Holby City: We do not admit to errors

(Series 13, Ep.49) Deep, deep joy and jubilation. The little Plastics empire of Bhatti and Spence is coming apart, implant by leaking implant. Mrs Bhatti’s Cut-Price Boobs do, indeed, appear to have been a bogus batch. Almost everyone who’s had one seems to be turning up with complications and leakages. Not nice for the patients, obviously, but great news for those of us who want Darwin purged of all this Plastickery and reinstated as the domain of Holby’s crack team of CT surgeons. And Sahira.

While Michael Spence can be an oily, smarmy little creep, he’s our oily, smarmy little creep and we quite like him. Not everyone can pull off that 70’s look and get away with it. And beneath the tight trousers and oiliness, he’s actually a decent person with a sound moral core. The same cannot be said for his mate Plastic Bhatti, who would sell his own granny if there was a profit to be made. While Michael spent this episode getting increasingly concerned that his previous surgical work was causing more harm than good, Bhatti spent it covering his tracks, off-setting the blame and being generally evasive.

Meanwhile, in the calmer waters of AAU, Senior Staff Nurse Eddi McKee was becoming too attached to her ex-snowboarder paraplegic patient Josh. Not in the Dr Penny Valentine/Scott James sense of “close,” mind. At least, I don’t think so. She did warn his girlfriend off, but she also warned his mother off as well. It was like he was her pet project, and it was all very un-Eddi-like. She’s always the one wagging a finger at others and telling them exactly what she expects from them in terms of professionalism. Maybe that was the point – it was this week’s Lesson to be Learned. Anyway, the wonderful Sacha had a word with her (“Eddi, you scared his girlfriend away. How is that good patient care?” he reasoned), and she promised to maintain a nursely distance from now on.

Chantelle turned her smile up to 11 in an attempt to get Funny Little Nurse Tait to take some time off and lighten up. It would’ve worked as well, if it hadn’t have been for FLNT’s mother being brought into the ward with kidney failure. Chantelle had a go at not mentioning this to FLNT, with the result that FLNT got all cross with her. The FLNT frown, which Chantelle had tried so hard to turn upside down, was back with a vengeance.

Next time: FLNT makes a life changing decision (please say she’s decided to go and work at The Mythical St James’s!); Josh collapses and Eddi blames herself; and Bhatti tries to blame everything on Michael.

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12 responses to “Holby City: We do not admit to errors

  1. .::Big.Bang::.

    FLNT is leaving. The actress looked pretty in the dress, shame the mother had to ruin it. Cool review, mine bruv.

    • pauseliveaction

      Why thank you, .::BB::.

      FLNT did look very pretty all dressed up. I imagine La-Charne Jolly is rather looking forward to not having to frown for a living, if she’s leaving. I won’t miss the character at all, but I will miss being able to refer to her as FLNT.

  2. Corumba Love

    Good one again PLA, thanks.

    Did you notice that when TNLF (we’re seeing the back of her) hissed “DON’T … you touch me,” she sounded quite as unhinged as her mother right at the end there. I hope I mentioned some time back that the poor girl might heading for a patient-killing storyline of Shipmanesque grandeur. If I didn’t, well how remiss of me: I had my chance to save the world (Holby’s bit of it anyway) and blew it big time.

    Chantelle, the character, I’m falling in love with. That wonky mouth when TNLF was doing her “Why? Why? Why?” rant was a picture. To riposte that with a perfectly timed “Because I thought you could do with a friend,” was wonderful. With that expressive face Lauren Drummond would be a shoo-in to play the Joker (Heath Ledger slash-gob style) in a Batman film should they ever want a female version.

    • pauseliveaction

      I was hoping she’d go all Kelly Yorke on us, but it didn’t happen. Looks like this is as psycho as she’s going to get.

      Like what you did with the TNLF, but wouldn’t the back of her just be T? Also, I’m interested to know whether you mentally pronounce her name as Eff Ell En Tee. I mentally pronounce it “Flunt.”

      • Corumba Love

        I’m almost with you on Flunt, although my reading of it has tended towards the Gunt (as in Gunter Grass) way of things. TNLF, however, well that’s a whole other tin of fun and my first thought was to get with the gallic trainspotter in me, as in S.N.C.F.

  3. Jen

    I’m going to lay waste to this happy party. FLNT. Neither funny ha-ha nor funny peculiar. Well, not nearly peculiar enough to be entertaining. I hope she does leave pronto as I could just slap her miserable little visage. See hospital-satisfaction ratings soar! She riles me something rotten, mardy mare! So farewell and FO LNT!

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, joy of joys, FLNT is leaving! (by the way I mentally pronounce it as flunt too) Plastic Bhatti is sooooo bad. I liked that episode, poor old Joshy-woshy.

  5. WaterlooVamps

    You have to watch the youtube video “holby city sahira and greg” it is so sweet. I really hope they get together sometime ❤ 😀

  6. Nikki

    I finally think Michaels coming around, realising Bhatti’s corruption etc. Yay! He always had a strong (ish) moral compass before. I miss old-style Michael. Hopefully this means the end of the Plastics (dwindling) empire.

    I missed Greg 😦 Are like, Sahira and Greg never gonna work together now shes done what Hanssen wanted? Silly too, how Hanssen was all “Oh there are protocols for a reason! PAtient safety!!” etc at Greg, when he previously turned a blind eye to Olli’s NOT EVEN BEING QUALIFIED thing. I mean come on! Whats a bit of overtime compared to that?!

    Eddi kinda going out on a limb for Josh. Taking him places and doing laps outside. When does she look after her other 11 patients pray tell? Huh. Nice of her to help him though, considering shes normally so stand-offish. I almost thought we were gonna see a glimpse of her past/private life at one point, shes had some experience with caring for a relative I reckon.

    Looking forward to the end of Plastics, and FLNT’s exit. (PS Ive alwayd read the acronym and just read it as Funny Little Nurse Tait in my head. I like acronyms anyway. So no, never read it as Flunt. Just FLNT.)

  7. WaterlooVamps

    Yes, I mean that one and I’m looking forward to the end of plastics too!

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