Strictly Come Dancing: Chilly willies & warm lap dances

I confess to getting a bit distracted at the beginning of this because I spotted Paul ‘Silver fox of the Great British Bake Off’ Hollywood in the audience and started thinking about cakes. But that’s no bad thing. It allowed the Brucie drivel to wash over me in a not unpleasant, bun-scented reverie.

Several things struck me this week:

  • Brucie really shouldn’t be allowed to mention Audley’s ‘rhythm’ without a useful aide (and I’d volunteer) quietly wrapping Nancy’s boa around his neck & doing a little bit of constricting to shut him up
  • Audley comes across as a lovely bloke: he won’t win, but I like him a lot
  • With Len Goodman talking about things getting a bit ‘chilly around his willy’ and Bruno’s pantomime letching, it can get too much like a Carry on film at times, and not in a good way
  • The show is currently far too long for someone with my attention span – which actually makes me pleased couples will be voted off from now onwards
  • Others on Twitter may mock (Our Man in the South, I’m looking at you. ‘Bertie Bassett’ indeed) but I thought Anita Dobson looked fantastic in her Carmen Miranda salsa outfit, and she danced beautifully too
  • Less keen on Dan Lobb  
  • I’m liking Aliona a lot more this year than previous ones, she’s more chilled out
  • Chelsee Healey seems a very sweet young thing, but her attention span issues (and exhaustion due to ridiculously  long Waterloo Road/Strictly rehearsal filled days) may cost her. She’s beautiful, but I wasn’t too keen on her white tasselled trousers they gave her to wear last night: they brought to mind the paper frills that butchers put on lamb cutlets
  • Alex Jones is great, but I’m not sure what I feel about the business in her routine of her kissing John Prescott & sitting on the lap of Bruno. Bit cheesy really. And as for James Jordan’s training methods – I get my left and right muddled too – but if someone wired my arms to electrodes to teach me the difference, I’d swiftly re-route them back onto their bollocks
  • Glad Lulu did better this week but why the flip is she partnered with Brendan when he’s a foot or more taller than her (as well as being a chauvinist)? Why didn’t they match her with adorable and petite Vincent Simone, and put ‘mad dog’ Foster with Edwina? Much better I’d have thought
  • Flavia Cacace is preposterously beautiful and even I can see she dances like an angel. Initially I was fed up with her being partnered with Russell Grant because it means she can’t win, but what I like about them together is that it takes the male-lead sexism out of the equation and becomes endearing. His costume, featuring insane frothy multicoloured arms, was a sight to behold. I view astrology as total charlatanism, but I’m unexpectedly finding myself liking him
  • Nancy dell’Olio is unhinged
  • Jason Donovan enacted the LA Confidential dance beautifully, but look behind the eyes. He’s got a deadly competitive streak going on I’m less keen on. I guess I prefer ‘talented shy one comes out of their shell’ story arc – which is why I’m rooting more for Holly Valance at this stage, although I’m not sure she and Artem are well suited.I’ve also been watching Strictly: It Takes Twothis week, now hosted by Zoe Ball (Claudia Winkleman has had a baby). Zoe is equally fun and enthusiastic a presenter, and It Takes Two is like the Brodie’s Notes of Strictly, because you can catch up with all details like the names you’ve failed to remember from the Saturday shows. They show clips from the main show of things you might have missed – like Brendan falling down the stairs then trying to pretend he didn’t.It also means you get to catch a glimpse of dancers some of us really miss a lot. Ian Waite is my favourite Strictly professional dancer ever. I’m not sure why he’s not been in the show proper for the last two years, he’s such a wonderful mentor and all round good egg. Matthew Cutler, Darren Bennett and Brian Fortuna also have been replaced, largely by Russian dancers. Hope that isn’t because they’re being paid less.

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8 responses to “Strictly Come Dancing: Chilly willies & warm lap dances

  1. Yes to all that and especially Russell Grant. The only thing that makes me turn off the radio quicker than finding Steve Wright on, is finding it’s the astrology bit of Steve Wright on. But, here I’m really liking RG. Perhaps it’s his genuine enthusiasm for the whole experience. He doesn’t need to win, or raise his sleb profile or cop off with a hot-bodied dancer. Bless.

  2. WaterlooVamps

    I’m actually loving Chelsee’s trousers!

  3. “preposterously beautiful”, I like that! Flavia is my all time favourite female dancer. She’s gorgeous, sweet, and fabulous! I know she won’t win but I bet she is having the most fun 🙂

    I hate how they always pair Anton with loonies, misfits, and stumbling fools. And yes, Anton is my all time favourite male dancer.

    • inkface

      He’s certainly very long suffering! The Lulu business has made me wonder what happens if the celebs and their dancers really don’t get along. I guess they don’t dance well and get voted off.

      • What Lulu business? Is she not getting on with Brendan? I know they look missmatched but I think he’s very good and she shouldn’t complain! He’s also tottally dedicated to his partners and always sticks up for them big time! 🙂

  4. inkface

    It’s funny you should say that, because I saw them both on It Takes Two, and they looked to be getting on perfectly well, so I may have got that wrong!

  5. Nikki

    Hear hear re: Flavia. So beautiful. And an amazing dancer, when her and Vincent do their professional dance numbers I think the whole of the nation is in awe-filled silence.