Holby City news: New registrar will “wind everybody up”

Joseph Millson (Peak Practice, Campus, The Sarah Jane Adventures) is to join Holby City as registrar Luc Hemingway, according to ATV Today. He’s quoted as saying that his character “winds everybody up but doesn’t have a clue he’s doing it!”  He’ll be based on AAU, where he comes into conflict with Eddi McKee.

It’s not Millson’s first time at Our Favourite Hospital, as he appeared in an episode in 2002.

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8 responses to “Holby City news: New registrar will “wind everybody up”

  1. WaterlooVamps

    Hmmmm sounds great. Well at least he’s down on AAU so he’s not winding up the lovely Sahira, Jac or Greg…but he will be winding up the lovely Sacha…..hmm.

  2. Helen

    As long as he is better than the more recent registrars we have been stuck with. Yes I mean you Sahira

  3. Nikki

    Do we need more male doctors? How about some female ones! Jac and Sahira are THE ONLY FEMALE DOCTORS. Compared to … Hanssen. Greg. Michael. Ric. Dan. Sacha.

    Come on people! Where are the women in this?!

    • pauseliveaction

      You forgot Goth Dr Frieda. And I suppose if we pretend Casualty and Holby are the same hospital, A&E have Dr Ruth Winters and Dr Zoe Hanna.

      • Nikki

        Ahh … yes Frieda. But … shes not doing operations by herself and things … shes not a “surgeon” in the same way. Plus she used to be a nurse! So does she really count?

        Ah yes, Casualty. But then, youve got Dylan, Lenny, Nick on the male side of things.

        Maybe I’m just too much of a feminist. Lol!

  4. HolbyNut

    where oh where is this week’s witty reaction to Tuesday’s brilliant episode that saw Hansen lose his cool and Sunil (aka Teflon Man) side-step the implants-flak leaving our Michael to look like the guiltiest man who has ever lived….

    • pauseliveaction

      Sorry! Will get to it ASAP. It’s half written!

      • Nikki

        Its alright PLA. Have a cup of tea. I only just watched it yesterday myself (I have this friend whose obsessed with HC too so we have to watch it together, you see).

        PS Looking forward to next weeks more Darwin-centric episode. I’ve been having separation anxiety!

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