Holby City: The natural order is finally restored

(Series 13, Ep.52)  In everyday life, 52 weeks is generally considered to be a year. In the world of Holby City, 52 weeks is a Series. And last night was episode 52 of this particular series – which is kind of New Year’s Eve, Holby-style. A time for reflection, for resolutions, for one era to end and another to begin…

And for all this idiot nonsense about carving Darwin down the middle and calling one half Plastic Surgery and the other half Sahira’s Cardiac Trauma Unit to end.

It went right to the wire, though. Elliott Hope had packed up his office, all his bits and bobs, plastic models of hearts, leftover bits of pie, photo of Gina from the desk. I felt rather sad as he left for what he thought was the last time – the office he’d once shared with the Divinity Connie Beauchamp looking all lost and abandoned. As did Elliott himself.

Elsewhere, Irish Dr Greg and Sahira Shah the Registrah were admitting that they did actually like each other and would miss each other when he was at The Mythical St James’ (or the less mythical Spain) and she was forced to cry her way through operations without him. And Hanssen was doing a lot of firefighting over the exploding boobs business.  

Michael Spence was left to take the fall for that one (mainly on the say-so of Sir Fraser, who wanted “The Yank” booted out at the earliest opportunity, mainly for the cavalier way he’d treated his daughter, the appalling Lulu). His last piece of ninja-level surgery was to save the eyesight of Mrs Plastic Bhatti.  She and Plastic had been involved in a car accident, from which Plastic did not recover. Excuse me if I don’t bother mourning his loss.

Anyhoo, the upshot of all this was the very best news – plastic surgery has been put on the back burner (not literally – it would melt) at Holby, and the future is in lovely, gooey, dramatic, sexy heart surgery. Elliott can stay, Jac can continue with her very special mentoring of Young Dr Oliver Valentine and Sahira can try not to cry at just how bloody marvellous everything is. Yay! I’m wearing a smile bigger than anything even Chantelle can come up with.

On the subject of whom, this week she was pressed into action as a party planner for Dull Dan and Chrissie’s engagement party, and a lovely job she did of it if you like pink. The balloons were pink, the bubbly was pink – it was all like a metaphor for Chantelle herself. Not feeling at all pink was poor Sacha, who loves Chrissie like a faithful old hound. All I can say to comfort him is – stick around. She will need someone to pick up the pieces when Dull Dan works out that he is, in fact, gay. Or when Chrissie works out that he is, in fact, a twat.

And it was tears all round when Eddi had to say goodbye to Tedious Josh, who set off in his new lightweight wheelchair for Whatever The Future May Hold.

As Elliott so perfectly put it – “Doughnuts all round!”

Next time: It’s a new series! And FLNT is back. I thought she’d gone?

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11 responses to “Holby City: The natural order is finally restored

  1. Sarah

    I actually really liked this episode, though I don’t particularly like Sir Fraser. He really irritates me. Anyway, at least we’re rid of Bhatti, because he was doing my head in as well. Speaking of heads, I’m starting to think Hanssen was suffering from stress headaches at the end of that. Can’t really blame him. I also started having thoughts about why he is like he is, especially when Sir Fraser was having a go at him. It was just the look on his face and how he flinched away from Sir Fraser when he hit the table. Did anybody else see that?

    And the sooner Chrissie sees that Dan is an idiot, the better. At least Sacha knows how he feels about Chrissie. Loved Frieda’s comment about the brightness of the party burning her corneas though. Love her little sarcastic remarks. It reminds me of myself, in a way.

  2. Corumba Love

    Now that was a delightful episode, PLA.

    Henrik H should set “Call of Duty:save this hospital” to God mode in order to put up with Sir Fluster Buster; either that or the the tall one is going to peel him like an apple one of these weeks.

    It is, well, nice isn’t, to see storylines, sound or daft, parcelled up like that don’t you think? I do like a bit of tidiness about the place.

  3. Helen

    it was a great episode!
    did anyone else get a lump in their throat when Jac congratulated Elliot on his last surgery and the team all started clapping him? it was so sweet.
    wonder if Elliot had to pay that porter to take his stuff back up to the office too

  4. HolbyNut

    What a top HC episode. Loved it! Yes, I thought of Connie too when Elliot was leaving their office with his box of beloved tat; loved the ‘moment’ between Greg and Sahira when she sort of touched his shirt/chest and the restraint was all v Downton Abbey-esque; my heart broke for Sasha and Chantelle really does belong on TOWIE, no?

  5. WaterlooVamps

    I knew it! I knew it! Don’t deny that I knew it. Awww they’re so perfect together! I couldn’t resist a little squeal when Greg turned his head around, even thought I knew it was going to happen. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot the rest of the episode. Best.episode.ever! I feel a bit sorry for Mikey though. Not for Bhatti who died, but for Michael who got fired for doing nothing wrong.

  6. .::Big.Bang::.

    “His last piece of ninja-level surgery was to save the eyesight of Mrs Plastic Bhatti.” Spence had to save someone else’s eyesight (Fran, I think her name was).
    Seriously, did they have to do the Sahira/Greg thing? It would be much beter if it was Sahira/Hanssen, especially if they change her character to how she was at the beginning.
    FLNT should definitely be leaving after next week then.
    Sasha should NOT pine over Chrissie, she is the most annoying character ever. And a husband-stealer. Also, plain-freakin’-dull!

    • pauseliveaction

      Oops. My mistake. Maybe I was wishing it was Mrs PB whose eyesight Michael saved, then she might want to stick up for him and get his job back. But PLA Jr tells me you’re quite right, and the eyesight person was someone who looks like her maths teacher.

  7. Nikki

    Yaaay! Down with Plastics! On with sexy gooey heart warming heart surgery and all the Cardiac Glory that Connie worked so hard for, trained Jac so hard for, and Elliott ate so many doughnuts for! *hugs the collective Darwin staff*

    This was a really well scripted episode actually, they had so much going on, so many storylines to clear up and that, with Eddi and Josh, Chrissie and Dans engagement party *voms*, Sachas lamenting, the Darwin Saga. Not to forget Sahira and Greg – YAAAAAY! So adorable the room jsut lit up with the cutes! Though a slight continuity point here, she was saying not a fortnight ago that she wanted “it noted that I want to be on a different shift pattern from Greg” etc and so harshly turned him away; now theyre bantering, flirting, eating crisps and having a smoke out the window, oh and riding the CTU lovebus! What?! Nevermind. Continuity has never been Holbys strong point.

    Thanks for the weekly review as always PLA.

    PS MARY-CLAIRES BACK SOOOOOOONNN!!!!!! *blows the party hooters*

  8. lorna croft

    Might make myself unpopular by saying this but i think gorgeous Greg Douglas can do a whole lot better than smug cow Sahira Shah. She needs a day of and should stop swanning round Holby like she owns the place. I also think Oliver and Chantelle would make the cutest couple. Anybody agree with any of that?

  9. WaterlooVamps

    Umm maybe with Ollie and Chantelle but Sahira is the best and she so deserves Greg. In my opinion.

  10. WaterlooVamps

    Still watching the Greg/Sahira vids

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