Holby City: Keeping the hospital alive, one chunk of bread at a time

(Series 14, Ep.2) Last week a little bird injured itself by flying at Henrik Hanssen’s window. We thought it was dead, but it wasn’t, and it wasn’t just a bird, either – it was a metaphor for the very health and survival of the hospital.

This week we found that Hanssen was keeping the metaphorical health and survival of the hospital in his desk drawer and giving it water from a small pipette. This is how much he cares about and nurtures the hospital. He even cut up pieces of bread into small cubes with scissors to feed to it (the bird, not the hospital). So what he didn’t need was some jumped-up management type irritating him and the rest of the staff with evacuation drills.

This management type, Mr Swann, was a man so irritating that I found myself actually liking Sahira Shah the Registrah because she stood up to him. Hanssen stood up to him, too, with the best speech of the night.  When Swann asked him if he was serious (about the hospital) he said, “I  have a level of seriousness beyond your four years hands-on experience in health sector strategic planning…” (tiny pause for maximum sarcastic effect) “..and your diploma in hospitality management.” Yowch! That told him. Only it didn’t, because people like Swann have a massively inflated idea of their own importance. No wonder all the stress made Hanssen accidentally cut himself later on when trimming bread for his bird. A drop of blood fell on the bread – yes, Hanssen will actually give his own blood to keep that bird/hospital alive.  

I am slightly alarmed about the bird in the drawer, though. Having once hand-reared a baby blackbird (I used to live with a lot of vet students), I do wonder whether bread is the best diet and whether Hanssen shouldn’t be out in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery digging up worms. Also I worry that one day he’ll open that drawer and the bird will fly out and go smack straight into the window again. That would be bad news for the bird, and dreadful news for the metaphor.

Elsewhere, the glorious Sacha had to resort to trying to pretend a patient wasn’t really ill, so she could go to another hospital and get better treatment. Thanks to recent cuts, Holby isn’t doing laparoscopic procedures anymore, apparently. This poor girl would have had to have the full surgical shebang and long recovery time, but if Sacha signed her off as fit and well, she’d be able to get sorted out elsewhere. The plan was almost scuppered by Chrissie, who thought Sacha was being inept/unethical. How very dare she think that of The Sweetest Man In The World? Anyway, as soon as she found out what was what she was back on side, because Chrissie is a Good Sort, despite her strange infatuation for Dull Dan.

Look out, New York! The city that never sleeps might just be about to be put to its sternest test. Funny Little Nurse Tait is on her way, and she’s planning to stay for some time. She had a leaving party and everything. Presumably people were bribed to attend by Chantelle, because Elizabeth has been the epitome of antisocial miserableness since she set foot in the hospital. Ric Griffin said he’d miss her, but that’s because in recent months he’s only ever been in a scene if it involves peering over her shoulder. Maybe he’ll get a storyline of his own now.

Next time: Good news for fans of tight trousers – Michael Spence is back and his fate is in the hands of Sahira and Jac. And the wedding plans aren’t going smoothly for Chrissie and Dull Dan.

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24 responses to “Holby City: Keeping the hospital alive, one chunk of bread at a time

  1. .::Big.Bang::.

    Another Best Moment of HC was when Sahira flipped off Swann behind his back, but I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have done that during the pre-watershed time… Oh, well. The episode was brilliant.

    BTW, Casualty spoiler we already know about:

    • pauseliveaction

      Did Hasina Haque just decide she wanted to leave? Or is Mads going to be back?

      • .::Big.Bang::.

        Not sure. She just confirmed on her Twitter she/Mads has left. Although I am still hoping they replace her with another actress. I really loved the Mads/Lenny dynamic/storyline.

  2. inkface

    I thought Chantelle was on spectacularly annoying form this week. Would have quite enjoyed it if FLNT had given her a good slap.

  3. Clara

    i just adore how you seem to be feeling the love for the oh so sweet Sacha, is he not the cutest guy? (is it right i love him? i’m only 22, oh well) i just hope hes not gunna end up the shoulder to cry on for Dull Dan’s ice maiden fiancé. x

  4. HolbyNut

    Yes, agree with comments. Though the symbolism is veering a little out of control – thought the final image of the blood on the bread was almost Biblical! But my overriding concern of the episode was…..is FLNT really leaving? She keeps promising to go but then pops back to bring a downer to yet another episode. Perhaps PLA could arrange for her passport to be stolen in “New York, New York, concrete jungle where dreams are ……” (Chantelle can murder the rest of that song….again!)
    Looking forward to Michael (and his tight pants) coming back next week. We need more luuurrvvve in HC!

    • pauseliveaction

      “Perhaps PLA could arrange for her passport to be stolen in “New York, New York.”

      A small team of ninjas is on its way as we speak. 😉

  5. WaterlooVamps

    Good Lord, 10 comments in less than 24 hours, you’re getting popular! Yes I loved the way Sahira stood up to stupid Mr. Swann, “I would like Miss. Shah to apologise.” Like a little kid.

    • pauseliveaction

      I also meant to mention that Swann’s voice. He sounded like an evil alien. Hanssen should have flummoxed him with a bit of Swedish.

  6. kj

    If Dan was only dull, he’d be bearable. As it is he is an utterly revolting specimen: his arrogance; his sly undermining of Chrissie’s professionalism, first with his insincere neediness, now with The Wedding Plans; his macho posturing and oneupmanship, and let’s not even mention what he’s keeping in the closet. But I have to say I like the way the recent HC scripts are mirroring our fears for the future of the NHS.

    • pauseliveaction

      Spot on about Dull Dan. You could also add that he’s a cr^p surgeon, as most of the procedures he undertakes end in death, despair and disablement.

  7. WaterlooVamps

    I agree, I also think although Sacha was trying to get the patient to Uni, he probably should have done SOMETHING, I’m no medical specialist, but still. Where’s Greg?! I know it’s only one episode, but I wait a whole week to see him and where is he? Not on Holby that’s where he’s not…? Good for FLNT, maybe if she has some ‘me’ time then she’ll improve on the errr… interest side. Weird how many people actually like her.

  8. WaterlooVamps

    OK, i just read the digital spy spoiler for the next episode ‘Shame’ and this really IS going to be the best episode ever – something is brewing between Sahira and Greg, Michael returns (he’s a good guy now), Jac’s back and Ollie’s found out something very interesting about her… and Chrissie has to be honest with Dan and their wedding does not go to plan! Cor, good tele or what?!

  9. Nikki

    Waah! Hanssen is truly giving is all to the bird/the hospital. Its kinda sweet actually. I cant see any of the other consultants keeping a bird in their desk drawer. Chantelle might try, but then try and give the poor thing cake or something silly and kill it accidentally and be all forlorn. Like leaving the fake-patient inthe toilets. I loved Rics little moments of utter despair this episode (you might wanna write that down PLA I never say I like Ric so, this is a turn up for the books. But even I have to admit it was fairly comical) like when she bashed his car, or when he realised Chantelle was in charge of eveyrones safety in case of a disaster. Was fairly predictable mind you that a) she’d forget someone and b) the boy she decides she fancies, is a horrible two-timer with a pregnant wife.

    Re: the Sacha and Chrissie debacle (thats what their relationship is now) I found this all a bit silly. If the patient cant be treated there, why not pick up the phone, and you know, do the normal thing and refer her? They dont do said procedure so refer to someone who does. Ambulence can pick her up and transfer her straight over there (probably the magical St James) as an elective and have her op there. I dont understand the neccesity of hiding notes and deleting scans and not letting your nursing staff in on the Big Problem. Silly Sacha. Chrissie would always support him anyway! She loves him!

    Not to mention PLA, that actually, this was completely backward. As laprascopic procedures are quicker, have faster recovery time, much less chance of infection and/or post-op complications, so all in all, laprascopic procedures are the ones that save money. So why only do open procedures, and in actuality, cost themselves more money! You know PLA, one patient in one hospital bed for one day, costs over £300. Thats not including all your scans and medications and anything else they fancy doing. *wags finger at Holbys medical consultant*

    ❤ you PLA. xx

    • pauseliveaction

      ❤ you too, Nikki. Re the plausibility (or otherwise) of the Sacha plot, I did wonder why the patient couldn't just decide to go to The Mythical St James's or wherever. Aren't we supposed to be able to choose our hospital these days? Sacha did explain why the laparoscopic procedures weren't happening, but he said it really fast so wide-eyed, gullible types like me and Chrissie just accepted it. You are not so easy to fool.

  10. tabithakitten

    I imagine there’s some fictionally pausible reason why, once you’ve been accepted as a patient at one hospital and said hospital is capable of sorting out your problem (even if it means whacking great internal procedures, scars and in-patient time), that you have to stay at that hospital. “No, Mrs Unfortunateloser, I’m afraid that although St Perfect’s could remove your tooth by just breathing on your head and having it evaporate out of your skull, the fact that you have chosen to check in at Deathbutchery General means that you will get your tooth extraction but we will be performing it by removing your head and splitting your jaw first.”

  11. WaterlooVamps

    What’s happened too Waterloo Road?!

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