Burn Notice (3.12): A noble cause indeed

Noble Causes sees the return of Sugar – the drug-dealing neighbour Michael shot in the leg back in the first series – who wants Michael to help his cousin Dougie. Dougie is ‘slow’ and being befriended by some nasty types who clearly mean to abuse their relationship for criminal gain. Michael is reluctant to help Sugar, but Fi insists they come to Dougie’s aid – and it’s just as well. The robbers grooming Dougie don’t tend to leave witnesses behind to testify against them.

In other news, Gilroy the freelance psychopath is still plying his extremely English accent as he introduces Michael to Claude (whose accent is completely unplaceable) – the best thief in the western hemisphere. Leaving Michael to find a way to scupper the job (stealing information from the Chilean consulate) and stay alive.

Best bits of Noble Causes:

  • Sam not impressed with the menu at the exclusive restaurant Gilroy’s chosen for a meet with Michael: “Foie gras. La-pin…” Michael, amused: “La-pan?” Sam: “Yeah, whatever. It’s still French for bunny rabbit.”
  • Maddy getting a citizen’s crime-fighting award. For reporting stolen cars in the neighbourhood. Cars Michael stole (and asked her to call in). And now she wants him to wear a terrible tie and accompany her to the award ceremony – where the chief of police will be in attendance.
  • Sugar ‘ready to roll’ with a boot full of guns and duct tape.
  • Michael’s improvised explosive devise – microwave, cutlery, cleaning supplies, aerosols and duct tape to finish.
  • Michael to Sugar bleeding all over the Charger’s pristine white upholstery: “You’d better stay alive. I’m gonna make you clean that later.”
  • Bad guy Lynch pressing Fi’s berserk button by humiliating Dougie at the party. Sam moving his gun from the glovebox of the car to stop Fi acting on her inflamed instincts…
  • The sneaky placebo poison used on Bolo…
  • The false wall at the back of Michael’s father’s wardrobe for hiding dubious items like a city inspector’s shirt. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree in some respects.
  • Who knew that breaking your ankle could be fatal? Well, I won’t miss Claude and his pseudo-Australian accent.

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