Burn Notice (3.15): It’s Tony Almeida from CTU

It’s busy, busy, busy in Miami as we approach the end of season finale (I know, already, where have the past 15 weeks gone?). The final pieces are manouevered into position to reveal who the Big Bad on the black ops flight is and what he wants with Michael, and Fi gets a job with Tony Almeida from 24, or Gabriel as he’s called here.

Rather like Tony, Gabriel has a certain moral opacity about him. (Don’t worry, it’s not spoilers, I haven’t seen 24 since it went to Sky and had to Google to refresh my brain on Carlos Bernard’s character. Even now I’m not sure about Tony’s morals.) Gabriel seems to be a completely rotten apple, but turns out to be doing bad things for a very good cause. Sound like anyone else we know?

Highlights of Good Intentions:

  • Sam, in his sniper’s nest waiting for Gilroy to arrive for a meeting with Michael: “You know what kinds of people they ferry around on secret planes in super-max custody? People with forked tongues, Mike. People with hair on their palms.”
  • Also: “Try and stay in the open will you? I can’t cover a moving car. And if that evil  limey mastermind offers you a ride you treat him like a stranger with candy and you say ‘no thank you, sir’.”
  • Sam, the mother hen, doing dishes while he waits for Mike to come back from his ride with ‘Jack the Ripper’.
  • Coleman (Jonathan LaPaglia) – the harmless weasel – is right that there is only one place to go for a hardcore, badass chick… and Fi is welcome to continue subverting that L’O****l ‘because I’m worth it’ schtick for as long as the show runs.
  • Sam, while bugging Fi’s phone: “Right now, you and Mike are fighting for top bunk in Sam’s doghouse. I’ve already watched one of you wander off with a psycho today, I’ll be damned if it happens again.”
  • The race to alter Fi’s passport before Gabriel’s henchmen turn up to check for stamps from Madrid. From Sam driving away to create a hold-up as soon as he knows where the passport is, to Mike stitching the pages back in.
  • We finally get some insight into why Fi joined the IRA – revenge for English soldiers killing her little sister.
  • Gabriel may have kidnapped a scientist, but he wants the company that employs the scientist – and which is dumping chemical waste  into the water table of Gabriel’s home town in Argentina (killing the children, including Gabriel’s daughter) – to shut down the plant in question.
  • Fi tipping hot tea over herself to get time to make a call to Michael and prevent more trouble.
  • Sam and Maddy working together to create a bug inside a lipstick case.
  • Gabriel’s pretty smart for a Burn Notice bad guy. He’s not buying Michael’s grease fire in the hotel kitchen is ‘just’ bad luck. And he has plans in place to destroy everything if things go wrong. He’s even prepared to go down with the ship if needs be.
  • Although Gabriel’s facing serious jail time, it’s not all bad news, the kidnapped scientist is going to blow the whistle on the Argentinean operation. After Fi has had a word or two with him…
  • Maddy, knocking back shots of bourbon and sending Mike and Sam out to meet Gilroy: “You play nice boys.”
  • Jeffrey Donovan is even hotter than usual with a bit of salt and pepper stubble. That man defies all my normal rules for hotness, damn him!
  • Gilroy redeeming himself in his final moments by getting Michael out of the car before the bomb that Big Bad Simon has attached to him explodes.

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