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Waterloo Road: Undone, by a sat nav and a Regency Hotel pen

(Series 7, Ep.19) The secret love of Michael Byrne and Sian Diamond is a secret no more. Jez’s suspicions were confirmed by his supposed-to-be-clever wife forgetting to erase the recent locations on the car’s sat nav. When it showed that Sian had been overnighting at the Regency Hotel rather than comforting a fed-up mate, and when a Regency Hotel pen turned up on Michael Byrne’s desk, Jez put two and two together and showed it’s not only maths teachers who can do sums. Then he punched Michael, and PLA Jr and I cheered. Well, he’s had it coming, and he has such a punchable face. The Regency Hotel had another visitor, in the shape of Linda Radleigh, who has taken to skulking in the corridors and sending little notes to Michael. What a deeply weird woman she is. But maybe not as weird as Sian, who is Jaye Jacobs and therefore stunningly beautiful. What on earth does she see in Michael Byrne? Not much of a catch, is he?

One man who is a catch is the utterly magnificent and wonderful Ronan Burley. He’s leaving soon, and I’ll miss him a lot. This week he had a poor misunderstood girl throwing herself at him. It wasn’t Vicki, it was another one. This was pupil-with-issues-of-the-week Andi O’Donnell. She was the daughter of a local radio presenter whose USP was talking in a cheesy voice (ok, that’s not particularly U for a radio presenter) and being very confessional about her personal life and her family. This included telling all of her listeners that her 15-year-old daughter was a virgin and had never even been on a date. Andi’s classmates had never twigged that Andi was this woman’s daughter. Probably because they’d never seen her before this week (we’d have noticed her because of her lurid hair extensions). But when Mommy Dearest was invited to broadcast from the school as part of this week’s Controversial New Initiative, Andie was humiliated in front of the whole school.

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