Casualty: Think of me as your complacency monitor

(Series 26, Ep.6) Now we have an explanation for all those times (like last week) when Charlie hasn’t been around. He hasn’t been indulging in a new passion for golf or train spotting or looking after adorable granddaughter Megan. He’s been running a drugs clinic with Nurse Linda. He’s passionate about it, as well. Even though we didn’t know previously that it even existed, this week we had to believe it was a vital service to the community. And we did believe it, because Charlie believes it and he’s the Sincerest Man on Television.

It’s hard to justify the expense in a cash-strapped NHS hospital, though. In case we weren’t aware of the issues, Jay and Scarlett had a concisely-scripted debate about the pros and cons of providing drugs to addicts in a clinical setting. One of the cons has got to be when a psycho holds a syringe to your throat and says he’s going to turn you into a “very unhappy bunny” if you don’t give him all the drugs. This happened to Charlie, so Linda gave the psycho all the drugs. Then poor old guest star Tina O’Brien, finding she couldn’t get drugs from Charlie’s officially approved source, went to a man who had them. The psycho. Unlike Charlie, he did not dish drugs out free on the NHS. He expected payment, of a sort that poor Tina thought she’d given up when she left Waterloo Road. She said no, and we didn’t see what happened next but he left her in rather a nasty mess when she was finally rescued by her mate and Big Mac.

Where will this leave the drugs clinic? I expect it’ll go the same way as previous alcohol clinics and sexual health clinics, and disappear when the plot no longer requires it (though apparently not just yet).

Something I thought had disappeared when the plot no longer required it was the relationship between Nick Jordan and Dr Zoe Hanna. But there’s still a spark, you know. This week Nick was on a mission to get the very best from his staff and iron out complacency. What he didn’t need was staff members who came to work late, spent their time stuffing crisp packets in the clinical waste bin and nipping outside for a fag. Yes, you, Dr Zoe Hanna. Zoe will take criticism when it’s justified, but when Nick accused her of being negligent when a patient carelessly anaesthetised her own heart (Lesson of the Week: you do not take that tourniquet off), she wasn’t standing for it and took him outside to shout at him. As a reward for being gobby and feisty and all-round brilliant, he’s asked her to become his second in command and be in charge of major trauma. That should keep her busy.

And our other favourite relationship is coming along nicely. Let’s just say that Dr Ruth Winters came to work wearing a pair of Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren’s boxers. Bless!

Next time: The drugs clinic plot continues, and Jeff and Omar get competitive. Well, Omar will insist on calling Jeff “Mr Dixie.”

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3 responses to “Casualty: Think of me as your complacency monitor

  1. inkface

    I know this is a petty point PLA, but I got my viewing knickers in a twist over those boxers. They wouldn’t have worked under her scrubs & I doubt they’d have been comfortable either. I *know* it was to make the point they’d been shagging, but even so, it lacked womanly/underwear veracity.

  2. pauseliveaction

    It made me think about it for longer than necessary too. I imagine (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) that Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren wears the nice snug boxers that keep everything neatly in place, and they’d work ok on Ruth. The baggy, cottony ones with no Lycra content wouldn’t.

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