Holby City: Sexual tension x3

(Series 14, Ep.12)   After last week’s festive and romantic journeys to the Ukraine and Stansted, we were back in Holby this week, and the place was seething with sexual tension.

Young Dr Oliver Valentine realised, as Jac had told him he would, that relocating dislocated shoulders and listening to Dan blathering on all day did not make him happy. When he had a bone patient with a cardiac complication, he was only too keen to get back to Darwin and make Bambi eyes at Jac over an operating table. Oliver and Jac really do have the best eyes for gazing at each other above surgical masks, and they spark off each other beautifully. There’s obviously an attraction. She enjoys putting him in his place and being superior, but she loves it even more when he kicks against it and stands up to her. He rather loves it that she’s a bitch and she pushes him to be better.  And at the end of the episode he told her he wanted to come back to Darwin permanently, so expect a good deal more of this sort of thing in coming weeks.

On AAU, The Best Nurse In The Hospital, Eddi McKee (can I start calling her BNITH, please? I feel an acronym gap in my life since FLNT went to NYC) had a hangover and squabbled with Dr Luc Hemingway about how best to treat an alcoholic patient. They have a love/hate relationship, those two do, but because they’re both fairly new I don’t feel like I understand what attracts them to each other as well as I understand Jac and Oliver. Anyway, she told him she can’t work with him any longer and AAU isn’t big enough for both of them, so she reckons she’s going to move to another ward. I hope it’s not Darwin. There’s already too much hysteria and passion up there courtesy of Sahira Shah the Registrah.

Ah, Sahira. Still capable of turning The Swedish Scalpel into a smorgasbord of unrequited longing, and also exerting a powerful attraction over Irish Dr Greg. This week, what with it being new year and everything, Irish Dr Greg decided he wanted to give up smoking. Luckily one of his patients was a professional hypnotist, so Greg paid him to hypnotise him to give up his nasty habit (smoking, not Sahira). That naughty Registrah asked the hypnotist to get Greg to be super-nice to a pain-in-the-backside patient who may or may not have been a mystery shopper, and Greg played along for his own amusement because – and, oh, we did laugh – the hypnotism didn’t work. If you asked me to explain the attraction between Greg and Sahira I would say that she likes him because he has a gorgeous nose and the old Irish charm, and he likes her because she’s female.

Next time: Greg’s in charge of the CTU while Sahira is away looking after her ill child – but when there’s a traffic accident, is Sahira involved?

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13 responses to “Holby City: Sexual tension x3

  1. toto

    I love reading you reviews. It is written very well and incredibly witty. The episode was OK. Greghira bore me. Jac and Ollie do have good chemistry although I don’t think their relationship will go to the next level. Ollie is too wet and Jac needs a real man that can stand up to her perhaps someone like Mr Hanssen.

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you, toto. I reckon Oliver is man enough for Jac. He does stand up to her sometimes and she always gets that gleam in her eye when he does. And his choice of women previously (Jac, Chrissie, Daisha) suggests he’s not afraid of a challenge.

  2. HolbyNut

    Loved that Jac and Ollie are back together but did feel a bit for all the fabulous orthopedic consultants out there (in the real world) who, on Holby, are portrayed to be…well, a bit dense really! Think Dull Dan and Chantelle, who shared a giggly moment this episode, would be a great match. She is girlie enough to bolster his need to appear butch and she really would never work out that his affections were split, now would she?

  3. tessiebee

    I like Jac and Ollie, but don’t see why it is so important that he needs to be a ‘real man’. Plenty of go getting men date ‘softer ‘ women without people batting a lid – does it frighten people so much if a woman is the undisputed boss in the relationship?

    Also, Hannsen had the cutest smile of glee when he wished Sahira seasons greetings in his native tongue.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Hehe! More Greg/Sahira next week! Chantelle’s so in love with Ollie i can hardly bear it!!! I think Luc is definitely (even if VERY deep down) in love with Eddi, but I don’t think she’s quite sure about him yet. I feel REALLY sorry for Sahira’s husband, because she and Greg are OBVIOUSLY in love – but he doesn’t even know…:-(
    Sorry – I’m a bit of a romance person.

  5. toto

    I think Ollie and Chantelle will get together. It is going be a slowburn. It is unrequited love at the moment but i think they will grow as friends and they will get together. Ollie and Chantelle work better as a couple than Jac and Ollie. Jac relationship with ollie is just mentor and student relationship with a bit of flirting. It is nothing serious just like the one night stand they had before. Hanssen and Jac together will be interesting because i think she fancies him as she has alluded to thinking about him giving her marks out of ten while she stands naked, They are alike. They could be Holby Super couple.

    Dan and Malick will get together eventually. That kiss in the locker room did not happen to be left ignored.

    Luc and Eddie is obvious, so is Greghira.

    I hope Frieda and Michael do get together. It would be nice to see Michael and Frieda in love.

  6. Sarah

    Haha, love your reviews of Holby. The Eddi and Luc thing was quite funny, though I can’t see why she doesn’t like that he doesn’t drink. I don’t drink. My mother doesn’t drink, and we never have done. Anyways, my guess is that he isn’t the one with the alcohol problem. I think someone in his family was an alcoholic and he just doesn’t want to go down the same road. There is a reason that I don’t drink, and it isn’t me that has the addiction problem. I just don’t wanna turn into an alcoholic; is that so bad?

    Also loved Jac and Ollie in this episode as well. You can tell he knows he made a mistake by going to Dan for a mentor; he’s too soft. He needs Jac to keep his backside in gear.

    Hanssen’s smile when Sahira left was quite cute as well, since he always make sure she doesn’t see it. Wonder when, if, he’ll ever spit it out, preferably before it gags him.

  7. nikki

    Jac is the undisputed boss of ALL.
    *smiles adoringly*

  8. Nikki

    Ahh, wonderful episode! The writers are stepping up their game for 2012 I beleive because this episode had some levels of awsomeness to it indeed!

    Eddi climbing on Lucs caravan and getting her fresh air bolus. (discounting why he lives ina trailer in the hospital car park if hes a registrar, and a Fellow …) Their banter/bitchiness/UST. All we needed was Sachas confused face a them both. But then Im sure hes off sunning himself in happiness and rainbows in the big Down Under with Chrissie right now isnt he.

    Jac and Ollie … meh. I think theyre finding some sort of level where they can work together, the mutual respect is growing – him respecting her for how she pushes him, what she can really do, and that everything sh does to push people away and act like a cow isnt who she really is. Her respecting him for taking it onthe chin and staying, despit what she throws at him. Hes slowly understanding that, and tolerating her acting out at him. But hes yet to break into her personal life at all. I mean, theyre working things out in professional terms, hes come back to work on Darwin and shes giving him oppurtunities, but I think it’ll be some time, if ever at all, that she’d let him in further. Work is safe for her, and I think she’ll want him kept in that box for a while yet.

    I think you left off another sexual tension pair. Ollie and Dan. Did you see them in bar! Dan was practially fawning over him … and all this bromance stuff while scrubbing in and wanting him to play golf …. Danny boy thought he was in there for a moment. He can have Chantelle. No wiat, Chantelle loves Ollie. Oh my! The confusion.

    Sahira an Greg were utterly adorable! I like your dedecutions though PLA, shes fallen for his big Irish Charm (… so have I!) and hes like … hey youre a woman. And suitable flirting material. Sorted! I’d almost … almost like him to try an flirt with Jac one day … her facial expressions would be TV gold!

    I dont know about you PLA, but I think Rosies really stepped up her game recently, since becoming Consultant and that her acting is so much better, not that it wasnt fabulous before but, maybe shes given more freedom with her storylines or the interpretation of them, I dont know, but like with that random F2 boy and her conversations with Olli, theres a real subtle talent there in how she portrays her emotions. If you watch back S9 and times, from when she was a Reg under Clifford, or Griffin, those years on Keller, compared to now? She has such presence.

    Anyway. Fawning over. Great review PLA! Keep it up! *hugs*


  9. Mrs H

    Finally seen it!

    Compared to the Ukrainian tourist board video of last ep (take out medical insurance before you go is my advice) I was rather underwhelmed this week.


    I love Luc. There I said it! I am going to have an affair with him whilst Mr H sorts his life out and gets on the screen for more than 2 seconds. But what a 2 seconds. Swedish and smiling. I die happy!

    Bored with Greg and Sahira (not Greg per se. He can come and….well anyway!). She’s too dense for Henrik I have decided and I want her away from him now! So go woman and do things with Greg.

    Ollie has such gorgeous eyes – Jac has such lovely eyes. Oh the babies would have gorgeous eyes! BUT I would be surpreyesed! (see what I did there?!?)

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