Waterloo Road: Is it just me?

(Series 7, Ep.14)  I’m having trouble with this series of Waterloo Road. Basically, I’m wondering how much longer I should give the new characters to bed in. Is it just a matter of time before Michael Byrne, the Diamonds and the terrible Sarah Hadland character start seeming like proper Waterloo Road teachers?

I love Jaye Jacobs, I adored and revered her as The Radiant Donna in Holby City, but something about her character isn’t working in this. I don’t think it’s the actress’s fault. As Donna, she was given a part that was funny, vulnerable and sweet. She could be selfish, stroppy and lazy, but we always cared about her. I just don’t care about Sian Diamond, even though I do rather love the dresses she wears. Jez is neither here nor there – not a serious character, not a comic character (so he’s had Botox? Big deal). And Michael Byrne is a cardboard cutout of a headmaster, not fit to fill the shoes of Jack Rimmer, Rachel Mason and Karen Fisher.

Did I hate the last episode, then? Well, no, because a lot of it featured the glorious Ronan Burley, my favourite Waterloo Road character. Maybe I’m just against Sian for daring to suggest that Our Ronan could ever hit Vicki. It’s almost as absurd as thinking he could captain a rugby team.

But I’m hankering after the mad old days of Ruby Fry having a meltdown in the cookery room, and Grantly and Fleur, and Steph Haydock, and Pious Kim Campbell and Chris Mead coming up with Controversial New Initiatives. Poor old Daniel Chalk and his winning ways with an electric guitar just aren’t providing a sufficient level of that particular kind of warm barminess that WR specialises in.

Or is it just me?

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13 responses to “Waterloo Road: Is it just me?

  1. Love Jez but then I’m bias by the lovely Alex Walkinshaw.

    The others…? Meh. Not keen on the headmaster with the killer cheekbones or Sian and I can’t STAND that Linda woman. She makes me want to throttle my tv.

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    Not just you. I’ve already gotten bored of this series, it’s just so…bland.

  3. remotecontrolled

    Sadly, not just you as although I love WR and continue mercifully to watch I completely agree. Quite like Sian (but I did guess you’d go off her due to her ridiculous and unfounded assumptions against Ronan but more on that later), hate Jez, so unsuited to Sian and he’s just in general as you described + boring and frustratingly hopeless, Burne boring, my God so boring, Linda (as much as I like Sarah Hadland) is a bad Steph alternative but annoying instead of lovable. Thank God for Matt, Chalky (who would have fitted in beautifully in an earlier series), Tom of course and good old Grantly.

    Regarding this episode – I’m sorry but a rugby team after years of football, kinda like introducing Spanish after years of French. Ronan storyline proposterous. Ronan & Vicki having some very, very slight problems, Vicki gets black eye (very fast considering normal bruising time) and suddenly Ronan, impeccable non-petty record, stood by his cheating girlfriend who got knocked up by slimy Aidan and stood up to his gangster father, not to mention the whole fashion show and Other Girlfriend pill incident….ehm…to be honest think walking into a shelf/fell asleep while revising and bashed her head on table would be first call to mind to everyone bar desperate WR writers.

    Anyway, rant over. Still will watch for the precious moments (and something to do) – just hope the blogs don’t stop even if it’s getting a little thin as it’s the best thing about it at the moment!

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Yes, I agree gone are the days of the mad, rubbish GOOD teachers and our lovely Sambuca Kelly, but, better than the first episode.

  5. Gwen

    I am sticking up for Sian who I really like due to the lovely Jaye Jacobs. I like the tension between her and Michael the last episode. Jez has got to go. As much as I like Alex Walkinshaw, Jez feels like a cartoon character. I simply do not believe that Sian would marry him. The only explanation is that she was on the rebound from Michael. Overall, I don’t think that this series is that bad.

  6. nikki

    does anyone know if the daniel chalk / janeece wedding story is true?

  7. hels

    Michael, the Headmaster, is a particularly unattractive and slimy character with virtually no redeeming features – prepared to cheat without any forethought, to adopt bullying tactics against pupils in an attempt to cover up a violent incident and to openly favour certain teachers – he really makes for uncomfortable viewing. I am not sure about this series – although the wonderful sardonic Grantly more than makes up for some of the insipid and uncharismatic newcomers.

  8. nikki

    Thought the Freddie story re the heart transplant is one of the best of the series – really well written and touching. Totally agree re the Michael character – also cant understand why the ladies all fall for him – yuk!

  9. meg

    i love the new series thats what have made me start watching waterloo road exspetilly for Alex Walkinshaw hes amazing so in my appineon its just u!

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