Casualty: Everything you need from a Casualty episode

(Series 26, Ep.5)  If we were playing Fantasy Casualty, how would the episode start? With an out-of-control vehicle, probably. What about a mobility scooter? Grumpy old man careering along the pavement, it can’t end well. A near miss with a stack of library books, a collision with a car narrowly avoided, but dodging to avoid some bikes sends him hurtling down a steep embankment towards a tree. But one casualty isn’t enough for Casualty. How’s about we throw in a tug-of-love boy and a trampoline? You know how dangerous trampolines can be. But he’s off the trampoline and he’s safe! There’s always the rope ladder…

A classic Casualty opener, then. Ambulances hurtling towards Holby City laden with a pair of  interesting and tricky cases, both of whom have a couple of twists in store.

The episode would obviously need to have a junior staff member learning valuable lessons about life and work. In this case, it was Lloyd. He learned never to judge a book by its cover, even when it’s a Kindle, and never to think that horrible old men are just being horrible because they’re old men.

There’d need to be a gory procedure, preferably one that had even Holby-hardened me covering my eyes and wincing. Drilling a hole in a patient’s skull would do nicely, particularly if it was Nick Jordan doing the drilling.

And finally, ideally you’d want a bit of romance, and to be perfect it would be Dr Ruth Winters thanking Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren for having faith in her, and him replying, “I’ve always got your back.” And the episode ending with them kissing. Sigh.

Ok, so Charlie was absent from the episode, which technically disqualifies it from being Classic Casualty. But it came pretty close.

Next time: A punch-up at a wake.

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16 responses to “Casualty: Everything you need from a Casualty episode

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  2. Sian Nicholls

    please could someone tell me, how i can apply to become an Extra on Casualty. thanks

  3. I love this site as I love casualty. If o could like to come and look round the set of casualty. This would be a dream come true. I am a massage fan and have watched it since it began

  4. annette

    whats the name of the actresss who played the ols lady with altziemers daughter ? i know her dad is an actor too & cant remember his name ,its driving me mad

  5. jude

    Please, please get Linda Andrews to stop shaking her head!!! Every sentence uttered is accompanied by a shake of the head!

    • pauseliveaction

      You see, I’d never noticed that before. But now you’ve said it, I will notice it and it’ll doubtless drive me nuts, in the same way as I’m currently being driven nuts by EastEnders’ new Lucy Beale and her inability to close her mouth.

  6. alan

    whot happend to dr dylns dog ?

  7. janet

    casualty is so boring the storylines are boring i give up cant walk it anymore……………..Holby sooo much better

    • pauseliveaction

      I wish I could disagree, Janet, but I can’t. I missed two episodes of Casualty but saw the most recent one. I found it depressing (yet more violence against women with a completely unnecessary – to the plot – rape). I don’t feel inspired to blog about it at the moment, because I only really like blogging about programmes I enjoy. I’m just hoping this is a phase and Casualty will sort itself out soon.

  8. rustic

    Does anybody know where I can buy all the series from series two + of casualty I loved watching them when I was younger. =)

  9. ruth

    help please help please help please….
    Does anyone remember the Consultant and the staff nurse [irish?] who had a steamy affair?…it all started when they sang in a karaoke evening together, wish I could remember the song lol, and the date was around 1997/8…driving me mad. She turned up at his house one morning unannounced as she came off duty, got him out of bed only to drag him back in lol How can I research it?

  10. christine

    who wrote that one? what on earth was that latest episode kids are not alright. utter waste of time and i normally love casualty

  11. hilda liu

    “hello, could you please tell me the background song played in Casualty on 21 July 2012, where the mother and kid ate in a cafe, thank you.”

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