Mad Dogs: Island hopping

(Series 2, Ep.1)  Even though we left Quinn in the swimming pool having just shot a policewoman, and his four mates in the car on the way to the airport not knowing if they’d get away, be arrested, be killed by gun-toting crazies wanting their drug money back or what, the first series of Mad Dogs felt complete in all its barmy, surreal magnificence.

So was it a good idea to go for a second series? Well, on the basis of the series opener, it was. Picking up literally where series one left off, there was no messing about and the body count was added to almost before the credits had finished rolling. Quinn is fished out of the swimming pool – still alive, which you wouldn’t have put money on – and the comrades-in-trauma decide to flee the island. The airport being deemed too risky, they head for a ferry to Barcelona, and then hopefully towards home. This being Mad Dogs, they get on the wrong ferry and land, instead, in Ibiza.

Any crazy ideas that Ibiza will be any more relaxing than Majorca are shortlived. The first task is a bit of money laundering, which is done via a strange old woman hauling an oxygen tank, an even stranger man on a moped and a beautiful girl who has perfect skin, fancies Baxter and seems to know way too much. Can they trust her? Can they trust each other? And what are they to make of Rick’s wife telling them that she’s recently had a phone call from Alvo? This is Alvo who had half his head shot off in series one, episode one. Alvo whom they buried right at the start of their holiday from hell.

Mad Dogs series one was suspenseful, weird, darkly funny and brilliantly acted. There was a risk that stretching the story out would dilute it or diminish its impact (I’m thinking of Lost and Heroes here) – but on the strength of this episode it looks like it was worth it.

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