Burn Notice (3.11): The devil gets the best suits

It looks like we’re going to be putting up with ‘freelance psychopath’ Gilroy for a little while, so let us collectively grit our teeth at his accent and pray it’s not for long. (I love Alan Rickman, but American TV producers seem to want all their British bad guys to emulate his silky RP tones.) Luckily for Michael he has the perfect opportunity to win Gilroy over by showing that he can do ‘psycho’ too as Team Westen hunt down Rincon, a paedophile and cop killer.

We also get to see a different side to Sam when his old friend Mack turns up asking for help, not to mention a little back story on Sam’s wife (love me some back story…)

Highlights of Friendly Fire:

  • You know there’s a serious problem between Mack and Sam, when Mack’s offer of a beer gets this response: “I’m not in a drinking mood.”
  • Michael in badass mood – love the whole ‘stuff goes boom when Michael clicks his fingers’ thing. Not to mention that suit and shirt.
  • The shades of grey around Omar – he may be a gang-leader, but he is more Robin Hood than anything else. Unlike Vega, who has no redeeming features at all.
  • Maddy’s skills in extracting information and manipulating people – not so sure about the ice-skating snowman collection though.
  • Love the single-handed rappelling too – very Splinter Cell…  
  • But not as much as I love Michael’s invitation to Rincon to come to hell – complete with more explosions and disintegrating handcuffs.
  • Sam’s wife left Mack too: “I don’t think she ever got over you.” The visible return of the Bruce Campbell/Sam Axe mojo: “Who could?”
  • Fi dressing down Michael before his meeting with Gilroy: “You are going to get yourself killed. You’re going to wind up dead.” Michael: “I’m not dead yet.” Fi: “You know, I have more ammunition in this case than I need. You want to be quiet or do you want me to start using it? [Michael sits on edge of bed, arms folded, smiling angelically] … You work too hard.” Michael: “Fi, I…” Fi [holds hand up to silence him]: “I appreciate what you did  finding Rincon, and there’s maybe a little part of me that understands what you’re doing with Gilroy, but that can not be what you do all day, every day. You can not keep burning the candle at both ends Michael! How do you expect to stay focussed when you exhaust yourself like this? You need a life, or you’re going to wind up dead. It’s just basic operational sense.” Michael: “Are you finished?” Fi: “Yes [gets out the biggest rifle I have ever seen] Where do you want me?” Michael taps a space on the bed next to him: “About right here. [Fi looks confused] Gilroy said he would call here with the place and the time for our meeting. He said he would call here tomorrow morning.” Fi: [As Michael starts untying her dress] “Did you ask me here to…?” Michael: “Like I said. I’m not dead yet.” Swoon…

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3 responses to “Burn Notice (3.11): The devil gets the best suits

  1. Agh! It’s not fair! I love Burn Notice. We’ve only had series 1 & 2 here in NZ and no sign of series 3 (or beyond) on the horizon anytime soon. I’m going to have to lash out and buy the DVDs I think.

    • You have my sympathy Judith. It was an interminable wait in the UK for series 3 (well on a free to view channel anyway, it would have been better value to buy the boxed set than upgrade my cable package). I suspect I will have a long wait for series 4 too.

  2. A. Rickmaniac ♥

    ALAN RICKMAN AND BURN NOTICE!!! Alan should be in Burn Notice!!! I totally agree with you ^_^

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