Holby City: Chrissie wants to believe Dan, but…

(Series 14, Ep.8)   Good grief, I’ve been tardy with the review this week. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been away in Penrith visiting Joseph Byrne, but that would be a lie because (a) he’s fictional and (b) I haven’t.

Anyway, on with the business at hand. Following the previous week’s revelations about Dan and his complicated sexuality, Chrissie was, unsurprisingly, having a few doubts about their future together. She thought it might help if she got The Malick to clarify one or two points, but he clarified a bit too much when she realised that Malick and Dan’s locker room moment was about five minutes before Chrissie and Dan’s store room moment, which was (romantic, this) Their First Time. Chrissie had thought Dan was all combusting with lust over her, but now realises that the fire was actually started by Malick. Frankly, it’s not a flattering thought.

She had a wedding dress to try on (in the beautiful city of St Albans), and who better to take with her (since she doesn’t have any female friends) than the wonderful Sacha and their mutual child Daniel. Sacha was absolutely glorious, trying on a veil, giving a lovely rendition of something from Fiddler on the Roof in quite an acceptable baritone and just generally being adorable. How can Chrissie not see that Dan, whether gay, straight, bi or whatever, will never be half the wonderful human being Sacha is?  

Henrik Hanssen treated us to a bit of Swedish this week, and he wanted to treat Sahira Shah the Registrah to a bit more Swedish by taking her to Sweden to a medical conference. She was going to go as well, because apparently the Stockholm opera house takes her breath away, but then she realised it was her wedding anniversary. So she told Hanssen he’d have to go on his own. Jac did volunteer her services. “I have a glittering array of pre-dinner anecdotes in my arsenal,” she said, and I can quite imagine she has. Hanssen, however, felt he would rather be accompanied by someone who didn’t have the temperament of “a disgruntled barracuda.”  Jac thinks she and Hanssen are rather alike, what with being cool, logical types who don’t go all shouty and emotional the whole time like certain registrahs. They’d work well together. Hanssen was less convinced. “It’d be like staring into the abyss,” he said, with the tiniest shudder.

And Chantelle failed her driving test, which made her go all sensible and unsmiley for about five minutes, until Ric Griffin harnessed her sunshine to take care of a patient and she realised that being a joy spreader is her main specialism. And somehow she managed to get Ric Griffin to agree to give her driving lessons. Well, he didn’t so much agree as fail to disagree, which was enough of a green light for Chantelle. “Should I kiss you?” she grinned at the grizzled general surgeon. “Not… necessarily,” he told her.

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11 responses to “Holby City: Chrissie wants to believe Dan, but…

  1. Nikki

    Waaaah!!! PLA I’ve been waiting for you!

    Wonderful episode this week. What with Sachas dancing and general goofiness that would make ANY girl smile, and Malick dishing the dirty details on his forays with Dan (bout time too if you ask me – theyre meant to be friends!).

    The Shah Drama is a little old now, even if it did give Hanssen and oppurtunity to practice his native tongue to his delighted sqeualing protege (in his chair too!) now thats favouritsm if ever I saw it. Hes taking Sahira,and no-one else. If Sahira says no, he goes alone. What oppurtunity does that leave the rest of the Darwin team to do, oh anything? Even Gregs getting fed up. Hes not getting cases on him being the best man for the job no, hes getting them because Hanssens already tried Sahira and shes not interested. Thats pretty insulting tbf. And to the wonderfully charming handsome Dr Greg! Whats Hanssen thinking.

    Jac treated us to a range of adorable facial expressions this week. Shes so cute! And honestly, I’d prefer my doc/surgeon/ruler of the universe to be cool and logical and do the best medical thing using the best sound medical judgement, rather than not being objective or seeing whats really going on because, oh, theyre a nice person with pretty hair and couldnt possibly be mean. At least Jac can see all angles of a situation, and mentally put the pieces together. And when she cant she damn well makes the pieces fit even if they dont! Lol. But you know what I’m saying right PLA? (I know I’m biased being a Jacfanforever and all that, but even besides that, she IS the better surgeon. She SHOULD go to the conference. If it was Connie as DoS still then she wouldve picked Jac. *folds arms and huffs*)

  2. pauseliveaction

    Of *course* Jac is the better surgeon. And I so agree with you about her facial expressions. Guy Henry gets (quite rightly) loads of credit for his subtle acting skills, but Rosie Marcel turns in genius performances week after week. And she has the most beautiful eyes. Sometimes I wonder whether the Holby actors who play surgeons are chosen partly for how good their eyes look peering over the top of a surgical mask. Connie, Joseph, Michael Spence, Oliver Valentine, Jac – *gorgeous* eyes, the lot of them.

    • Corumba Love

      But then, see, you have Irish Dr Greg’s prime asset hidden behind that same mask. Since secreting appears to come naturally to even this most “beautiful nose”, I guess a cover-up in close-up is both good manners and an efficient use of NHS supplies.

      (Hey, hey, PLA
      CL has not been away.
      Just couldn’t fink
      Of nuffing to say).

      • pauseliveaction

        CL, I’ve missed you! It’s not like you to be lurking silently when there’s issues of Holby-wide importance to be debated.

      • Corumba Love

        Sorry Pause.

        I think it’s because I’ve been a lovesick mooncalf, struck dumb by all those gorgeous eyes and noses dancing coquettishly about the place. Ooh, and that scene from a few weeks back when a semi-topless Jac clamped herself to a locker while the bones-bound Valentine had it out with her.


  3. Mrs H

    I thought this episode was brilliant. Re Chrissie and Dan – well Dan should just pack his bags now. It’s doomed! And Sacha is just so cute in this episode!

    But as for Sahira. First of all still waiting for this dark history thing. If it is just simply that he was hard on her for her own good then they should sack the writers for giving me false hope of juicy gossip!

    But god she is dense that girl! So the big guy, who no one can get within 3 foot of normally lets her sit in his chair like a little school girl, goes all bashful when she tells him he will be mesmerising, pretends nay teases her that he doesn’t know how her name got on that bit of paper and just generally looks pleased with himself (and so he should he could have been on a promise there…anyway I digress!). Then she has to be reminded that it is her wedding anniversary by a well dodgy text (who the hell sends texts like that? If my husband had sent me one like that I would have said “Yeah and I’m off to Sweden”) and goes all “I can’t go Henwik” . Of course he knows she is an emotional whim fancier so he goes ahead and books tickets – an action which the dodgy text sending husband concurs with.

    And then because he solves the mystery she goes all huffy on him and when he says look I’m not trying to prove I’m right here she launches into what can only be the most roundabout way of saying “Henrik do you wuv me?” And he isn’t going to fall for that! Even though given half a chance he would be in there! And when he doesn’t fall for that she gets more huffy! Just found the writing a bit laughable for her to say they were not friends *QUOI?* Who else buys his lunch and takes the tomatoes out for him, and knows that he will potentially sacrifice a whole ward to stop her moving ‘oop north’. “We’re not work mates”. No one else speaks to him the way she does. She spends enough time with him. Give the bloke a chance girl! He isn’t going to declare his undying love for you until probably the day you leave or a few weeks before and that’s why you go! This scene irritated me except for some lovely Guy Henry acting again!

    But I feel that Sahira has a rival for her affections waiting in the wings! And I know there are those out there that believe Mr Hanssen is above having a sex life (I am not one of those…I think about it frequently! Hangs my head in shame!) but I think something maybe stirring between him and Miss Naylor!

    Mind you I was pleased he redeemed himself with Sahira (and Greg) at the end. It certainly wrong footed her!

    But all in all fab episode and I hope that there are some decent resolutions to these story lines soon.

    • VickyO

      You, Madam, speak sense.

      Incidentally, I was floored by Greg’s line of “you have no idea what that woman has done for you” (or words to that effect). Erm, and what would THAT be, exactly? Grudgingly and huffingly acknowledge that Henrik might be having a tough time with the entire hospital threatening to collapse around him? Gracefully decide to tune down the incessant whining for a bit? Oh, hey, HEROIC stuff. Just…just take your “mumsy” swearing attempts, Sahira, and go away.

      And ooh! Jac and Henrik would be pretty steamy. Quite bony though, mind. Either way, for the love of God, someone, SOMEONE has to appear as Hanssen’s love interest (a proper, non-manipulative whinemonster one). The man is a walking symbol of Unresolved Sexual Tension! Which has to be resolved! Sexily! And he finally needs a decent story line, the Sahira thing has been stretched to breaking point. And more sarcasm and brilliance. AND THAT IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE DIRECTION OF THIS SERIES. So there.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Awww, I love how Greg’s always protecting Sahira. I was waiting for sooooo long!!!

  5. HolbyNut

    My fave bit, and obviously you loved it too, was that little banter between Jac and Hanssen featuring the “disgruntled barracuda” and “staring into the abyss” soundbites. Brilliant!

  6. Maria

    Ohhhhh please script writers of Holby City make a decision…and quickly! Hanssen and Sahira (dah dah dahhhhhhhhhh)….plot will either die a death………or before she departs the series, there will be some steamy encounter..where she THEN feels oblijed to leave! I just hope it happens sooner rather than later…..OR…not at all. As someone has already suggested, Jac Naylor and Hanssen….(pause) Nahhhhhh….i really don’t see that…far too similar…although beneath both lions do lie the hearts of lambs!! Enter a newbie to the series with any luck..someone that sweeps Henrik off his expensively shoed feet!

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