Holby City: Warms the cockles of your heart

(Series 14, Ep.11)   The ends completely justified the means in this episode, which was sometimes a bit wordy and had more plot holes than a jumper knitted by a drunk person in boxing gloves. But who the heck cares about all that when we had a triple fairytale ending – Sacha finally getting the woman of his dreams (it was Chrissie), and Frieda and Michael Spence heading back to Holby, where they rightly belong.

Chrissie seemed determined to scupper the happily-ever-after, though. After a deft bit of jazzy piano playing in the bar from Sacha (who knew?), Chrissie’s eyes went all twinkly  and she realised she was in love with the cuddly father of her child. Sacha wasn’t convinced and asked her to name one thing she loved about him. And she couldn’t! Idiot, idiot woman. I could have named at least ten without thinking. So Chrissie headed off to the airport with Daniel, en route to Sydney. She was in luck as well – you can’t usually get a flight to Sydney from Stansted, but they’d apparently laid one on specially for her. We just knew Sacha would end up hurtling to the airport to catch up with her, the chase to the airport being very much a staple of the Heartwarming Romance, but we never guessed he’d do it on the back of Jac’s motorbike. “That was the most terrifying 40 minutes of my life,” Sacha said. Then we had the proper romantic ending, with Sacha listening to a message on his phone from Chrissie, who’d had a little think and could now tell him what she loved about him (she forgot the bit about him being a squashy snuggle bear, but otherwise her list was similar to mine). What a shame she was on the ImagineAir flight to Sydney! Only she wasn’t, of course. She was behind him, still looking all twinkly, and it was snowing and everything. Squeeee!

Meanwhile, Elliott Hope had been summoned to Kiev to give a lecture, only he hadn’t really. He’d been summoned to save the life of Goth Dr Frieda’s former mentor. It took him a while to find this out, during which he came across a young boy who badly needed the services of a top notch plastic surgeon. Who you gonna call? Michael Spence, that’s who. Having been en route to Florida, he arrived in the Ukraine in his usual tight trousers and skinny jacket combo, without a hotel room to his name, and ended up having to borrow Elliott’s PJ’s and half his bed, like a medical Morecambe & Wise.

They needed an assistant who could speak English, which meant Frieda had to face the former mentor’s wife, who blamed her for letting her daughter die several years previously. Of course it hadn’t really been Frieda’s fault, and of course she performed wonders in both operating theatres, helping to sort out the young boy and then hand cranking a retro heart bypass machine and saving the life of her mentor.  I must say, Kiev looked lovely and made me rather want to visit, but I’d take out top of the range medical insurance first, as the state hospital was not depicted as being terribly pleasant and was somewhat lacking in facilities. Even the surgical masks and gowns were made of rougher fabric than we normally see on Holby.

Elliott, Michael and Frieda celebrated with a paper cup of vodka, and Elliott wondered whether Frieda might be persuaded to return to Holby. There’d be little point, she said, as Michael Spence was no longer there. But wait! Michael, like Chrissie, had been having a little think about The Future and Priorities and that, and decided he would go back and face the Swede and eat some humble pie. He reckoned there was still room for a “shiny suited cowboy” at Holby and thought there’d also be room for “a Ukrainian emo with an attitude problem,” too. Luckily she agreed, so we start the new year with Sacha happy and Michael and Frieda back where they belong. As Hanssen so beautifully put it, “It warms the cockles of your heart.”

Next time: Is orthopaedics exciting enough for Oliver? Will Eddi’s hangover impair her judgement? And Greg gets hypnotised.

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11 responses to “Holby City: Warms the cockles of your heart

  1. Corumba Love

    Was so unacceptably late (again) to your last review that, in a seasonal attempt to be extra special good for Santa Pause, CL has pitched up on time, in good order and with no trace of hangover (Part I that is, Part II is a skull crusher).

    Ah. Not seen the prog yet. Bum.

    Back in a bit.

    • Corumba Love

      Seen it!

      Gosh yes, crumbs and crackers. What a delightful episode. I know you can’t have sugarhoneylove licking around every day but I do like a little happiness about the place.

      The whole self-deprecating shiny suit stuff with our Michael, replete with final shot glance at a pretty girl’s swish: you can take the man out of the 70s but … anyway, mm mm mm. Frieda too, a pig-tailed Gretel-of-the-Night being led by Hansel Hope’s breadcrumbs of comfort back to Holby via a sinister and echoey halled sanatorium (that mythical St James eh? One in every town).

      On the other hand, lovely as it was to see Sacha stroll into the Stansted gloaming with his truly fair, couldn’t help noticing that Chrissie’s patented puzzled sheepdog look hadn’t left the building, or her face. So more grief for Sacha down Rebound Road, I think.

      Now if you don’t mind, Matron, my mind is wandering off to next Christmas when it’s Frieda on the back of Jac’s bike. Leathers and lippy, that’s the ticket.

      *** this comment has been edited to include seasonal overdose of flowery language.

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    I LOVED this episode, even the cheesy and obvious Sacha/Chrissie storyline! 😀

  3. Waterloo Vamps

    This was cute. Ummmmm first thing about Sacha…funny! Duh! So glad to see Freida again! Think she and Michael might be in love…? Elliot in bed with Michael…LOL! More Sahira and Greg next week! Ahhhhh! *screams with excitement*

  4. HolbyNut

    Yes, watched this episode on sofa on Weds morning with lots of buttery toast, huge mug of tea and about a hundred Cadbury’s Roses (well it is Christmas) and yes, the overall reaction was simply ‘aaaawwwwwwwwwhhhhhh!’ And loved when Sasha bear-hugged Jac and she was all like ‘Get off me’ etc etc but then smiled as even Jac cannot help but love cheesier than ever (I just want you to be happy Chrissie) Sasha! And am warming to the banter between Luc and Hanssen – obviously using v long words that most mere mortals fail to understand but you sense that they ‘get’ eachother, with a geeky intellectual cosiness. In fact like Downton Christmas special, might actually watch it again for the feel good factor and to while away a few more Roses! (no purple ones left by this stage!)

  5. Mrs H

    I will keep it brief. I have escaped being force fed ‘christmas’ dinners by various relatives for the day and feeling rather ill but

    1. Loved it all (except see point 5)
    2. Loved Michael (yay he’ll be back…secret crush no. 2 secured!)
    3. LOVED Elliot
    4. LOVED Frieda
    5. Not so sure about Ross and Rachel…sorry I mean Sacha and Chrissie

    But for the love of god…I wait 2 weeks for his royal swedishness to turn up and I get less than 2 minutes! 2 minutes Mr H! Still at least I got lots of Mr Spence in tight jeans!

    Still best programme of the yuletide so far (which really ain’t saying much but then I am being a particularly grumpy scrooge this year!)

  6. nikki

    Have a date to see this tomorrow (waiting for the mrs again) and cant wait! It all looks so exciting! And I havent read your review PLA and spoilerd myself just read the comments.

    Jac taking Sacha on her motorbike. Zaawww. What are friends for! See, Jac is a caring soul. Even if she refuses to beleive it herself. Bless. Sacha and Chrissie – is gonna happen isnt it, since she saw sense and finished with Dull Dan. I mean who cant love Sacha! Hes such a big cuddle bear! *CUDDLES!*

    Will re-update when I’ve seen it tomorrow. Love you PLA!


    • WaterlooVamps

      Yeah, I think Jac’s soft on the inside. Sweet Sacha/Chrissie moment. Huggy Sacha. Cool Jac bike. (I KNOW that doesn’t make sense but who cares?)

  7. toto

    I think Michael and Frieda will make a great couple. They seem to understand each other. I feel that Frieda opens up to Michael and vice versa. I love Frichael.

    • pauseliveaction

      Frichael? I can’t imagine Frieda being pleased to be half of a blended name. And are we pronouncing it to rhyme with Michael or treacle?

  8. toto

    It rhymes with treacle.