Holby City: You can live without a dysfunctional mother but you can’t live without a functioning heart

(Series 14, Ep.4) After a seriously arty opening concerning Eddi and a Mysterious Stranger on the roof (more of whom later), the episode settled down to be a true feast for fans of Jac Naylor. And, seriously, what’s not to like about Jac Naylor? The motorbike leathers. The feline eyes. The pithy way with a put-down (loved her calling the paediatrician a “nursemaid in a novelty watch”). The breathtakingly brilliant surgical skills. The way she’s more than a sum of all these parts because she’s vulnerable under the toughness, but you have to look so darn hard to know it.

In short, she’s magnificent – a fact not lost on the aforementioned paediatrician, Sean Dolan, who spent the episode flirting like all crazy with her. Brave or foolish or both? Jac was too busy saving her patient’s life to seriously notice. The patient in question was Freya, the baby from last week whose mother left her. Jac didn’t feel she handled the mother all that well, but she knew she could sort out Freya’s medical problems. “You can live without a dysfunctional mother,” she said, speaking from experience, “But you can’t live without a functioning heart.” Everyone agreed that Jac was amazing in the operating theatre, refusing to give up and literally keeping Freya alive by pumping her teeny heart with one gloved hand.  

With all this going on, there was hardly any time left to make Young Dr Oliver Valentine jump through hoops, so he was left to wander the corridors of orthopaedics in search of material for his and Jac’s supposedly joint study. What he found was a future career path. Seduced by the easy-going world of Dull Dan and his amusing antics with a mallet (not a euphemism), Oliver decided Dan would henceforth be his mentor. Dull Dan could see the attraction. “With Jac as your mentor, orthopaedics probably seems like Center Parcs,” he said. Which was exactly Jac’s view when she heard what Ollie had decided – but it’s safe to assume that Jac would rather extract her own eyeballs with an ice cream scoop than holiday at Center Parcs.

And now we must return to the roof, and its panoramic view over Borehamwood, the Hollywood of Hertfordshire. Eddi was up there recovering from a hangover, and just as well, too. You really need the self-styled Best Nurse In The Hospital on hand when someone is about to throw themselves off the roof. Only he wasn’t. Dr Luc Hemingway – for it was he – was merely taking a bit of air before starting his shift. Dr Luc is claustrophobic, and needed a bit of open space before plunging into the murky depths of AAU. Where he again encountered Eddi. Predictably, there was sexual chemistry and predictably they clashed over a patient. Dr Luc has a rather marvellous way about him. He’s like a bit of Linden Cullen with a dash of Dan Clifford and just a suspicion of Joseph Byrne. In other words – I like. I like very much. And I liked the way he saved a child’s life but didn’t feel the need to correct Eddi when she told everyone that she’d done it. Eddi was so busy being the Best Nurse In The Hospital that she didn’t notice Luc is claustrophobic, even though he made every excuse not to go into elevators or cupboards. What’s the betting he gets locked into one or both in an episode soon?

Next time: Remember that agency nurse who had a bit of a thing with Dull Dan? He’s back as a patient. And Mary-Claire is back as a nurse – hurrah!

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13 responses to “Holby City: You can live without a dysfunctional mother but you can’t live without a functioning heart

  1. Gwen

    I was with you until you said that the new doc had “a dash of Dan Clifford.” He is definitely not in the league of the Delicious Dan Clifford.

    • pauseliveaction

      I only said a dash – just a suspicion of that confidence and easy charm. There can never be another DC and there can definitely never be another Joseph Byrne, but I’ve got high hopes for Hemingway.

      • Nikki

        Question PLA as were on the topic of Dan Clifford – and you’re gonna have to search the PLA Databases of Holby Teleknowldge for this one –

        Why did he always call Jac, Olive?

      • pauseliveaction

        He did… But I don’t know why.

  2. madmae

    Loved this episode and the infinitesimally small chinks in Jacs armour that we’re seeing. I don’t want her to stop being the uber bitch that she is – but I am enjoying her showing a slightly softer side.

  3. Gwen

    I like Sean and Jac’s flirting. They have and would make a good couple. I hope with annoying Sahira departing, they consider making Sean a regular.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Noooooo Luc is not good. Epic Jac – but boooooring.

  5. Rien

    Answer: Dan Clifford always referred to Jac as Olive cause he thought she looked like Popeye’s girlfriend Olive Oyl 🙂

  6. Nikki

    Ohhhhhhhh JAC!!!! Jaaaaaccc!!!! Such an important episode for her. So much going on. Parental abadonment issues. Self-confidence issues. Men buzzing around her issues (she looked suddenly ill when Sahira mentioned the idea of Shaun being a romantic interest). Her determination to save Freya when everyone else wouldnt give her the chance. Her determination to prove to herself shes not worthelss, she can make a difference. And prove it to Freya, like its a little mini her. To prove it was about Freya, not about her showing off her ninja-level surgery skills (which she did display rather magnificently).

    And just to say, kudos to Rosie. It was an emotional ol’ episode for Jac and I think Rosies amazing at packing it all in in her performance you know? You can really see the thought that goes into it. Everything shes drawing on, all that history of Jacs. As I say, kudos.

    And is it just me, or is Holby getting a thing about fancy male registrars with anxiety issues? Joseph and his OCD. Luc and his Claustrophobia. Although seemingly better so far, in many ways, he seems a bit of a repeat Jospeh Byrne. Idk. I wasnt paying much attention to this half of the storyline with all the Jac!centric going on on Darwin. Eddi going all “ISOLATION! TB OUTBREAK!!!” Was pretty aweome though. So cutes.

    PS Do ya reackon this whole Ollis-going-to-become-an-Orthopod business mean Ollis going to follow in Dull Dans footsteps in more ways than one? Or that he’ll get with Chantelle now? (at least Jacs safe…)

  7. HolbyNut

    Like the new guy OK but steady on with the comparisons to Joseph Byrne, who, like Mary Poppins, was practically perfect in every way! I say ‘practically’ as his fatal flaw was ever falling for ‘liar-liar-pants-on-fire’ Faye in the first place. He was always much too good for her and I mean, getting married in a red, Little-Bo-Peep-style dress into the Byrne family says it all!
    Loved Jac last week as per most other posts – her one-liners are ace and help Connie to live on!

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