Holby City: The champagne’s chilling in the mini fridge

(Series 14, Ep.13)   It was The Big Day at Holby. The day when they finally found out whether they’d achieve Foundation Trust status. It was a big deal, because without it they wouldn’t get funding for research and equipment and Holby would die a slow death. Hanssen was confident, though. He even had a bottle of champagne in the mini fridge in his office, as we could see from the fridge cam cunningly placed inside it.

The day didn’t start too well when the person who turned up to do the assessment was the horrible one whom I previously described as being “so stern he made Henrik Hanssen look like Graham Norton.”  The day didn’t start too well for Irish Dr Greg, either, as he had a hangover and was put in charge of Darwin for the day. It got even worse when Sahira Shah the Registrah went off to pick up her adorable little son Indy from nursery and then news came in of a nasty car crash and a child with a coat labelled Indy was brought into the hospital. Greg went from being frantic that there was no Registrah present when the CTU Traumafone rang, to being frantic that the woman of his dreams may just have ended up tangled in some wreckage on one of Holby’s highways. Greg was worrying about Sahira, Hanssen was worrying about Sahira and Jac was annoyed that everyone was busy worrying rather than knuckling down and suturing arteries. 

All this worry was a bit previous, though, because Sahira and her adorable son Indy were fine. She’d simply been at the scene of the accident and had been helping out, and gave the injured child Indy’s coat to wear. How we all chuckled and heaved sighs of relief. Greg ended up kissing her (again) then they had one of those “let’s pretend that never happened” conversations (again), and Jac finally got them to knuckle down to some artery suturing.

There was a feeling of deja vu hanging round this episode. As well as Greg and Sahira kissing and then pretending they didn’t care about each other (again), we had another of Chantelle’s attempts to be less sunny and more efficient (see results of last attempt here). Malick gave her an “effective directive” and told her to care a bit less. That was never going to work, even when faced with a patient with a particularly annoyingly whiny voice. When are Chantelle’s colleagues going to realise that her sweet nature is her biggest asset? Her smile alone probably has healing qualities.

The same can’t be said for Goth Dr Frieda, who was in a particularly grumpy mood because Dr Luc Hemingway had caused the self-styled Best Nurse in the Hospital to be transferred to another ward, and AAU is so much less amusing without Eddi and her comedy facial expressions.  Dr Luc was not impressed with his first experience of the charms of Frieda. “Ukrainian. Six words for cabbage and not one for excuse me,” he said. Lucky for him she didn’t rush straight off to HR to file a complaint of racism. She and Dr Luc disgreed about the treatment of a boy with a squirrel up his nose (not a real squirrel – that would be difficult enough with a modestly sized red squirrel and pretty much impossible with the more common grey squirrel. This was a small toy one). Isn’t that the kind of thing that they would have whipped out in moments in A&E? Sometimes I don’t quite get the point of AAU.

Anyway, very much against the odds, the stern man was impressed and “Holby City now has ‘foundation trust’ in its title,” as Elliott proudly announced. And we were back to the fridge cam in Hanssen’s office, to see him withdrawing his bottle of champagne. Did he crack it open with the senior staff and enjoy a bit of back-slapping and banter about the day? No, he did what he usually does with his foodstuffs and enjoyed it alone, quietly at his desk. That man is no fool.

Next time: Sahira tells Greg she’s leaving, and it looks like Eddi may not stay away from AAU for very long.

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14 responses to “Holby City: The champagne’s chilling in the mini fridge

  1. inkface

    I think it might have been a mini bottle of champagne in the mini fridge, and that, for me, was a bit odd.

    • pauseliveaction

      Seems in character to me. A man of moderation and sobriety.

      • inkface

        Perhaps I should clarify. I wasn’t saying it was out of character for HIM. I just said “it was a bit odd” because I have no ability to understand either moderation or sobriety.

        Chantelle, as ever, pissed me off big time, because I was just thinking of all the other patients not getting any care, medication, lunch or whatsoever whilst she faffed about with one person all the livelong day.

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    The kiss between Greg and Sahira was gag-worthy; he looked like he was devouring her.

    And yay for Jac, Hanssen and Frieda!

    • pauseliveaction

      I forgot to mention Jac’s line to Greg, “There’s a man with angina [Elliott] killing himself to be at this meeting on time. You look like crap.”

  3. WaterlooVamps

    Wow that was a good episode. Greg DID say “That DID happen, Sahira” later on. I think she’s being a weeny bit stupid, because, to be honest, one kiss you can forgive, but two is taking it a little too far.

  4. Mrs H

    All is well my Holby husband has returned! I was impressed with his dagger throwing skills last night. Oh his eyes…..! Poor old Greg he must still be in theatre having them removed from his back!

    Is it just me or are they beefing Jac up in the serious consultant role (obviously still with her fabulous lines such as “handing out cake and….asking how they get their hair so shiny”)? They are up to something!

    Thought the way all this was handled was weird. Greg is going mental, Henrik is seething and smouldering (as per usual), Sahira is ignoring Henrik, Greg throws cupcakes, Sahira whines, Henrik is relieved but you only get a glimpse (see his eyes), Greg and Sahira snog (Greg has a baldy patch coming!), they act all weird, Henrik knows all is not well and spits out “They are not a couple” at ferret features Farrell and then delivers the most menacing “Oh for goodness sake make it quick” ever known to man, subtly and most two facedly (is that a word?) warns Greg off, drinks his champagne alone and then realises actually he should have gone charging after Sahira himself and then Greg trolls off with another woman! Generally unimpressed!

    But oh Chantelle was a delight as were Luc (secret crush no 2 – alas Mr Spence has slipped to no 3) and Frieda and loved the fact that a 15 year old would stick a squirrel up their nose for fun! Strange lad!

  5. Jen

    I would like Saheerahhhh to leave as I can’t stand her. I can’t stand Greg either so I would like Hanssen to exile him to Sunderland (which he probably will do, surely!). Those two are so yukky!

    Chantelle is pathetic. Give me Malik and Naylor any day! And the notion that Frieda couldn’t extract a squirrel (of any kind) with a quick tug and a sneer is simply ridiculous.

  6. HolbyNut

    Loved last night’s episode and thought Greg was great at being distraught about his not-so-secret love. In fact loved everything about all storylines except the Malick/Chantelle one (as usual).
    Wonder who’ll be coming in to replace Sahira/Greg – wouldn’t we all just love Joseph and Connie back though that wouldn’t work as then there would be 3 chiefs.
    Great review PLA by the way.

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you, HN. I would sooo love Joseph and Connie to come back. Failing that, can I put in a bid to have Richard Armitage!

  7. jenna_louise_bryce

    Sahira, goodness knows why, but Greg Douglas loves the bones of you and you love him just as much, so stop being such a rotten cow to him and just tell him how you feel.

    I think it’s a shame that Connie Beauchamp is no longer working at Holby City hospital because i’d love to see her put bitch Sahira firmly in her place. Good riddance to the horrible cow.

    Random question – is Greg is a vegetarian? Can anyone please tell me if they know. Thanks.

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