Holby City: Dig us out of this hole

(Series 14, Ep.1) A new series, and not much has changed (it’s only been a week, after all), apart from a few people have had haircuts. Among them is Eddi. Frieda, who so often says what the rest of us have been thinking, asks her if she got tired of the helmet head look. I do love Frieda. I do love Eddi, too, now that Tedious Josh has wheeled off into the sunset. This week Eddi was required to hold her ruler of professionalism against Chrissie to see if she measured up. Chrissie is striving to be a Nurse Practitioner, whatever one of those is (I think it involves wearing a suit, like Mark “Jesus” Williams used to do), and this means she has to pass a module in emergency medicine. Since everyone pretends A&E doesn’t exist most of the time, this means AAU and Eddi.

But this was a sub-plot. The meat of the story (vegetarian options are available) concerned Henrik Hanssen’s continuing attempts to salvage what’s left of the hospital’s reputation following the Bogus Boobs Debacle. Sir Fraser (I know I should hate him, but I rather like his icy cold eyes) installed a small team of experts to scrutinise all the hospital’s doings. Luckily one of them was an ex nurse, and when he pitched in to help Hanssen in one of those inevitable “Can we have some help here!” moments in a basement corridor, he witnessed the skill and passion of Holby’s finest Swedish medic. He couldn’t help but be impressed.  

Casualty fans may remember a while back when Adam Trueman’s “god complex” was illustrated via the medium of a fly trapped behind a glass. Holby treated us to a similarly heavy-handed animal-based metaphor last night when a bird flew at Hanssen’s window and apparently expired on the window sill. But wait! At the end we saw its wee wing flicker with life. This touching symbol must mean there’s hope for the hospital after all!  Just as well, since there are 51 more episodes left in the series. On the subject of the hospital, Hanssen kept calling it Holby General yesterday. Has it always been Holby General? I thought it was Holby City. Anyway, Hanssen is the man who is, singlehandedly, going to save Holby Whatever Hospital. And he’s had a haircut, too.

Irish Dr Greg was all perky following his snog with Sahira Shah the Registrah last week, but she has now decided they are to be “just good friends.” Cue one very disappointed Irish medic. He did get to leap in an ambulance with her and do some life saving stuff. Was I alone in finding it peculiar that the paramedic who was with the patient didn’t utter a word. There was no, “Male, 18, gun shot wound to the chest, GCS was 13 at the scene, he’s a Gemini and he has a dog called Paul,” like paramedics usually do. This is what happens when you staff your ambulances with non-speaking extras.

And Funny Little Nurse Tait was back from bereavement leave (too soon, surely. Way, way too soon). She was involved in a lot of business about a nun who didn’t want to be a nun any more, and this helped her reach a decision in her own life. She’s going on holiday. That’ll put a smile on her face! Or not.

Next time: Hanssen’s under pressure, Sacha has a secret, and Chantelle dents Ric’s car.

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14 responses to “Holby City: Dig us out of this hole

  1. HolbyNut

    Loved, loved, loved Frieda’s comment about Eddi’s old helmet haircut – laughed out loud. Methinks writers HAVE been reading PLA. Don’t like it though when Henrik shows human weakness when he ran in to theatre to apply the jump-leads! No, I much prefer him in his super-human, ice-cool, in-control persona (I do allow him a slight speed-wobble when it comes to Sahira though…)

  2. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, Sahira KNOWS she loves him, just you wait. Loving the picture names “Symbolism Holby style” and “Window of regret” and you’re right, people (Hanssen) always stand there for, well, regretting. When the bird slammed against the glass I thought it was a frog and thought “How did a frog get up there?!” I love how as soon as Sir Fraser mentioned Sahira Hanssen gulped and said “Good day.”

  3. VickyO

    Does anyone else feel that poor Hanssen desperately needs a roll in the haystack with a sexy patient, or some such, just to deal with all the STRESS and the whole panicky running-into-a-theatre-during-surgery-without-a-mask vibe? I mean, I’d happily volunteer, but there’s that pesky fiction/reality divide…And he could have at least done something about that poor bird!

  4. Nikki

    Loving Eddi’s new pixie haircut look, very stylish! In agreement with Frieda that she was done with the bowl-on-the-head look. This is much better. And onthe same subject, Friedas plaits in little loops were awesome! She takes hairstyles and accesories to a new level of doctoring does our Frieda. While were in AAU I’ll dissect this whole Chrissie malarkey. She wants to be a Nurse Prac. She wants everyone to respect her. I get it. So why flounder at the sight of coffee cream and lemon drizzle cakes, why let the patient wander out the CT and discharge himself? Shes a good nurse dammit! And yeah everyone has patients that walk out and later collapse (Even lovely Irish Greg had that once) so its not like its her fault. I dunno. It just seems like such a plot device, to make confrontations between her personal and professional life, rather than for her to work at, work towards, be passionate about and then achieve her goal and actually develop as a character. (And for info PLA , Nurse Pracs are like, senior nurses with specialist and in-depth knowledge. You normally have to do a Masters degree, have x number of years clinical practice, and as was sort of illustrated here, pass practical modules as well as theoretical. But its more on the level of mini-doctoring. If prescribing is part of the course, which it often is, you can then also prescribe certain medications, fluids; you have patients on multiple wards, have a bleep, act as a go-between for the doctors and the ward nurses to ensure the best care for that particular patient proving themsevles a conundrum. They’ll have advanced diagnostic and clinical reasoning, and sometimes you can speicalise in particular areas, like pain management, emergency medicine, diabetes, and run your own clinics, have your own caseload of patients, and act as a pool of knowledge for ward nurses to tap into and improve their own practice. Like if Eddi had a complicated patient, she could bleep Chrissie, who would come and assess, diagnose, prescribe and refer to the right place, and advice Eddi on how to manage that patient until they were transferred to the right ward. Nurse Prac jobs vary from job to job, on what your exact role is, just as ward nurses jobs are very different from one specialty to another, but thats more or less what they do.)

    Brilliant acting from Hanssen as always. Not enough Jac though. 3 measely scenes. Ugh.

    The clean up team did seem like they were going to be horrible and string someone up outside the hospital for flogging as way of pennance, so it was a good twist the guy turned out to be an ex-nurse! Abandoning the critical ship and helping Hanssen save the day at the 11th hour. Hanssen did a lot of patient saving in this ep, and cant help but feel it was a metaphor for all his efforts to save the hospital itself. Like, we as viewers can see physical manifestations of his efforts. Because all of his talk sounds good, but doesnt really mean anything. Not as much viewer-wise as seeing a bleeding patient in the basement saved, anyway.

    *hugs Greg* Whats he going to do now? Hes still in love. Hes just kissed her. So hes even more in love. Aww. I just want to see him happy. Mary-Claires back soon so hopefully she can sort him out! She always has a way of talking him out of his moods. Maybe its her playful grin. Bless.

    Anyway. Sorry for the long windedness of my reply PLA! And keeeeeeeeeeep reviewing! xx

    • pauseliveaction

      I love your comments, Nikki. Love that you properly know about all this medical stuff and that you stick up for Chrissie.

  5. WaterlooVamps

    No seriously! Look at the picture quickly, it does look like a frog, it’s just when you look closer that you see it’s a bird. I agree with Nikki’s fourth paragraph. Well…half of it, anyway, seeing as I have hardly met Mary-Claire. Could you point out a youtube video or something that would show me what happened between Sahira and Hanssen.

  6. WaterlooVamps

    OK fine she’s pretty, but she is NOT taking Greg from Sahira, OK?????

    • Nikki

      Alright alright, Greg and Sahira can have each other.

      Does that mean I’m free to pair up Mary-Claire and Jac? Two red-heads together? ❤

      (Aww c'mon PLA dont you be looking at me like that. She goes by a guys name, doesnt exactly have the best record with men, or commitment (probably due to estranged mother abandonment issues mind you), she could go for Mary-Claire right? Please?)

      • pauseliveaction

        But Jac has known the pleasures of The World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon. Can Mary-Claire match up to that, apart from hair colour-wise?

  7. tabithakitten

    I am rather concerned that Chrissie seems to be re-realising what an all around superlovelyman Sacha is. Partly because she’s already rejected him once (and let’s face it, she’s been round the block so many times now she’s in danger of meeting herself coming backwards) and I’d rather the scriptwriters didn’t go there again but mainly (and more worryingly) because I’m in danger of actually believing that the only woman who can truly make him happy is me. I am a little troubled that I am starting to feel like this about a fictional character but on the other hand, as you state above, it could be Dan the Plank inspiring these emotions so things could be worse.

  8. WaterlooVamps

    She MAY have had him first but Sahira is way cooler (and probably prettier) in my humble opinion. Some people think she flounces around Holby like she owns the place where as I think she is a lovely (and brilliant) CT surgeon. And really? Jac and Mary-Claire? In case you hadn’t noticed, they’re both girls. Greg has a history of flirting wth the girls, anyway, so what does it matter? Besides, Greg wanted to like Mary-Claire, but he didn’t want to love Sahira because she’s married, but nothing could keep them apart! Love conquers all!

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