Holby City: Completely professional in the face of romantic disaster

(Series 14, Ep.14) Much of this episode centred on the efforts of Eddi McKee, the Best Nurse in the Hospital, to find a niche that was appropriate to her massive and varied talents. She loves the hurly burly and excitement of AAU, because it’s not a good day’s work till someone’s been sick on your shoes, but she can’t stand Dr Luc Hemingway. So she goes off to Keller, where you have time to do a quick sudoku between ward rounds. There’s no pesky Hemingway there, with his know-it-all attitude (don’t you just hate a know-it-all?). But of course the Best Nurse in the Hospital is entirely wasted in a ward where people are quietly recovering from bowel resections and it’s not long before she’s back in AAU, bravely leading the troops through a power cut. With all this to-ing and fro-ing, you wouldn’t think she’d get any time to do any actual nursing, but she’s the Best, so she does. And she’s got time to get all cross with Dr Luc when he makes more of his irritating assumptions about a patient. He’s even more irritating when he turns out to be right.

Registrah in Cah

Meanwhile, Irish Dr Greg spent the episode staring mournfully at Sahira Shah the Registrah as she swished past him on her way to various urgent bedside moments. Dr Greg loves Sahira, but he doesn’t think she loves him back, what with the husband and the adorable little son Indy and everything. She’s even planning to leave Holby! (We’ll help her pack!). So Greg does what anyone would do, and goes to Dull Dan for advice. DD says he should be, like him, “Completely professional in the face of romantic disaster.” If Dan can keep calm and carry on while his erstwhile fiancee is on honeymoon with the man of her dreams who isn’t him, Greg can surely cope with a little knock-back from a registrah. Only Greg can’t. He’s Irish, and they have passion and poetry running through them like the word Blackpool runs through rock. Just ask Bono. In a strangely shot scene outside Hanssen’s office, where Greg looks close one second and far away the next, he declares his love for Sahira. He knows her so well, he says, that he knows she constantly hums CBeebies theme tunes. Well, if she does I’ve never heard her. But that’s love for you.

Not a lot of Jac this week, as she had to knock Oli’s research project into shape so she was wearing a virtual Do Not Disturb sign. But she did have time to utter what will be our motto of the week: “Punctuality is next to godliness. Which is just one rung below consultant.” Got to love her.

Next time: Mary-Claire is back! ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls will be played! But will Sahira be able to resist Greg? (not if he’s playing and/or humming ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls).

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11 responses to “Holby City: Completely professional in the face of romantic disaster

  1. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, Sahira. CBeebies theme tune, really?

  2. Jen

    LOL. ‘Registrah in cah’. Bring it on!

    Registrah at the bah. Saheera Shah slips on wet tah.

    Oh, soddit. I’m no good at this….I look forward to YOUR ‘bons mots’ though! It’s the only reason I can tolerate her! Saheera Shah loved from afah!

  3. Katie

    i freekin’ love this articles:’)
    good job!

  4. tessiebee

    I love your reviews, I have to say. And I wait for them every week with baited breath 🙂

    Dis anyone else go ‘awwwww’ when Luc put the sticky note on Eddi?

    ‘Do NOT remove from AAU’

  5. pauseliveaction

    Katie and tessiebee – thank you!

    Jen – I’m wondering if the registrah will go to the bah for her leaving do. Will she be going fah?

    WV – I just can’t imagine it, can you?

    • WaterlooVamps

      No, I really can’t and really don’t want to.

      • Maybe it’s just my background but I can imagine it. If she’s constantly watching it with her son it’s probably easy to get them stuck in your head and find yourself humming them, I used to find myself humming children’s songs when training as a teacher. Did think it was a little cheesy (but cute at the same time!) for Greg saying he thought of her when he heard one of them.
        Loved Jac and Hanssen with the lightbulb, expression on Jac’s face was priceless. Eddi still annoys me but Luc is really growing on me.

        Long time reader, first time poster, always look forward to seeing your take on Holby every week.

      • pauseliveaction

        I know exactly what you mean, Jennifer. When PLA Jr was little I was always humming those tunes as well. There was one time when all of us had flu and watched back-to-back episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and I still can’t hear that tune without feeling a little bit ill. Those tunes get into your head! But what I meant was that I’d never heard Sahira humming anything, let alone the Teletubbies theme, and I couldn’t really imagine her doing it. I suppose we just have to pretend that she does it when we’re not listening!

        Thank you for your comment and I hope you’ll post again!

  6. Nikki

    Love your reviews. word/

    Not enough Jac. Token awesome line of the week wins all. Plus the facial expressions when Hansen took the lightbulb from her desklamp. St Bartholomews alumni do not have their desk lamp bulbs stolen. No sir. Not with an imaginary research day – do not disturb sign around ones neck. *faithfully waits for more Jac next week*

    Registraaaahhh in the caaahhhh made me laugh! How many weeks are they going to end with a certain La Shahhh driving off and leaving Greg standing there in his handsome leather jacket. *paws* I love how hes a modern man and listens to his woman and remembers everything she says while being in touch with his softer emotional side. Then picks up a random girl in a miniskirt after La Shahh drives away.

    Anyway. Looking forward to MARY-CLAIRE NEXT WEEK!! WAAHHH!!!!! *hearts everywhere*

  7. Mrs H

    Have finally caught up with the whole episode now. And the stars for me in no particular order were

    Greg’s increasingly noticeable bald patch – never noticed it before. I am now a bit obsessed!
    Obviously His Royal Highness, soon to be called Professor Hanssendore and his vision for Holwarts and how he so owned Ric, won Chantelle over with an email and Jac and the lightbulb incident (I secretly love those together!)
    Luc because he annoys Eddi and is nice to look at!
    Dan in an ironic kind of way but his last line about the only thing that is cold is beer was charming!

    As for Sahira can we start a countdown please until she goes. She stands Henrik up outside his own office because Greg tells her he listens to her. I would find that quite disturbing and run a mile (bit like as you say the camera seemed to be doing!) Then again I don’t think I have many romantic bones in my body. Probably why I heart the professor! And now I have seen your registrah in a cah, I am now singing We Three Kings!

  8. HolbyNut

    Loved this episode and the review, v funny. Thought the phrase
    “He’s Irish, and they have passion and poetry running through them like the word Blackpool runs through rock” was genius as thought you were going for some sort of classy, celtic comparison but the short/sharp Blackpool/rock image jumping in there did make me smile.
    Begining to really like Greg at long last – pity he’s off too!