Casualty: Another nasty man

(Series 26, Ep.18) I don’t know about you, fragrant reader, but I’m getting a bit fed up with watching violence against women in Casualty. It feels like there’s hardly a week goes by without us having to watch some poor woman being terrorised by a nasty man. There was Maverick Nurse Kirsty and Nasty Warren, then poor Tina O’Brien and her mate were victims. This week we had another one, when last week‘s mystery man turned out to be (surprise, surprise) the abusive former husband of the woman whose child was in the car accident. And he wasn’t a happy man.

He was a proper nutter, as well. Luckily, dashing new doctor Tom Kent ensured he was caught out via the simple expedient of getting his fingerprints on a glass of water. I do like Tom Kent. He has a nice nose, he’s tall and he talks like he’s gripping a drinking straw between his teeth, all of which spell phwoar as far as I’m concerned. Scarlett likes Tom Kent as well. She likes him so much, she googled him, as you do. When she was caught out, she pretended she was checking the spelling of his name for admin purposes. It was pointed out that there aren’t that many variants on “Tom” and “Kent.”

Of course a nice nose and a way with fingerprints isn’t going to catch a criminal without official help. This was provided in the form of one DCI Yvonne Rippon, a copper with a sweet tooth and an eye for a handsome A&E consultant. She and Nick Jordan were flirting like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, Dr Zoe Hanna was busy with something or other and didn’t see all this flirtation, otherwise she’d have had something sarcastic to say.

In other news, Army Dr Sam’s fireman patient (Corrie fans will remember him as Gail’s former beau, Phil the Foot Fiddler) died.

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2 responses to “Casualty: Another nasty man

  1. .::Big.Bang::.

    I found the whole abuser/abusee thing ironic as they were both police officers (DI/PC) on Holby Blue (along with Jimmy Akingbola).

    • pauseliveaction

      You applied a meta-Holby reading to the piece which I, with my woeful ignorance of Holby Blue, failed to spot. Nice work.

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