bloody marvellous dialogue given to Zak and brought to life by Sam West – I’m at a loss as to why people tune into watch a show about angels being lawyers and then complain about the lack of realism in the courtroom instead of savouring all of these other wonderful things.

Of course cases don’t go to trial as quickly as they do here, but all TV crime dramas cut to the chase. In a weekly procedural, nobody wants to know about the nine months or more that it takes to get to court. The people who didn’t like that, are going to like the idea that Zak and Tom can suddenly swap to prosecution even less. But, yah boo sucks to ’em. Eternal Law isn’t really about law, it’s about justice. And this week the pursuit of justice has a very expensive price tag.

Zak and Tom are prosecuting Gemma, who fatally stabbed her alleged stalker. Tom has serious qualms about this, which are fuelled by the noisy support that Gemma receives both inside and outside the courtroom, Jude’s influence and learning that Gemma will kill herself if she’s convicted. To make matters worse, Richard is meddling and messing with Tom’s mind. He plants a seed of thought early on that has terrible consequences – exactly his intention I’m sure.

The focus is very much on Tom this week, from his teen-like rebellion against Mrs Sheringham complete with thoughtless, hurtful comments to his misjudgement of the case in hand. I fully expect to see Ukweli Roach on my TV a lot more in future.

It is still Sam West who is the star of this show though. Zak has too many wonderful lines to regurgitate them all here, but for the record, I particularly enjoyed the quip about Tom being ‘brilliant on the day of judgement’, and his response to Mrs Sheringham’s suggestion that they should get a dog: “If it can learn to flush the loo it’s more than welcome, but please be advised that as the actual embodiment of heavenly grace on earth I will not be reduced to picking up poo in a plastic bag.”

My final highlight of this week is Mrs Sheringham stepping in to stop Jude ‘messing with the head of one of her boys’. I love Orla Brady’s combination of compassion and utter steeliness. And I won’t be sad to see the back of shallow, silly Jude…

With only two weeks to go, I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping ITV commission a second series. There is so much more I want to know and see. I want more of the fabulous flying sparks when Zak and Richard clash. I want to know more about Mrs Sheringham. I want to see Sam West show us more of Zak’s heartbreak and joy and conflicted emotions whenever Hannah is in the room.

For now, I will be content to find out if the Armageddon clock can be stopped and which of our angels has started its deadly ticking. Who is closer to falling? Feel free to speculate below! Roll on next week…

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  1. L1nds

    I’m sure it was Tom who started the clock ticking. She wouldn’t have killed herself if he hadn’t let her see her son, and I’m sure it wasn’t the outcome Mr Mountjoy was after!

    Zac didn’t seem much closer to slipping up than he has been the last few weeks so I don’t think it could be that.