Holby City: The indecisive registrah

(Series 14, Ep.15) In the little recap segment at the beginning of the episode, we were once again shown Greg and Sahira’s kiss from a couple of weeks ago.  Nope, it’s no good. No matter how many times I watch it, it’s still not conveying passion, or a tragic love that can never be. It’s not a Jac/Joseph kind of kiss. Or a Connie/Jayne Grayson’s husband kind of kiss. They looked like a pair of reasonably attractive crash test dummies had been superglued at the lips.

And if you don’t buy the intended passion in that kiss, frankly the whole Sahira and Greg storyline is a bit of a damp squib. Tedious, then, that the episode revolved around them revolving around each other. They want to be together, but Sahira has “everything to lose,” what with the adorable son Indy, the invisible husband Rafi and… whatever. They had to go to a fundraising do, which gave Sahira the chance to wear a posh frock and gave them the chance to get drunk together and then get to the door of Sahira’s room and almost give in to temptation, until they were interrupted by a timely text from Hanssen. Presumably this means that they’ll spend the next episode with Greg trotting after her bleating, “Sahira! Sahira!” and she’ll spend the episode muttering at him that it’s got to stop and he must keep his distance. Again.

Back at Holby, Goth Dr Frieda was worried that she hadn’t completed the assessments she needs to graduate from being an F1 to an F2, so she was given a tricky patient to diagnose and Michael Spence (still wearing the grizzly beard look and frankly looking a bit foxy) promised to get the assessment to Hanssen before the deadline. Frieda’s patient was a very bad stand up comedian, but you just knew all the best punchlines would be Frieda’s. It’s her deadpan delivery. Weirdly, though, Dr Luc Hemingway had to talk her through intubating her patient. Wasn’t that the sort of thing she was doing with her eyes shut when we still thought she was a nurse?

It was also a testing time for Chantelle, who had her driving test. Ric Griffin has been following through on his promise to give her driving lessons, and it paid off. Is our Ric getting a tiny bit fond of the World’s Sunniest Nurse? He was staring down from the Window of Regret as she came back from her test, but maybe he was just making sure she didn’t crash into his car again.

This was the first visit to the famous Window in quite a few weeks. I’ve missed it. Will Greg use it as a vantage point from which to stare longingly at the form of the divine Sahira as she heads off for Nottingham next week? We can but hope.

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15 responses to “Holby City: The indecisive registrah

  1. nikki

    Was all a bit bored with the repetition of Gregs longing looks and La Shaaahhhs pretending that she doesnt like it, telling him to keep his distance yadda yadda then staring wantonly into his eyes all the more, and giving him just enough to keep him running round after her. Yawn.

    Ric needs to sort his life out. IVe nothing against the man but, hes just so Boooring. With a capital B no less. Doesnt want to teach Malick. Doesnt want to help Hanssen. Doesnt like Michael. The worlds all gloom isnt it! Apart from watching Chantelle kangaroo-ing her car outside.

    Was delighted at the return of Mary-Claire. *jumps around in glee in a fangirlish fashion* PLA you must petition to the inner-circle and make her a full cast member. Big up the Mary-Claire love on the page please!

    Love the reviews as always PLA. I awlays read even if I dont comment. 🙂

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    You know Holby City is gone downhill when I’m eagerly anticipating your reviews rather than the episode itself. *le sigh*

    Anyway, on with the positives; Goo Goo Dolls with Iris, Ed Sheeran with This, Hanssen, and Spence/Freida interaction. I’m totally rooting for those two to get together now.

    Negatives; Hanssen/Sahira > Sahira/Greg, and yet the writers have become lazy-arsed idiots and gone for the eternal cliched story-line of ‘yay, cheating is good and fun and interesting!!1eleventyone!!!!11’ so let’s get the latter two together and make it as interesting as a snail crawling by. A dust speck could’ve come up with a better story-line. As for the Hanssen/Sahira intrigue/mystery – where the bloody hell is it?! And the so-called “passionate kiss”, I think an octopus is missing a couple of its suction cups.

    Ugh. I’m off to peel an orange.

  3. HolbyNut

    Thought Sahira did look amazing in that dress though was wondering if Hanssen had placed a teeny tiny spying device somewhere in it, such was the ‘saved by the bell’ timeliness of his call to break the moment between his unrequited love and Greg.
    Loved that Michael had a mini-moment of ‘na-na-na-na-na’ over Ric regarding Annaleese who must have finally realised that Ric is about a hundred and a right Victor Meldrew!
    Missed Jac. Though would be happy if we opted out of all Ric, Malick, Chantelle storylines as they just don’t seem to ‘fit’.

  4. Mrs H

    Oh god Greg! When did he turn into a sleaze bag? Missed his bald patch by the way!

    I loved how Greg seemed to think he was lording it over His Swedishness last night only for His Royal Psychic Textingness to get the last word. I did enjoy the “I’m surprised you own a suit” line! And I can’t help but thinking that at dos like that Hanssen would actually be much better company. He’s taken her to the opera after all! I am still so pee’d off with the lack of Sahira/Hanssen clarification. Still Rafi is making an appearance soon so it might get interesting! But for now Henrik needs to grow a pair. Honestly! I love him but when it comes to her he’s a fool!

    A thought for the day…if Henrik is basically going to pull all the stops out to keep her next week, do we think he might offer Rafi a job a Holby?

    Missed Jac and Elliot!

    And Hello Mr Spence!

    Frieda was fab.

    But when is Ric due to retire? It’s becoming undignified the way Henrik keeps slapping him down!

  5. helen

    agree with all the other comments – this would of been a good episode if we had of been spared the vomit inducing greg/sahira

    highlight for me was the chantelle/hansen/car stuff!! the look he gave the car when it nearly hit him in the carpark was funny but even better was him telling malick to keep chantelle away from anything with wheels!!

    also if a guy rocks up to hospital with 2 hearts – surely that is grounds to call a cardio consultant!?!?!? why wasnt jac or elliot called in on that case??

  6. Saz

    Ha ha ha! I have to echo many of the comments on here – reading this blog is often more entertaining than watching the episode itself.
    How is it that we’ve had four solid weeks of Sahira/Greg and yet find the storyline has progressed about the same distance that you might expect of a tranquilised sloth in a treacle-swimming race? I can’t figure out if it’s just incredibly rubbish writing, or if this ‘doing exactly the same thing EVERY week’ tactic is some kind of genius master plan and all will come good eventually. Hmm, sadly I suspect the former.
    BTW, the crash test dummies quip – spot on. No chemistry whatsoever.

  7. VickyO

    Frieda is just fab. I genuinely did laugh at the vodka joke….

    Dress was OK, hair and make up were WRONG! That is quite clearly the wrong shade of lipstick (daahling). Also, ALSO, who the hell wears a ballgown BEFORE travelling? Mad woman.

    And yeah, I seem to be in the same camp as everyone here – Sahira and Greg have the chemistry of two limp…limpets.

    And Sahira/Hanssen…Blimey, it’s like watching a road accident happen. They’re ruining a fantastic character! Masters of the dark arts shouldn’t go gooey over boring registrahs who can’t even pick the right lipstick! Worried about next week. Apparently, he’ll spend the next episode “doing all he can” to change her mind about leaving. This is going to be agonising, isn’t it…

    And if allloveabitofhenrik/ theweeyin96 are reading this – I don’t have tumblr so I can’t comment on your posts but you guys are just the best. Love your pages. Hanssen solidarity ftw!

  8. bizzylizzy

    Rad somewhere that Shaira’ hubby makes an appearance in a few weeks, so don’t think she’s leaving next week…

  9. toto

    I agree with everyone. Greghira suck and Frieda and Michael rock. I wonder what she meant by “My mother asked about you?”

  10. pauseliveaction

    VickyO – Your comment reminded me it wasn’t the first time Sahira has made an unfortunate lipstick decision. https://pauseliveaction.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/holby-city-all-work-and-no-play-makes-jac-the-perfect-choice/

    toto – Michael and Elliott had gone for dinner with Frieda and her mum when they were in the Ukraine. It sounds like her mum was quite taken by Michael! Possibly lining him up as future son-in-law material?

    bizzylizzy – Though I’m sorry we’ve got more of Sahira to come, I’m quite intrigued to see what the famous Rafi looks like.

    MrsH – I was looking out for the bald patch after your comment last week, but he kept it firmly turned away from us for the entire episode. It was obviously hogging too much screen time!

    HolbyNut – Hanssen’s timing is just one in a range of supernatural skills, like materialising silently in a corridor.

    Nikki – I’m hoping Mary-Claire will get a storyline of her own soon. Surely she has to?

    .::Big.Bang::. – Hope you enjoyed your orange.

  11. WaterlooVamps

    When Sahira and Greg walked out of the hospital and Greg did that almost-hand-on-back thing, Hanssen looked soooo sad 😦 Ric bores my more than FLNT…and that’s saying something.

  12. Paul

    True. For me, I kind of buy Greg mooning after her – and I thought he was brilliant in the earlier episode when he thought she was dead – but the do rather seem to be dragging this out – and I don’t believe that she fancies him. next week, apparently, even more about Sahira moving away – but maybe it’ll be better because it seems to be about Hansen finding out – now HIS unrequited love for Sahira Shah I DO buy.

    Still, at least Goth Doctor Frieda got a good storyline this week, and Micheal Spence is back…

  13. BQueen

    Crap ep, great review! I agree on all points. Re Greghira, I kind of want Mary-Claire to fill Sahira in on all Greg’s naked & juicy details -more MC snark is always welcome! I thought Greg/MC had great chemistry in their little affair so I want to lay the damp squib at Laila’s door here.

    Guy Henry on the other hand has chemistry with everything and the kitchen sink, and I do quite like that he has such an achilles heel. It stops him from being too awesome to cope with 🙂

    • nikki

      Here here! The season … what was it, 12? Sexy affair between Greg and MC had GREAT chemistry and potential. It was flirty, snark, funny, she understood his arrogant charm and could usurp it – yet still be vulnerable enought that she’d let him in, and it hurt when he ended it so abruptly. On the same note – Niamh McGrady is a fab actress and terribly underused by the show at the moment. She needs a good storyline, she can handle it dammit! Shes done far more in previous seasons. *pouts*

      Tweet the love for me PLA – I know she reads your blog!

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