Waterloo Road: He goes the extra mile for these kids

(Series 7, Ep.18) As this blog’s good friend @kopitron pointed out on Twitter last night, there really should be a race track installed around the perimeter of Waterloo Road, the number of vehicles that get nicked and driven off at high speed there.

This week it was the two-wheeled scooter thing belonging to Phoenix, and it was “borrowed” by new boy Freddie Jackson. Freddie’s issue (you’re not allowed to attend Waterloo Road unless you have an issue, unless you’re a non-speaking extra) was that he’d had a heart transplant. It was a classic case of a boy who’s been wrapped in medical cotton wool for years wanting to be “normal,” so he didn’t bother telling PE teacher Jez Diamond about the heart transplant till he keeled over while playing football.

It’s often the case that a vehicle gets stolen when there’s a visiting dignitary, and they don’t come much more dignitary than the very regal Jane Asher (formerly Paul McCartney’s girlfriend and Joseph Byrne’s mum in Holby, but at different times in her career). She represented a Big Company which had the power to grant a lot of money to Waterloo Road, or not. You kind of knew the verdict would be “not,” what with boys collapsing on the football field and stealing scooters, the head teacher turning into a gibbering idiot during a presentation because he’s being blackmailed by one of the pupils, two girls (Scout and Emily) bobbing off for the afternoon to steal vodka and get tattoos and Finn and Trudi using the school debate to work out their personal differences. It was mesmerising stuff and could only have been improved by Ronan Burley taking to the stage to reprise his stripping routine.

Linda Radleigh turns out to be a bunny boiler of the highest order as well. Having spied Sian and Michael’s secret liaison at the end of last week’s episode, she’s getting her revenge by dropping not-so-subtle hints about them to anyone who’ll listen (mainly to Jez, and she mustn’t be too subtle with Jez – he doesn’t strike me as that bright), keying Michael’s car and leaving him a rather pretty wreath in a box on his desk. No wonder he’s all jittery. Sian told Jane Asher that Michael “Goes the extra mile for these kids” – but will the extra mile be round the bend?

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11 responses to “Waterloo Road: He goes the extra mile for these kids

  1. remotecontrolled

    Highlight of the episode for me was the bathroom scene with X-hona Mansfield and Freddie. Nice to see a little character depth for one of the twins and thought it was beautifully acted. Also glad they did an organ donor storyline though not sure it had place in a debate on femenism? Also felt sorry for poor Trudi having an extra as a debating partner. Must be hard to have a debate when your partner is on a non-speaking pay grade. Also glad to see Tom being allowed to be a teacher again.

    Linda Radleigh – Squeaky knife weilder or what! Still, enjoying this series slightly more.

    • pauseliveaction

      Oh, yes, I forgot the twins. You’re right, it was nice seeing them show different personalities. They’re hilarious as a double act as well.

      • remotecontrolled

        Haha, yeh – though always portrayed pretty shallow. Like it when they go deeper with the main characters not just in their specific eps.

        Also, Finn’s drunken bang into the door was also beautifully acted 😛

  2. Jen

    Jane Asher. Why didn’t they just call her Lady Byrne? Same performance. Dispensing largesse from the Byrne Foundation.

    Oo, yes. Sponsor a potential medical student! Waterloo Holby crossover. Who’s for cardio-thoracics??? Freddie, of course!

  3. WaterlooVamps

    Linda is HORRIBLE (and definitely not a professional)

    • Carla

      Oh god yeah! To quote one of the mags I read in Tesco; ‘She’s two paperclips short of a stationary cupboard!’ Love that!! Lol!

  4. .::Big.Bang::.

    Can’t remember if I said this, but Ronan Burley is the Ron Weasley of Waterloo Road! Love them both but Ronald more. 😀 Last night’s episode was slightly better and definitely more interesting than the previous ones.

  5. Gwen

    I really enjoyed last night. I like the new kid, Freddie and his interaction with one of the twins. Will he be back?

    Finn and Ronan are a hilarious double act. I feel for Trudi and Vicky.

    I am loving Michael and Sian’s affair along with Linda’s crazy stalking. Linda was so convincing when Michael confronted her and that smirked as she walked away was priceless.

    I am looking forward to Jez finding out about Sian and Michael. I know he will be crushed, but the outbursts and drama at the school will be entertaining. I cannot imagine how the three of them can continue working at the school after this comes out. Jez does feel like an afterthought, but his kids are there so he likely is not going anywhere. Michael might get fired and go to prison after what happened with that kid, leaving Sian and Jez to pick up the pieces of their marriage.

    What is Emily’s problem? Is she lusting after Scout or losing her mind?

    • remotecontrolled

      I wondered about the lusting after Scout but then trying to replace Lindsay with her kind of makes sense.

      I can’t see Byrne leaving as who else is going to take the school to Scotland if not him. I reckon it’ll be Jez – maybe Sian too but Jez continuing to work for Michael seems far fetched and we all know Waterloo Road likes to keep a firm grip on reality.

  6. BigBossyBoots

    In real life I would totally disapprove of Idiot Finn (homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic) but this isn’t real life – so thank goodness he’s back!

  7. Carla

    Yes it will be sad but Sian and Michael should be together, they are a gr8 couple!

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