Holby City: The right man for the job

(Series 14, Ep.10)   Oh, the irony. Chrissie took delivery of the cake topper for her wedding cake, and when unpacked it turned out to be a groom & groom gay version. How splendid that these things exist, but not splendid for Chrissie, already a bit troubled by the idea of Dan and Malick’s locker-room-lip-locking. Not the best mood in which to sit down to write a wedding speech – apparently Mark “Jesus” Williams can’t make the wedding (Christmas is such a busy time for “Jesus”), so Dan thought Chrissie should make a speech in his place.

Help was at hand, however, in the form of the ever-dependable and utterly wonderful Sacha, who used to be a bit of a wordsmith at school. And what did he come up with? “When you walk into a room the rest of the world stops and all I can see is you.” He was talking about her! Oh, Chrissie, love (as “Jesus” would say, shaking his head sorrowfully), what are you doing even contemplating marrying a man who has no idea who he is or what he wants, when you’ve got possibly the loveliest man in the world crazy about you?

It wasn’t Sacha, a cake topper, or even “Jesus,” but actress Maureen Lipman who really set Chrissie thinking.  Maureen played a photographer whose brain tumour surgery was probably going to leave her blind. She was such a positive, feisty type, and a lot of it was due to her rock-solid relationship with her husband. With this template of marital perfection in front of her, Chrissie finally saw the light and told Dan she can’t marry him. We’ll permit ourselves a small “Yay!” at this point.

Meanwhile, Malick was breaking all sorts of rules to get the kidney that his ex, Paul, desperately needed. He was even thinking about donating one of his own kidneys. Then Paul’s brother died, so Paul could get one of his kidneys after all. So the brother died, Paul survived, Malick admitted Paul was “the one,” and Ric Griffin and Michael Spence got all huffy and cross about ethical issues. And it was Michael’s last day, as well. He packed his belongings into one of those regulation-sized boxes that are issued for taking personal effects from an office and left the building. Only we shouldn’t mourn his passing too soon, as a glimpse at next week’s cast listing reveals he’s still around (another “Yay!”).

I wonder if new F1 Kip Maxwell will still be around next week, or whether he was just parachuted in to make Jac realise she wasn’t over baby Freya? Dr Kip Maxwell’s issue was that he was a father of twins. Jac refused to make allowances for him needing to answer the phone when his wife called, which almost ended in upset when the wife ended up giving birth prematurely to another set of twins and he almost didn’t know about it, because Jac had made him throw his phone into a laundry basket. All a bit silly, really, and one of those weeks when casual viewers who don’t know and love Jac like we know and love her would be saying, “That woman is such a cow!”

Next time: Elliott goes to the Ukraine. Who do we know who’s Ukrainian (third “Yay!)? And will Chrissie finally realise that Sacha is the man for her?

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9 responses to “Holby City: The right man for the job

  1. Mrs H

    You didn’t mention the bad carol singers. There is always one who thinks they are singing at the Royal Opera House! ’twas cringeworthy!

    Confession time. I actually felt a bit sorry for Dan! I mean I know it was inevitable etc but he was so focused on it all last night and then bam! And I was shocked to hear that JC wouldn’t have been at the wedding anyway. Just shows that he really does know all!

    Michael nearly leaving made me sad. He can’t go because he is becoming a secret crush. I do hope Mr H won’t be jealous but he’s abandoned me for 2 weeks so he’s walking a very fine line!

    Roll on Elliott bumbling in the Ukraine!

  2. BQueen

    I love your recaps and comments!

    However, I think Holby is trying to kill me through boredom. I’m even getting bored of Sacha mooning over Chrissie (he should be with Petrenko!) and I *love* Sacha.
    That said, I, too, was feeling sorry for Dan the Man. He did look like he was trying hard to please the unpleasable Chrissie, and his speech was truly very sweet. He is growing on me as a character and I’d love to see him establish himself away from this relationship.

    Malick – just ugh.

  3. .::Big.Bang::.

    There’s HC next week??? What about Christmas break, or is that just for Casualty?

    I found the episode to be a bit underwhelming BUT! I liked the bromance between Spence and Malick at the end and I felt the tiniest bit of sympathy for Dan. And I loved the little Eddi/Chrissie interaction – even though I want to stab the latter with a spork. *sigh*

    • pauseliveaction

      Holby’s on the 27th. Get the turkey curry buffet out of the way, pour a nice glass of egg nog and snuggle down for a bit of Elliott/Freida goodness.

      • .::Big.Bang::.

        We won’t be celebrating Christmas this year, hate turkey and wine is just blah. 😛

        Merry Christmas, BTW!

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Ah, this episode was pretty boring for me because I don’t care what Malick does with his time, Dan (dull) and Chrisse, Ok I was kinda sad to see them split, but we all knew it was going to happen, and Kip (snooooore). Oh, Greg and Sahira, where have you gone? And Freida? *whimpers*

  5. Corumba Love

    Whoops, late again. Soz and all that.

    And so the scales fell from the eyes of Chrissie Wissy – well, from one of them anyway the other will likely remain dilated in eternal perplexity. I’d become oddly fond of her glazed struggles to *u*n*d*e*s*t*a*n*d*; every scene signed off with that aryan guppy look. Well anyway, thank gawd it’s over and Dull Dan can go back into the sock drawer (like a closet but less interesting) until he sorts himself out. Or into another pair.

    As for Malick, I did rather like that “you are the one” scene:

    “You are the one”
    “No I’m not”
    “Oh. Alright then …”

    … or words to that effect. As a chap I’m all for emotional brevity, keeps the blood fizzing and stiffens the upper lip. Having said that, I may have missed something deeper in the exchange as me ‘n Old Girl were still counting kidneys at the time.

    Ooh, nearly forgot. Once sat a row behind that nice Maureen Lipman at the theatre (of all the places …) and bumped into her in the foyer afterwards. She offered a full throated chuckle to my “You were wonderful in that audience tonight, darling.” She probably regards it as her finest ever performance.

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