Holby City: For the love of Spence

(Series 13, Ep.46) I’ve seen this episode twice now. I’ve only actually heard it once, though, which is why I couldn’t blog about it till now. When I watched it last week I was surrounded by a massed gathering of Clan PLA, who chattered throughout (I know! How very dare they?). So I got that Irish Dr Greg was being flirty/defensive, Sahira slapped him, FLNT’s mother fed her daughter some tablets that made her puke, and Lulu sutured a lot of grapes, and that’s about it.

When you can’t hear what’s going on, you miss those all-important details like Eddi telling Lulu that Michael Spence’s nickname among some of the nurses is “Panda,” because “he eats, shoots and leaves” (snork). This is important, given that Lulu and Michael spent the previous night taking the concept of “mentoring” to a whole new level. Upon arriving at the hospital together, Michael warned Lulu that the first rule of office relationships is discretion. Lulu doesn’t really do discreet.  

Does Lulu really like Michael, or is he just a passport to a nice piece of bowel surgery? Who knows, but she’s a manipulative sort who isn’t above putting her patients at risk just to get his attention. When the machines started going bleep, she made sure Michael was needed by pressing the mute button for a minute or two, just so things got nice and critical. But will this come back to bite her? We did get a close up of a flashing REC logo. Was the machine logging her unethical behaviour? Let’s hope so, and hope it leads to her being booted out, because she’s rather tedious. And anyone who is horrible to Goth Dr Frieda has to be taken out.

Meanwhile, Irish Dr Greg tried to pretend he wasn’t affected by his recently-revealed childhood traumas, but Sahira Shah knew better, and pursued him with a furrowed brow and a worried expression. He paid a mandatory visit to Occupational Health (not the staff counsellor that people on Casualty get sent to), who was less effective than he could have been by virtue of being a non-speaking extra.

And Chantelle tried to get Funny Little Nurse Tait and Mrs Tait to be Good Mates by organising a picnic in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. You can’t expect a sandwich and a custard slice to heal that kind of rift, though, and later on Chantelle discovered FLNT doubled up and chucking up. Mrs Tait had tried to poison her with her medication. She’s not daft, that Mrs Tait.

Next time: Lulu goes too far (again) in her efforts to impress Michael.

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11 responses to “Holby City: For the love of Spence

  1. Corumba Love

    Now that’s above and beyond, PLA, you spoil us with your devotion to duty.

    A bit anti-chap this episode, I did think, what with the panda comment and Irish Dr Greig’s priapic, er, solution to his probs (there may have been other stuff too but memory fails to serve). I even went back to check who the writer was: another chap, so no obvious misandry there. Later I realised that the episode was more anti-Lulu than anything and this put me in a happy place. It also allowed me to ponder advanced dimensional theory as the hour drew to a close. Frustratingly, distraction-by-Wham-Bar (potential loss of fillings) set in before I was able to determine the longest of the following …

    a Lulu’s legs (either or both will do);
    b her teeth;
    c any scene containing traces of FLNT.

    … so guidance from these pages is welcome. As for Lulu’s fate, either her stint at HC is going to be short-lived or her crime will go the way of Jac’s wielding of the guilty biro Quite Some Time Ago. And by “go the way of” I mean into the enormous landfill outside Holby they call ‘Plot Hole’.

    Talking of cavities, I have a chewy confection to mine for valuable alloys and a dentist to visit.

    ps Love the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery.

  2. helen

    I thought that the flashing REC on the heart monitor must of been shown for a reason. hopefully horse face will be kicked out soon.

    but why oh why didnt the lovely Sasha think to check the call log on his mobile!?!?!

  3. Nikki

    It pains me to say, really disapproving of Lulu as a character. Its just, Penny worked SO hard, to get her position and gain the respect of her peers, she always strived to do better and do the right thing. She loved being a doctor.

    And now we’ve got Lulu. The antithesis of all that Penny stood for. Y’know? I know it’d be a tough gig to follow but, seriously, muting the beeping machine just to get Michaels attention? Not good yo.

    • pauseliveaction

      Lulu is just horrible, but (like WaterlooVamps) I’m confident Eddi will sort her out, maybe with help from Frieda. She may be able to fool Michael with her teeth and her legs and everything, but Eddi and Frieda aren’t so easily fooled.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    God, Mrs. Tait’s mental (literally, sorry but i really can’t stand the Tait family, they are sooooo depressing and dull. I can’t wait for someone to find out what Lulu has done, she WILL get her punishment! (mwooooaahhhh, ha ha ha ha!) Eddi already knows that she didn’t call Sacha but does she know that she pressed mute? I’m sure she’ll figure it out, she’s a smart one that Eddi Mckee. You know, I don’t know why they kept plastics instead of CT. I mean, the writers don’t want to put it in the show, Plastic Bhatti’s probably gone off to Portugal or something for a break and even Michael Spence got bored and decided to join the lovely Sacha. Keller is a dull ward for me, Chantelle – sweet, but slightly anoying, FLNT – uggrrhh, what more can I say, Malick – fine but super full-of-himself, Dull Dan – errr…dull, and Chrissie – there’s a sweet little love story there, but we get it they’re in love they have problems, Dan’s still trying to get away with kissing Malick. I like CT with Sahira Shah my favourite registrah, Jac – mean but fun, Ollie – he’s growing on me, and the unforgettable, good old Oirish Doctor Greg. Rock on Holby city :D, this is why i can’t watch casualty, they don’t have these characters, they have a Scottish doctor i suppose…

    • pauseliveaction

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there with your “the writers don’t want to put [plastics] in the show” comment. This is what should give us hope that CT will be spared. If the writers were putting huge efforts into making plastics seem all glamourous and exciting, I’d be worried, but they’re not. Plastic Bhatti is clearly meant to be a bad guy, and, as you say, Michael Spence gets his tight trousers down to AAU any chance he gets. Even without Connie and Joseph (I miss them! WAAAAAAHH!!), CT still has the best characters.

      As for Casualty, give it another try – it’s worth it for Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren alone.

      • Nikki

        OMG I miss Connie! *wails with you* Gods …

        Tbf though, her new show ROCKS. Well, as much as any of those sorts of gun-wielding car-chasing military type shows can. Should I rephrase perhaps, that SHE rocks in her new show. Still orders everyone around with a power-stare and barks orders in the most gorgeous of fashions. Cant say military fatigues are quite on a level with her Connie!outfits though, ha!

        PS When do you think her next shoe delivery for Jac will arrive?

    • inkface

      I actually find Chantelle incredibly irksome. I hate hyper chirpy dimbos who don’t listen to anyone and try to ‘fix’ things inappropriately all the time!

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