Casualty: That old Casualty feeling of doom

(Series 26, Ep.10) I have to admit, I’m worried about Dr Ruth Winters and Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren. They’re too happy! It’s a lovely sight to see. He brings her a packed lunch to work (flying saucers and peanut butter and jam sandwiches with the crusts off. She so looks like an organic quinoa type person, too). He sends her flowers. They pretend to say goodbye to each other at the end of the shift but everyone knows they’re going home together. It’s all adorable. But this much happiness can’t last. We know this because it’s Casualty, and happiness never does last, but we also know that Georgia Taylor and Ben Turner are leaving (Waaaahhh!!!) and their exit is going to be “explosive and heart stopping.” As I say, I’m worried.

Aside from this gorgeous, yet most probably doomed, romance, last Saturday’s episode continued the grim and depressing story of Lush Linda’s attempts to save a woman, Annie,  from a life of heroine addiction, prostitution and being regularly beaten up by horrible men. This has been a really sad and brutal story, well acted by Naomi Bentley as Annie and Christine Tremarco as Linda, but rather making me hanker for a farmer’s-arm-in-combine-harvester type of Casualty incident.

The other big case of the night involved Vicky Binns (formerly Coronation Street’s Molly) playing an autistic girl who was being upset by her mother’s garish taste in home decoration and clothing. Before Dr Dylan managed to work out that this was the problem, he and Dr Sam were competing to come up with a diagnosis. And it seems they have a bit of a History together. But what is it? Dr Zoe Hanna was curious. After all, Sam is young enough to be his daughter. She’s not his daughter, is she? I’m happy to leave this one in Zoe’s capable hands. She’ll manage to crack him sooner or later.

Cracking Sam may have to be done by Tess, who had to reprimand the feisty ex-army medic for her superior attitude. When Sam moaned about an annoying patient, Tess couldn’t be doing with her “I’ve been to Afghanistan, I know what proper suffering is,” and told her to “Suck it up, Princess.” You have to love Tess.

Next time: Lenny takes his eye off the ball when he gets news about Mads.

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  1. Nikki

    I have to say that new doctor is rather sexy. I might have to pay a bit more attention to Casualty now …

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