Burn Notice (3.13): Dead Larry rises again

Burn Notice has been more about its characters relationships than spy stuff for a while, but Enemies Closer really brings things to a head.

The combination of unsavoury favours to deal with Mason Gilroy and the reappearance of Dead Larry threaten irreparable damage to Michael’s friendships with both Sam and Fi.

Gilroy is demanding six weeks of flight data for private planes in and out of Miami (as the file he originally wanted is no longer available to steal), leading Sam to use a SEAL contact to get a job with the coastguard so he can steal the information. To say he’s unhappy about it, would be underselling it.

Dead Larry has stolen $2million dollars from a Colombian drugs cartel – using Michael’s name and another guy’s (Jack Yablonski) face. Team Weston need to reassign the blame to someone inside the cartel and get the money back. Which would be easier if Larry wasn’t trying to kill everybody…

Highlights of Enemies Closer:

  • I like the criminals who worry about listening devices and insist on meeting Michael in hot tubs. If I’d been Mason Gilroy, I’d have been checking out Michael’s arse too.
  • Larry’s return is marked with a dead body. Of course.
  • When Larry complains about Michael’s less-than-effusive welcome given their long history, Michael’s reply seems to have it all covered: “Well, that was before you faked your own death and came back without a soul.”
  • The scene where Nate introduces his new wife to the family. I love that a man who can fake pretty much any emotion going for professional purposes has such an obviously fake smile for family use. You have to love the way Maddy’s throwing that champagne down her throat too…
  • Fi watching the stolen video feed from the Colombians as if it were a top-rated reality show (complete with popcorn): “You got here just in time. We’re meeting a mysterious new character. Some kind of boss type, showed up about five minutes ago. I don’t like him so far…”
  • That after all this time in Miami, Michael (fluent in Russian and Farsi) still can’t understand Spanish. And that both Fi and Larry make the same joke about the boss calling his (dead) underling a ‘pendejo’ – ‘it’s like an idiot, only ruder’.
  • That jumping from a third floor window into shallow water stunt.
  • Fi obsessing about her bedlinen – in this case a Hungarian goosedown duvet…
  • It’s ‘amazing’ that Ruth is still alive by the end of this episode. I sure as hell wouldn’t question Maddy about lighting a cigarette in her own home.
  • The ongoing references to cards – from Sam’s ‘they play their cards close to their vests, Michael’s ‘seat at the table’ and Nate marrying a blackjack dealer to Jack’s attempts at a basic card trick that leads to an exasperated Sam crying ‘”For god’s sake man, it’s the three of clubs”. Finally tied up with Gilroy later – “Is this your card?”.
  • The pantomime of surveilling Jack for Carlos’ benefit.
  • Larry’s good at dressing corpses? There’s a surprise… And he’s good at manipulating people. Bigger surprise. Not.
  • Ruth really is very annoying. She’s allergic to cucumber and won’t eat meat because she’s staying away from protein. That Fi turns up with a cucumber salad is just perfect. That Larry’s driven her away from Michael less so.
  • Sam’s dedication in hunting out the exact flight that Gilroy is interested. And that he’s right not to hand over everything else too. His moral compass never wavers.
  • How close Larry comes to turning Michael to his side… Thank god for Nate showing up to put a spoke in the works: “When you gonna learn, there are people you can trust?”
  • Michael’s apology (of sorts) to Fi and Sam, and a make-up plan that involves constructing a very special bomb… and screwing Larry over. Unfortunately he’s still alive, so I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

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