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Holy Flying Circus: Essence of Python for the 21st Century

I tuned into Holy Flying Circus with high hopes and a fair smattering of trepidation. I have loved Python since I first encountered it. I can (but won’t, I promise) quote the funny bits for hours on end. I have had a crush on Michael Palin since I was a teenager. “Re-imagining” the events around the release of the funniest (and most thoughtful) thing the Pythons ever did, Life of Brian, could easily have gone horribly wrong.

Not only did it not go wrong, Holy Flying Circus soared – it was the essence of Monty Python distilled for the 21st Century. It managed not only to be funny and insightful, but also quite moving too. It may not have been true to the actual events, but it was certainly true to the spirit of Python. Continue reading


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