Holby City: Tricky trousers to fill

(Series 14, Ep.6) By leaving CT for orthopaedics, Young Dr Oliver Valentine has managed to shake off those tedious tasks that Jac used to set him. You know, stuff like learning to juggle coins with his fingers and spending long hours suturing bits of pig in the wet lab. Orthopaedics is so much more exciting. You get to do 3D jigsaws. Ok, so it was a skeleton he was piecing together, but it’s still a jigsaw.

He also got to do a bit of surgery on a mashed-up fingernail, and I have a complaint here. Please, Holby directors, don’t give us close-ups of gory stuff without preparing us with a slightly further-back shot first. I hardly had time to cover my eyes.

I’m waffling about this kind of stuff because, to be honest, it was a bit of a “meh” episode, one of those that comes along every now and again that feels like a bit of filler and doesn’t move the story along too much. We got to see a bit more of Dr Luc Hemingway in action. Still grumpy, still locking horns with The Best Nurse In The Hospital.  Sahira spent a lot of time telling Greg to keep the hell away from her, but really she was protesting too much – she knows she can’t withstand that Irish charm and that beautiful nose for very long. And Chantelle sooo fancies Young Dr Oliver Valentine, and they would be the cutest couple on the planet.

With Jac busy at some meeting or other and Hanssen also absent, there was a dearth of witty lines and it was left to The Malick to fly the flag for ruthless ambition. Upon hearing that Michael Spence had resigned, Malick decided he’d be the best man for Spence’s job. As usually happens with these cocky, maverick types, things went tits-up in surgery (not literally – we’ve finished with all that boob business), and Malick was left to reflect that maybe he has a bit to learn before he’s fit to inherit the tight trousers of Holby’s favourite American. He’d never fit in them anyway. Far too tight.

Next time: Sahira needs Hanssen’s help in her trauma unit.

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6 responses to “Holby City: Tricky trousers to fill

  1. HolbyNut

    Actually I quite enjoyed this week’s episode. Thought it had a bit of an ‘old-school’ feel with a good-old consultant/budding consultant painful learning exercise storyline. Sometimes in recent episodes, it veers towards the overly-contrived with all these ‘sick bird’ analogies. But agree, did miss some of the heavy-hitters such as Jac, Elliot and Hanssen.

  2. ella

    LOVED how the skeleton was called Jac 😀

    It almost made up for the fact she wasn’t actually in the ep!

  3. WaterlooVamps

    The skeleton called Jac! Ha! I saw my friend and we both said, in the ‘hiding from Jac’ moment, “Snuggle closer, snuggle closer…”! I (in a strange way) liked the fingernail bit. I love gore, but I was even surprised at myself! Ollie and Chantelle – definitely a couple! Sorry for my mad use of exclaimation marks in this comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nikki

    Nice for Malick to have the limelight this week and do some old-fashioned undermining of Sir Luc, Eddi on the case like Miss Marple, did miss Sacha though. AAU’s not the same without a bit of Sacha theatrics. And I dont even like the carpenters that much.

    Darwin seemed to have lost its sparkle with Jac absent. I love the Sahira/Greg dynamic and found myself screaming at them to kiss everytime they came on screen, but without Jac there to ridicule them, idk. And why did we have Lleyci or whatever her name was doing Mary-Claires job? Huh? Why have the wonderful MC back for a week then fly her off to Reykyavik or however you spell it and have someone else standing in for her? 😦 I think I just have a thing for redheads. I’m not gonna deny it.

  5. .::Big.Bang::.

    Loved Malick and the whole Greg/Flakey scenes. Sahira, for the first time, annoyed the hell out of me.

    • Brie

      I think the writers cant decide what Sahira is supposed to be like. One sec she is being grumpy that hanssen and Greg help her and the next she cries forever until one of them bails her out. I think they are going for a ‘she’s trying to be independent but she’s still vulnerable and emotional’ thing but it just comes off as ‘ totally ungrateful when someone helps her because as soon as they do she has a go at them about special treatment and she doesn’t need it’……. Til she cries again.In other news, I ❤ Malick. I really do. He is just to funny and a Malick/Michael combo really works! Speaking of which, somewhat unexpectedly, I really ❤ Michael Spence! Since this whole plastics business he's really cute. With his tight pants. I hope they keep him like this: still ambitious, still a bit charming but ultimately a good guy. There also needs to be more Hanssen. All the time. Unless he is letting Sahira do/have what she wants again and acting like a lovesick teen. That's bad times, Hanssen backstory and sarcasm is what I'm after!

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