Casualty: We’re not going to die here tonight

(Series 26, Ep.16) If you haven’t seen this episode yet, stop reading now before I spoil it for you as thoroughly as my dear old dad spoiled it for me by telling me the end two days before I managed to see the episode. Them’s the perils of Sky+.

Well then. Gosh. A two-part episode of Casualty, featuring a fire, explosions, a child locked in a locker, Dr Zoe Hanna and Dr Dylan trapped in Resus with only a bottle of gin to keep them going and Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren and pregnant Dr Ruth Winters forced to escape the conflagration via the air conditioning ducts.

And no-one died. Can you imagine? All of that tension and all of those special effects and Casualty, the most corpse-littered show on TV, comes up with a happy ending. I did not see it coming (ok, I did – thanks, dad). Ruth had dumped Jay the previous week. When things are going right for Ruth she expects them to go wrong, so she tries to blow up the situation herself before it blows up anyway. Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren has proved over the years that he’s not so easy to get rid of, and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. While he was telling Ruth that he wasn’t taking no for an answer, the rest of the hospital was on fire, but the fire alarms had been disabled and R and J had their phones switched off, so they didn’t know.

They soon found out, obviously, promptly rescued the girl trapped in the locker and the three of them discovered all exits were blocked and the only way was up – via the air con to the roof.  Frankly, it all looked hopelessly doomed. “We’re not going to die here tonight,” Jay told Ruth, with the conviction of A Man In Love. And they didn’t! They were rescued and reunited with their worried colleagues. And then they headed for the hills in their little camper van, bound for life in a two-up-two-down by the sea. Blessikins! It was such a lovely exit for two of my all-time favourite Casualty characters and actors. What a time Ruth has been through in her years on Casualty – a suicide attempt, a breakdown, a self-induced abortion, a sham marriage. Jay (who’s not had an easy time himself, bless him) has been there through most of it and always saw the good in her when she couldn’t even see it herself. I’m glad they got their happy ending.

What else did we learn in this episode? Well, we learned that Nick Jordan still cares about Dr Zoe Hanna very much (hurrah!), because he was frantic when she was apparently trapped in a doomed style in resus. We also learned that there’s more than just history between Grumpy Dr Dylan and Army Dr Sam – there’s also a marriage certificate. When Noel was ringing Dylan’s next of kin, Sam’s mobile rang. This explains a lot but also raises a lot of questions, such as, “Why? How? When?” and, “Surely she could do better?”

We also left Lennie in a bit of a bad way after a spot of heroics, so I hope my “no-one died” isn’t going to come back and bite me.

At the end, just before we saw Ruth and Jay and their mutual foetus crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge on their way to a new life, we saw Charlie and Nick Jordan surveying the damaged ED. “You call that gutted?” Nick said. “It’s merely singed.”

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  1. .::Big.Bang::.

    Everyone got their happy ending but Zoe and Dylan! I want them two together. 😀 Sam and Dylan have more of a sibling chemistry – I thought she WAS his sister. Ew. Incest is not wincest. :/

    As for Nick – he’s going to like/fall for a PC Whatever-her-name-is in the new year.

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