The X Factor: And now, the end is near

Last week we were treated to another double themed spectacular. It was ‘Songs To Get You To The Final’ and ‘Motown.’  One does wonder what Frankie would have sang if he’d survived this long. Something hideous no doubt.  It’s actually not worth thinking about.

Now I know lots of people didn’t like Misha’s performance, but I think she smacked that song upside its head. Her staging was good, as was her vocal. Bravo, girl! Misha is also the only contestant who actually wears a stage costume. I like a girl that puts some effort in and creates a show.

Amelia Lily got the big song. You know, the one that everyone knows and likes. ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ is a tune! I have no idea why Misha didn’t fight for this, as she would have killed it. Amelia did her usual shouting thing, but pulled it off this week. Just. I really do worry for her – well, her throat actually. Amelia is clearly straining to sing and that can’t be good for her.  

Little Mix had a good song choice, but the baffling bit in the middle was a bit odd. I really think this season is theirs to lose. The X Factor seems to have finally produced a girl band that don’t massively annoy the public.

I thought Marcus’ song choice was a bit boring, especially as his last few performances were a bit Motowny in style. I’d have thought he’d be all over the running around and dancing, as this week was a theme that actually suited it. I also don’t really know why they don’t sing correct genders in songs. I’d like to believe that it’s because they’re not allowed to change the words, but I fear it’s because the public are homophobic. Would the world have collapsed if he sang ‘My Guy’ instead of ‘My Girl’?

Gurrl, Misha sang the arse off a pretty lame song choice. As ever, the vocal was flawless while she sang Pink’s ‘Mizunderstood.’ I really need her to sing some Beyoncé OR rock a bit of Estelle. Sadly I won’t get to hear her sing anything on the show, as the public went with the safest and most average final three in the world and booted her out. Sadness.

Amelia Lily did a bit of care in the community work and reminded us that Avril Lavigne was indeed a singer. My personal fave of Avril’s is ‘Girlfriend’ sung in Mandarin. Seriously, look it up. Amelia Lily obviously sang ‘I’m With You’ as it meant she got to be all shouty singy again. Even though it was Avril, it was a good song choice for her.

Wowzers, Marcus came from the freaking ceiling. ‘Can You Feel It’ was the perfect song choice for him as he got to do a full-on performance. I do wonder if we may have already seen all Marcus has to offer. He’ll obviously come third and, at this stage in the game, I have no idea what he could do to snatch the win from Amelia or Little Mix.

LIttle Mix went for a big old Beyoncé number and it had a few nice moments. Some bits were a bit sketchy though.  They’ve started to over sing a bit, which isn’t that nice to listen to as you have to have an amazing voice to pull it off and not just sound like you can’t find your pitch.

*X FACTOR VOICE* It’s time to face the final!! We’re nearly there, X Factor 2011 is almost over. It’ll be quite the year to look back on. Let’s hope that when they do they show the highlights they’ll show Tulisa ruining Misha’s chances with all that bullying chat. Yeah, I’m still bitter.

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