Holby City: This is the first and last time I clean up after you

(Series 13, Ep.47) Well, that was easier than we thought. Only yesterday, I was hoping that Lulu’s evil ways with a mute button would be her undoing. And today – poof! She’s gone. Vanished from Holby City and on a train bound for That London. Which leads me to speculate – how come Holby is the only fictional city in the Holbyverse? People leave there and go to Penrith or Brussels or London. Real places, not fictional places like Floppington on Sea, or whatever. Weird, that.

But I digress. It was Lulu’s bunny boiler ways that ended her Holby reign of tedium, rather than being a useless/dangerous doctor (after all, Dull Dan is a useless/dangerous doctor, and he’s still there). Basically, she got super-clingy with Michael and tried to ingratiate herself with his daughter, the fabulously feisty Jasmine, who was supposed to be shadowing her dad for the day as a school project.

When it became clear that Jasmine could see straight through Lulu, her thin veneer of niceness dropped away and she got all threatening. “Boarding schools aren’t at all like Hogwarts!” she hissed at the unimpressed schoolgirl, shortly before giving her a slap. That was enough to get her dumped by Michael, but Lulu is not a woman used to being rejected, and she went all “Daddy, I want a squirrel!” on him and threatened to tell Sir Fraser exactly what Michael had been up to, vis a vis dodgy breast implant surgery.  

Champagne, anyone?

It was all sorted out by Hanssen, on shimmering form (always filmed from below so we can enjoy the feeling of him looming over us), who arranged for Lulu to be “promoted” to a post in London. This wasn’t because Hanssen particularly likes Michael – he so doesn’t – but because the hospital’s future viability would seem to stand or fall on the success of the Plastics department. “This is the first and last time I clean up after you,” Hanssen informed him. Lulu went off to say good riddance to her bezzie mates on AAU, and, like me, they were only too pleased to bid her farewell.

Not only did we get to wave goodbye to Lulu, but the episode marked something of a turnaround for Funny Little Nurse Tait. She actually smiled! She and The World’s Sunniest Nurse, Chantelle, bonded over a pervy patient. Indeed, Chantelle went so far as to write his name up above his bed as “Pepe Le Perv.” Dull Dan, being dull, didn’t realise it was a joke, and asked “Mr Le Perv” if that was the correct way to pronounce his name.

Elsewhere, Young Dr Oliver Valentine asserted himself with Jac by not letting her give a patient good news when she’d sent him to give bad news (if that makes sense). Jac always waits till Oliver’s back is turned before she gives her little grin of approval – it wouldn’t do to let your underling know you rather like it when he mans up.

And there was a new male nurse hanging around. Is my gaydar faulty for suspecting there was a frisson between him and Dull Dan? Frieda would know.

Next time: O-ho! Looks like I was right about the new nurse. And Sahira becomes emotional. Again.

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Exciting news! Sony TV (Sky 157) to screen old Holby episodes, starting from the beginning of Series 7. 5.30pm every weekday, beginning Monday 12 September.


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10 responses to “Holby City: This is the first and last time I clean up after you

  1. Jen

    So glad the odious Lulu has departed. (I thought of her as Loulou. No idea why.)

    She had teeth Shergar would have been proud of! Sorry to be ‘toothist’ but she was sending me dental…I mean….. mental.

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    Sahira, as much as I love (sometimes dislike her character), I feel that she represents the stereotypical PMSing woman completely. Lulu – hate/d her but I loved her exit dialogue. And the group of them – Frieda, Sascha, Eddi and Jasmine looking at “Mikey” shouting at Lulu – priceless. =P

    It was a fabulous episode!

  3. Barry

    After a few dodgy episodes, great to see Holby back on track this week. I’m impressed that Fiona Hampton accepted Lulu being referred to as looking like a horse by the brilliant Jasmine. Never saw Thandie MK I, but might that storyline be repeated at a future date with this character? Great too to see FLNT actually having fun!

    I’m a little worried about Hanssen being so protective of the plastics project. It’s the end of the series soon and if it all goes tits up (really couldn’t resist that one), then might he be out of the picture too? That would be a disaster unless they gave Frieda the DoS job, and while Holby stretches credibility a lot, that one might be a bridge too far.

    And Dan’s definitely going to be sniffing after the handsome lacrosse playing nurse, played by the amazingly named Lex Shrapnel (amazing because his Dad really is a Mr Shrapnel).

  4. WaterlooVamps

    OMG! I loved this episode, we got rid of Lulu, horah! I couldn’t stop laughing when Lulu was fake apologising to Sacha and Frieda was nodding along like a sad, innocent puppy. I also loved it when Lulu said goodbye to her bezzie mates (and Frieda did the nodding dog thing again) and they were all silent then Eddi piped up “champagne anyone?” and Frieda did a ka-ching-y type thing and went “yesss”. Very sweet scene with that little breast implant lady and her friendy. Did you notice the swet little thingy between Greg and Sahira. God, it is a shame she’s married. You know the little “Do you tink she knew?” said Greg “Knew what?” “That her best friend was madly in love with her?” “Well, a woman always knows” exit Sahira. And Greg did a cheeky little sweet smile that made me go “awwww”. I don’t know if you thought it, but I think Greg’s always had a thing for her he just didn’t let it show (except for that time he called her an interfering cow in that whole Andy thing) I think it’s sweet. Except for that little problem of Sahira being married.

    • pauseliveaction

      You’re right, Greg has always had a soft spot for her, but he also did for Mary-Claire. I wondered whether that “best friend” comment wasn’t making Sahira think of Hanssen rather than Greg.

  5. WaterlooVamps

    Nah, I don’t think so but I’ve only been watching Holby since “and then there was one Valentine” so I don’t know, i don’t even know who Connie is (cue everyone who’s watched it for ages gasp) and I don’t know what happened between Sahira and Hanssen, or Jac and Ollie. What did happen?

    • pauseliveaction

      If you have Sky, Sony TV are showing old Holby episodes starting from series 7, beginning on Monday, so you’d be able to catch up on the legend that is Connie Beauchamp.

      We don’t really know what happened between Sahira and Hanssen yet. They go way back, and have worked together in several different hospitals. I did think at one point they were married, but now it seems that he’s just unrequitedly in love with her. Jac and Ollie had a “moment” in the locker room a while back (see this episode review). Since then she seems to enjoy messing with his head.

    • Nikki

      Equally if you dont have sky (such as myself) all the episodes I think from season 7 – present, are on youtube. Just check imdb for an episode guide and it’ll give you all the series and episode numbers, along with titles of episodes, and just type it into youtube and youre away!

      (PS. Its so worth it. Connies a legend. And so much Jac backstory!)

  6. “Daddy I want a squirrel” moment!!! Spot on! :0)

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