Holby City: Gimme a break

(Series 14, Ep.3) First of all, it’s good news for the metaphorical and actual bird who was last week living in Henrik Hanssen’s desk drawer. It has now graduated to a cage of its own, and is cheeping happily, until Hanssen throws a towel over it to keep it quiet. This is much how he treats his staff. Obviously the diet of bread and Swedish blood have done it the world of good, but I’m still a little nervous that it may fly into the window as soon as it feels ready to fly. Either that or we’ll have a poignant moment when we see it soaring across the rooftops of Borehamwood, accompanied by Eva Cassidy singing something heart-tugging.

Anyway, let’s not worry about that just yet. There’s Michael Spence to worry about first. Returning to Holby for a disciplinary hearing, he found his erstwhile colleagues were giving him the cold shoulder. At Holby, it’s not the done thing to look too ambitious. People don’t like it when Jac does it, and they don’t like it when Michael Spence does it either. His willingness to shaft his colleagues to get his plastics empire up and running has, understandably, miffed the likes of Ric Griffin and Elliott Hope, who are doctors by vocation rather than being in it for the glory or the cash. Of course, it’s perfectly possible to be motivated both by helping people and by being the best in your chosen field, and again this is where Jac and Michael are very similar, and what not everyone gets about them. But more of Jac later.

Michael was exonerated by the woman who’d been brought in to probe him, but when he was let loose on the wards again he didn’t find his path strewn with muffins and skinny lattes by adoring colleagues (it was Chantelle’s day off). When Ric had to deal with a bit of a tricky operation, Michael volunteered his services – he can clip & tie faster than anyone else, you know. Anyway, mid clip & tie he had one of those surgical crises moments where the machines go beep, pressures are dropping, and the surgeon is staring into space and looking confuzzled. I don’t want to think that this sort of thing happens in real life, but if it does I hope Ric Griffin is standing at the other side of the table ready to grab those clamps, remove that knackered kidney and save the day.

Michael Spence was about to take all the glory for saving the patient, but in the end he’s an honourable man and he didn’t. What he did do was tell Hanssen he was resigning. We know from experience that Hanssen won’t let anyone resign unless it was his idea first, so he insisted that Michael works his notice. Presumably this is to give him time to experience a mind-changing incident and stay. I hope.

Now to the deeply wonderful Jac Naylor, who was making Young Dr Oliver Valentine jump through hoops as usual. But we saw a softer side of the fragrant Ms Naylor when a paediatrician, who doubles as Jonah’s dad on Waterloo Road, asked her to take a look at a wee baby with a heart problem. Jac was all, well, Jac to begin with, but as time went on she rather warmed to the baby’s mother, who felt inadequate and was trying hard to do her best for the baby. Having come from a background of total parental abandonment, Jac could sympathise with someone who was actually trying to be a good mother. It’s lovely to see Jac’s warm and cuddly side. She’s even letting Young Dr Oliver Valentine take part in her therapeutic hypothermia project! (Is this where she treats a patient to an icy stare and scares them into getting better? Possibly).

This week Dull Dan managed not to kill or maim anyone (he’s getting the hang of this doctoring business), but he managed to really irritate Chrissie with his wedding planning. Chrissie, have a long, hard think about this. It’s not the wedding planning that’s annoying you, it’s the wedding planner. He’s all wrong.

And Goth Dr Frieda had a phone call, muttered in Ukrainian a bit and sped off to the Ukraine in some rather fabulous boots. She didn’t tell Sacha why she had to take time off in such a hurry. “I didn’t think it was my business to ask,” he said. You have to love Sacha. (Hello? Chrissie? I said You Have To Love Sacha).

Now, finally, a while back I wondered why Hanssen kept referring to the hospital as “Holby General” when I’ve always thought it was called Holby City Hospital. This week, TV news reports about Boobgate were referring to it as Holby General, but the sign on the wall clearly says Holby City Hospital. Someone help me out, please – when did it become HG?

Next week: A new registrar! AAU on lockdown! Jac performing ninja level surgery!

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29 responses to “Holby City: Gimme a break

  1. inkface

    Excellent account PLA. I’m still in fashion shock after the sight of Dull Dan’s truly horrible stripy jumper. Reason enough to call off the wedding in its own hideous right. *shudders*

  2. madmae

    Nice to see Ollie grow a set and stand up to Jac.

    If Michael wants to get back in Elliots good book he just needs to bring him some jam doughnuts.

  3. WaterlooVamps

    God, I was so excited about Greg/Sahira – didn’t happen.

    • .::Big.Bang::.

      Thank God! Greg bores me. Even his storyline (and sexy accent) didn’t make me sympathize with him, and I’ve been in a similar situation.

  4. Clara

    ah your outlook on dear holby do make my day. i agree about the hospital name fiasco, make up your mind ppl?! and it was Dan’s jumper that bugged me… just his being A. alive and B. a slimy, creepy, Sacha scene stealing moron (seriously who is he trying to fool? Sacha A+ Dan dull as dishwater D… minus) well lets hope theres more from our fluffy grey haired golden doc next week… C.

  5. Scott

    Jonah’s dad off Waterloo road!!! of course, thank you!

    I really hope Jac keeps it professional with YDOV, i have hopes for him and chantelle

  6. HolbyNut

    Was anyone else freaked out by the HUGE number of clips hanging out of that poor gun-shot-injury-guy’s insides? And then the sheer volume of his ‘insides’ which became his ‘outsides’, piled up in a silver dish in theatre. Also thinking that if he does make a full recovery, he’ll be able to eat as many carbs as he likes,with all that extra space around his midriff!

  7. VickyO

    As for Frieda, that was Ukranian, I’m afraid, not Russian. “Yes”, “I understand” and “no” if memory serves. And if anyone cares. #pedantpatrol

  8. lorna croft

    So glad to hear Laila Rouass is leaving Holby. I’ll certainly be counting down the weeks and the program will be loads better with her gone. I doubt i’m the only one who’s sick of seeing her in every episode. Nobody else appears as much as her.

    • pauseliveaction

      Judging by the DS Holby forum, many people agree with you about Laila Rouass. To be fair to her, it’s the character I don’t like rather than the actress. Looking back to when she first arrived, there was a lot of promise, particularly in the mystery of exactly what the relationship was between Sahira and Hanssen. That’s fallen a bit by the wayside now, unless there’s going to be a revelation before she leaves.

    • linzi

      Totally agree. Every episode! Really enough sahira. Bye bye

  9. Michael

    Re: the whole “Holby General” vs. “Holby City Hospital” thing, I’m pretty sure they’ve been using the two interchangeably since the early days of Casualty in the mid-80s.

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you. I will now officially stop worrying about that particular issue and concentrate all my energies on trying to summon Joseph Byrne back from Penrith by sheer force of will.

  10. HolbyNut

    Or maybe the BBC could start up a whole new show, Peak Practice-styley, just about Joseph and his son and his GP-practice and ….well that would be enough really. Or maybe he’ll turn up on Downton at some stage – all that restraint is very Byrne-family-like!

    • pauseliveaction

      I would so watch that. In fact, I want to be in it.

      And Luke Roberts would be magnificent in Downton. The very thought of it makes me feel quite weak at the knees.

  11. Nikki

    Having not seen this episode yet am unable to comment much (have to wait for my better half to be available, you see) other than I’m looking forward to Jacs soft and cuddly side and some general hoop ordering for Ollie. I do so like it when she makes him do monotonous tasks for her general amusement. Oh, the power.

    Therapeutic hypothermia (as far as Cardiac is concerned) is something to do with after sedating the patient (sleepy gas) and all that, lowering their body temperature to way below normal (basically inducing mild or moderate hypothermia, systemically or externally depending how you do it) to minimize the risk of organ damage, but mainly to protect the brain from suffering anoxic encephalopathy. As far as I know. Dont quote me PLA. I am sad in saying I’d quite like to read that research project of hers?

    Will review properly once I’ve watched the ep. xx

  12. WaterlooVamps

    what do you mean Laila Rouass is leaving Holby???? Ahhhhh! Now I’m sad because we won’t see more Sahira/Greg. 😦

  13. .::Big.Bang::.

    “Jonah’s dad off Waterloo Road.” I always think of him as Spence off Waking the Dead. 😦

  14. VickyO

    Right, so I’m a fairly recent convert to Holby City (thanks largely to Henrik HansSEX, I must admit), so I might not know the full story but…does anyone else find Jac a bit difficult to watch sometimes? Where Hanssen’s sarcasm is calm and self-assured, Jac almost constantly seems on the verge of hysteria. There’s a peculiar strained, coiled-spring, defiant-to-the-point-of-breakdown quality about her. Anyone?

    • inkface

      As a relatively recent convert back to Holby – (cos I enjoy these reviews) – I really found Jac hard to take to start with. PLA had to talk me round a bit & explain her Holby “background”, & I became gradually acclimatised!

    • Nikki

      Yes, theres a lot of history which when you know it, makes her make more sense. Shes easily misunderstood if taken at face value as the quality in Rosie Marcels (Jacs) performance is everything going on that she doesnt say. Like, behind her eyes. The quietness. The uncertain looks. The anxiety. The verbal snapping is her defense that keeps the world at arms length. Shes defiant and fiercely independant. Shes been screwed over alot (by men, both professionally and personally) and in her world view its like, its better to be on your own. You’re better off that way (parental abandonment would do that to you, I imagine.) Her whole ethos is like, trying to prove shes not worthless.

      If you have the time to listen to me prattle I’d be more than happy to fill you in about her. Shes a wonderful character.

    • pauseliveaction

      Have a look at this, VickyO https://pauseliveaction.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/holby-city-family-related-shocks-for-jac-and-faye/ The episode explained a lot about Jac’s character.

      • VickyO

        Whooa. Bit brutal. Naaw, alright then. I’ll join Team Jac. She does get pretty good lines. If only there was SOMEONE who could teach her TO LOVE AGAIN! (oh hi, fluffy blue-eyed Oliver chappie).

        In other news, there’s a drawing of Hanssen, with his bird, in this week’s Guardian TV Guide. I got a little bit excited.

  15. WaterlooVamps

    I know I’ve seen it 😦

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