Casualty: Ready for anything

(Series 26, Ep.17) A cracker of a first episode in the new Cardiff-based location. Extra long and complete with car crashes, explosions, poison gas, Tess in peril, a handsome new doctor and some fabulous work by Dr Sam Nicholls. I didn’t even have time to miss Dr Ruth Winters and Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren.

We began with our favourite emergency medics literally unwrapping their shiny new department, the previous one having been ravaged by fire. The new version is slick, shiny  (or it was at the start), and more closely resembles the wards of Holby City. The staff were just there to unwrap stuff and make sure it was working, find out where the toilets were, get the CT scanner up and running, that sort of thing. But when there was a multi vehicle car crash nearby, Nick Jordan wasted no time in declaring Holby A&E open for business. “Ready for anything,” he declared. Would he still have made that call if he’d known about the ensuing explosion and chemical leak on a nearby housing estate? Probably not, and he did go a little bit wobbly in the new Peace Garden. “Why do we need a Peace Garden?” he asked Charlie, who was sitting out there contemplating the peace and quiet. Charlie speculated it was probably so people had somewhere to go to contemplate the peace and quiet. Or to smoke. And, if the Linden Cullen Memorial Garden is anything to go by, it’ll also turn out to be a good spot for staff members to be attacked and/or poisoned. Anyway, Charlie gave Nick the small pep talk he needed – Charlie really is your go-to guy for a pep talk – and Nick headed back indoors ready to sort out the carnage. 

As I mentioned earlier, we were introduced to yet another new doctor in the form of paediatric trauma expert and helicopter-phobe Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman). The reason the helicopter-phobe bit is relevant is because we first sighted him on the HEMS helicopter on the way to the car crash scene, but he’s a man who prefers his feet on the ground. And did I spot an early frisson between him and Lush Linda? I believe I did.

Talking of frissons, everyone was wondering what the story was between Grouchy Dr Dylan and Army Dr Sam. Remember at the end of the last episode we discovered they are or were married? Even though Dr Zoe Hanna fancies Dylan a bit, no-one could really understand how he and Sam ever became an item (given that he’s virtually sociopathic), and why or how they kept it a secret from everybody else for so long. Dylan and Sam aren’t exactly the confiding types, either. Sam is like Lara Croft in scrubs, so she didn’t pass up the opportunity to fling herself into every and any bit of action she could find at the crash site. This is included being arrogant and horrible with a fireman, but she redeemed herself later by dragging an old man away from the danger zone when he was caught in the explosion and then trying to save the fireman when he braved the chemical fumes to take over from her. What a gal.

There were heroics all round. Dixie and Jeff did their usual thing of risking life and limb for the sake of their patient, and Tess had her hands full with a woman who’d taken an overdose, who turned out to be a teacher who’d done time in prison for having an affair with a pupil. The pupil was a bit deranged for a while, but this was nothing compared to the woman’s son. Scarlett was presented with an “Our Hero” mug at the start of the episode for her part in dashing back into last episode’s fire to rescue people. Lloyd didn’t look best pleased, but his turn came when he got to sort out people who were getting lairy with Scarlett in the decontamination queue.

If all that wasn’t enough, the episode ended with a mysterious and sinister stranger watching news reports about the events on television. What’s his connection with the mother of an injured child? Could he be the reason she didn’t want to be filmed, or is she just shy?

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9 responses to “Casualty: Ready for anything

  1. Tabitha Ana

    Best episode of the series, looked great in HD and I hope they maintain the standard in subsequent stories.

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    The episode was brilliant! As for Sam Nicholls, I’m not sure if it’s the character or the actress (is she anorexic?) but I just find her…annoying.

    As for Nick (MF), what’s he doing in EastEnders? Accidentally came across him in an episode and I got confused as to why Casualty was on on a Tuesday.

    • pauseliveaction

      Nick Jordan’s presence in Stenders is upsetting me at the moment. I was quite pleased when I saw him turn up at Fat Pat’s deathbed, but it’s too weird to see him hanging round the Square when he has lives to save back in Holby.

  3. pauseliveaction

    So this means poor Carol is going to get her heart broken yet again?

  4. Lucie

    Just saw Jeff in Bristol city centre! could not get over my excitement.

  5. Pips

    Love the nicknames! 😀