Casualty: #RJ forever

(Series 26, Ep.14) I never manage to watch Casualty in real time and have to rely on Sky+ or iPlayer. This is mainly because my other half is squeamish. He can cope with the gore, but he can’t cope with the suspense of waiting for the nasty accidents to occur. So while Casualty is on, I’m generally watching The X Factor, with one eye on Twitter (mainly for the amusing comments of @themanwhofell and our very own X Factor queen, @sabfrancis). And because a lot of the people I follow on Twitter are Casualty fans, recently I’ve been seeing a lot of the hashtag #RJForever.

“RJ” are, of course, Ruth and Jay, AKA Dr Ruth Winters and Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren. Because they have tiresomely monosyllabic names, they can’t be mushed together in a Brangelina/Subo sort of way. Ruey or Juth both sound silly. So they have become RJ – the same initials as Romeo and Juliet, how apt is that? 

It’s been a hell of an on/off relationship, mainly because Ruth has an inbuilt tendency to sabotage anything good that happens to her. But they keep being drawn back to each other in a touchingly real way. In Saturday’s episode they were all lovey-dovey (I love the way he’s fully in tune with her snacking needs and brings her sweets – that’s my kind of guy). She’s pregnant and everything is fab. There’s just a teeny worry. Ruth’s medication carries a risk of causing their baby to be born with a heart defect. But if she stops taking it, she’s scared her mental illness will return and she’ll end up back in the Psych ward being looked after by Matthew Kelly from Stars In Their Eyes. What to do? “The places I went to in my head… unless you’ve been there you’ll never understand how frightening the thought of going back there is,” says Ruth. “I don’t think I could get through it again.” Jay tells her it won’t happen again – because he won’t let it. And she believes him and hands him her medication. And a nation goes, “Awwww!”

There’s still a hope that things will turn out well and they’ll live happily ever after. Abs managed to walk into the sunset with Eddi McKee from Holby (only she wasn’t Eddi McKee from Holby at the time). Possibly some other romances have worked out well, too, though I can’t quite bring them to mind. But, having looked at the preview clips for upcoming episodes, I’m not feeling all that optimistic about RJ lasting out the year, never mind forever.

Still, where there’s life, and dolly mixtures, and your own hashtag, there’s hope.

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3 responses to “Casualty: #RJ forever

  1. .::Big.Bang::.

    They’re screwed, aren’t they? 😥
    BTW, Jay’s full name is Jamshid. Maybe we can come up with a new name for them. Although the ones I have in my head are rubbish, so heh.

  2. Rien

    RJ not lasting out the year is a certainty considering that the next episode of casualty will be the last for both actors. That doesnt mean there isnt still a chance of them escaping the gloom of the casualty department and riding off into the sunset together on a pink flamingo 🙂

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