Burn Notice (3.14): Yeeeeeaaaah!

There are so many reasons why I don’t watch CSI: Miami anymore. It takes itself waaaay too seriously, if it’s funny it’s not intentional and it’s hard to believe in the gadgets and technology. Even if I didn’t love Burn Notice already, the moments when it has a little fun at David Caruso’s Horatio Caine would seal the deal for me.

Team Weston steps into the murky world of fashion this week as one of Sam’s ‘easy money’ jobs turns out to be anything but. The simple job of unmasking a thief becomes the trickier job of stopping a man being framed for murder.

Michael is also trying to find out what is on the ‘black ops’ flight, whose data Gilroy wanted last week. His plan to buy the secret from a Polish spy by posing as a Russian doesn’t go well and sees Fi have to step in as a CIA agent to get the information instead.

Highlights of Partners in Crime:

  • For all that Fi has a point about the ugly Polish military intelligence offices not having much allure as a trip out with her guy, I can’t really see her in a farmers’ market either.
  • Michael putting the phone on speaker so that Fi can enjoy Sam’s happy reaction when he learns that they’re taking the fashion house job: “Oh-ho! Thank you Mike! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This covers Christmas, my birthday present…”
  • Mike doing his psycho-thing to derail bad guy Max’s plans. Particularly the bit where he’s running his fingers along, first, a pointy award, and second, more gleefully, along a letter opener.
  • Not only does Sam skewer David Caruso in his role as the ‘lowly crime scene investigator’, Burn Notice also subtly underlines that CSIs don’t run operations, or conduct interviews. They do forensics. There’s also a subtle dig in Sam’s line: “You get some detective with a new theory and the whole department does a 180.”
  • Mike and Sam’s faux concern for Max when his partner in crime starts punching him.

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